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TechwareLabs Interview with be quiet at CES 2014 @ techwarelabs.com
[Jan-14-14] (0 Comments)

CES 2014 brought record attendance, amazing products, and new announ cements from almost every vendor. We spent some time with be quiet in their Suite to check out what they had in store for you in 2014. Watch our inter view with them to see some upclose shots of really cool tech and learn why you need be quiet products inside your machine.

Rosewill RPLC-200PKIT Powerline Adapter Kit @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Nov-27-13] (0 Comments)

WiFi is everyone these days; coffee shops, super markets, retail stores. If you are like most people, you also have WiFi at home. I think you would hard pressed to find an ISP that doesn’t provide a wireless router with their services. WiFi is great. Right up until you need it to do something very important and it just doesn’t quite cut it. Well, there is a solution. A device that will turn the power lines already run in your house into veritable network cables, ensuring that you always have a connection when and where you need it. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is testing the Rosewill RPLC-200PKIT Powerline Adapter Kit.

ADATA DashDrive Durable HD710 External Hard Drive @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Aug-19-13] (0 Comments)

Have you ever felt that data stored on your external hard drives is unsafe due to the risk of dropping it, or getting it wet? Fear no more, ADATA has provided a solution in the form of their waterproof, shockproof HD710 portable HDD. Although it won’t protect your data if dropped from a rooftop or into a lake, you can rest assured that your data will be safe after minor drops and coffee spills. Following suit, ADATA has used an USB 3 interface to ensure speedy transfers with compatible machines. The HD710 is a little more expensive than other portable hard drives of the same storage capacity, it is therefore up to the consumer to decide whether or not the extra protection is worth the added cost. There are many demonstrations of the rigidity of this product on the web, in this article, Benchmark reviews will taker a closer look at the construction of this device as well as evaluate it’s performance.

Nextbook Premium7SE Tablet @ techwarelabs.com
[Mar-08-13] (0 Comments)

Today we are taking a look at the Nextbook Premium7SE tablet which offers the expensive tablet experience at the cheap tablet price. With a 7 inch screen, Micro SD slot, HDMI out, and Android Ice Cream Sandwich with t he Google Play Store, all at a price point of around $130, things are looki ng mighty promising. Read on to see if this little tablet can stand up to t he big boys.

How to Restore Old Computers to Their Original Color @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-30-13] (0 Comments)

Learn how to restore plastic parts of old computers that have yellowed from their original color by using a homemade peroxide-based solution called Retr0bright.

OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD @ rbmods.com
[Sep-16-12] (0 Comments)

A couple days ago I had an urgent need for an SSD for my laptop and saw OCZ Agility 3 on sale in local computer store. I decided to buy it without any further inspection what kind of disk it was and thought you might be interested in our thoughts about it. We will take a look at the 60GB model and compare it against other SSD:s we currently have available in our test laboratory. Lets see how well it performs.

To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-07-12] (0 Comments)

Wit h more and more possibilities to store and playback media to and from di fferent devices the limiting factor tends to be how you can lay down a c able to connect these. PowerColor aims to break that bond with their Jus tSling, a WHDI solution allowing for wireless, 1080p HDMI to be beamed t o your TV without the need of any cables. We take the JustSling for a sp in to see if it can sling all our favorite media from end end of the hom e to the other successfully or if it falls short.

The Five Stages of Griefing:Death of the Consoles @ pcper.com
[Dec-06-11] (0 Comments)

Whether you desire to play on your couch, you prefer acontroller, or you want support:the console is nothing special. Iargue that service from a reputable local small business computerstore will exceed service provided by the console vendors all withoutimpeding your ability to support yourself; still, failing a decentstore nearby, there will be plenty of larger companies such as Dell,MSI, and ASUS who will be on par at the least with the service theconsole vendors could provide. The console will certainly not provideany better experience if the PC flourishes.

Icy Box Network Media Server IB-Nas6220 @ rbmods.com
[Oct-29-11] (0 Comments)

NAS units have proven to be reliable sources to save data on and they also allow you to access data from anywhere on the network. With todays cloud storage the local NAS and servers are kind of obsolete, but what about a NAS that stores in a cloud and also locally on your network? Raidsonic sent us their latest NAS named IB-Nas6220, lets f ind out how it performs.

Patriot Box Office Core Media Player @ eteknix.com
[Sep-10-11] (0 Comments)

With the fast increasing amount of digital data being stored on home PCs and laptops its easy to feel restricted when using it on your PC or laptop. Its therefore important to consider options which allow you to access your data more easily to allow it to be shared and accessed as it was intended to be.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard - Mechanically @ pcper.com
[Sep-09-11] (0 Comments)

No-one can ultimately make the decision for you; it is stillup to you to make the purchase based on your personal preferences andneeds. If you have a local small-business computer store which has ademo model of the Razer BlackWidow then definitely experience how itfeels to the touch. While you are there be sure to check out theSteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard to feel the difference between the blue andthe black switches since if gaming is your priority you may prefer thelatter switch whether or not on that keyboard (sorry SteelSeries!)

Guide to Using the Native 7MC Movie Library @ missingremote.com
[Aug-19-11] (0 Comments)

* Out of the box, the 7MC Movie Library will display thedefault file types that it can play. (Link to microsoft article aboutdefault file types) In addition to the files on the this list, the movielibrary will also display movies that are ripped from DVDs and stored invideo_ts and audio_ts folders. In order to have other file types displayed(such as MKV and .iso) which are not natively supported by 7MC, you willneed to enable this file type via a =93hack=94 or workaround. For example, with.mkv files this type is enabled when a splitter such as Haali media splitte ris installed. Head to the forums if you are having issues with a specificfile type being displayed in Media Center. Below is a list of common format sand their native (out of the box) support within 7MC.

TechwareLabs :SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro @ techwarelabs.com
[Jun-28-11] (0 Comments)

One thing you cannot have enough of is storage. Weather it is to store pictures, movies, or critical files a high capacity storage drive is essential to almost everyone. Some of us require a bit more space and finding the right combination of speed, capacity and ease of use is hard. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro may just satisfy your needs.

TechwareLabs News:SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro @ techwarelabs.com
[Jun-10-11] (0 Comments)

One thing you cannot have enough of is storage. Weather it is to store pictures, movies, or critical files a high capacity storage drive is essential to almost everyone. Some of us require a bit more space and finding the right combination of speed, capacity and ease of use is hard. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 INEO I-NA309D Pro may just satisfy your needs.

Patriot G2 DDR3-12800 2x2GB Kit @ rbmods.com
[Apr-02-11] (0 Comments)

Prices of basic DDR3 memories have fallen down quickly in the past half-year. Nowdays you can get a 2x2GB 1333MHz dualchannel kit for less than 35 from local store. Today we will take a look at Patriot G2 DDR3 1600MHz 2x2GB kit and see what extras you you can get out of it if youre willing to spend couple more coins over the basic model. Lets have a look!

TechwareLabs :iolo System Mechanic Software @ techwarelabs.com
[Mar-21-11] (0 Comments)

The people at iolo Technologies have released System Mechanic 10, designed to breath new life into aging systems and help restore to full functionality systems with software issues. We take a look at System Mechanic 10 and use it on an older system. Find out how well it works in our full review.

NAVIGON GPS iPhone App @ australia.tweaktown.com
[Feb-11-11] (0 Comments)

When I first started to hear about GPS software making its way to the App Store, I found myself excited. It was going to be nice to get rid of the TomTom I had in the car. Sure, I loved it, but it would battle with the iPhone for power. Also, after my car was broken into once because it had the holder for another TomTom I had, I never liked having the suction cup holder on the window.

NAVIGON GPS iPhone App @ australia.tweaktown.com
[Feb-11-11] (0 Comments)

When I first started to hear about GPS software making its way to the App Store, I found myself excited. It was going to be nice to get rid of the TomTom I had in the car. Sure, I loved it, but it would battle with the iPhone for power. Also, after my car was broken into once because it had the holder for another TomTom I had, I never liked having the suction cup holder on the window.

Reply-To:MIME-Version:Content-Type:Message-Id: @ techpowerup.com
[Feb-04-11] (0 Comments)

Lian Li has taken the small form factor of the PC-A05N and has changed the interior in favor of mATX compatibility and added space to store up to 7 hard drives within the chassis. With a price tag of just under 100 Euros we take a really close look if it is as innovative as the A05N back in the day or if it is nothing but good looks.

TechwareLabs CES Coverage:CES 2011:Spotlight Shuttle PC @ TechwareLabs News
[Jan-09-11] (0 Comments)

Shuttle is known for their small form factor PCs, check out what they have in store for 2011, it may just impress you as much as it impressed us.

Apple Mac App Store @ techreviewsource.com
[Jan-06-11] (0 Comments)

Today is the official start of CES here in Las Vegas, but Apple is grabbing some headlines of its own with the official launch of the Mac App Store. Much like the iOS App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the Mac App Store allows users a single, unified place to go for OS X applications.As usual, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was on hand to boast about his company=E2=80=99s latest efforts in software distribution. =E2=80=9CWe thin k users are going to love this innovative new way to discover and buy their favorite apps,=E2=80=9D said Jobs in a press release.

Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Multi-Room Music System @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jul-01-10] (0 Comments)

Review of the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 multi-room digital music system, which allows you to stream music store in your computer or from the Internet throughout your home or office.

Interview with David Sun From Kingston Technology @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-23-10] (0 Comments)

To start off, I asked David if he sees the DRAM market shrinking with less demand from desktop PCs. He said that he expects to see desktop PC use to continue on its current level or to grow. With users of mobile devices needing someplace to store all of their data, this will most likely be a desktop PC. He told us that he sees laptop and netbook markets shrinking and tablet like devices growing, while smartphones will continue to explode.

AMD Phenom II X4 960T not cancelled after all @ eteknix.com
[May-14-10] (0 Comments)

Good news people the chip that was apparently cancelled is in fact, not cancelled. The Phenom II X4 960T is only going to be delayed and not completely cancelled. Our sources were not clear on what date the chip would be appearing in retail/on-line stores but were pretty sure that it would come eventually.

AMD Phenom II X4 960T cancelled for retail/e-tail @ eteknix.com
[May-13-10] (0 Comments)

AMD has notified the press that its Phenom II X4 960T, which is known for its ability to unlock to a fully fledged six core processor , will not reach retail/on-line stores, however it will still be available as an OEM- only part.

Nexus Edge - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Feb-12-10] (0 Comments)

Ina world that is all about Information, we need plenty of space tostore all of it. Today we will be looking at the Nexus Edge, a high-endcomputer case aimed at no one less than you and me, the casualIT-consumer. Nexus presents this case as a high-class one with greatfunctionality for everyday use. Less see if Nexus can keep theirpromises.

Patriot Gear Box Network Device @ rbmods.com
[Jan-10-10] (0 Comments)

Many have or are looking at setting up a home server to store media files, backups, maybe even set an FTP server and print server. But for home use, a dedicated server for this use is really overkill. Sure, one can use excess hardware, or a previous main system as a server, but the extra desk space and electricity consumed can add up quickly. Patriots Gear Box gives all these services while small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater+ HD Media Player @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-10-09] (0 Comments)

Seagates FreeAgent Theater+ is one of the most versatile media players on the market. Based on the Realtek 1073 chipset, the guts of the Theater+ are technically the same as the Patriot Box Office. Doing a side-by-side comparison, however, shows the Seagate to be a tad quicker when navigating around menus and playing files. The operating systems for devices featuring the Realtek processor are notoriously clunky or bland. Not so for the Seagate. The OS is actually quite sleek almost minimalist. Everything you need is there and is easily accessible. In fact, my 5 year old was able to pick up the remote and navigate successfully to The Clone Wars TV Series Blu-ray-rips that I stored locally on the FreeAgent hard drive...

Western Digital WD TV Live HD Media Player @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-02-09] (0 Comments)

Almost everything I have in my video library played with the WD TV Live HD. Ripped and downloaded music and playlists (with album art), pictures from my digital camera stored on USB adaptors and my home network, High Def and Low Def movie rips. The media server even allowed you to toggle between audio tracks that were present in your media file. This thing is amazing! Not every 1080p file played as smooth as the trailers we talked about above, but those were rare occurrences. For instance, when I pointed the WD TV Live to a Blu-ray rip of...

Vantec NexStar Vault @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-10-09] (0 Comments)

In a time when all of our information is going digital there is more of a need for a way to store our information securely. The Vantec NexStar Vault aims to make this data secure by providing the security of a keypad, along with data encryption.

Thecus M3800 NAS Stream Box @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-31-09] (0 Comments)

Setting up the Thecus M3800 for use with your audio/video theater turned out to be quite easy. Our first step towards enjoying the multimedia stored on our M3800 is to log back into the Thecus Configuration Menu and open up the TV Setup panel. From here, we select our output and display parameters for our panel...

Day 1 coverage @ pcper.com
[Aug-15-09] (0 Comments)

id Software CEO Todd Hollenstead started off Quakecon 2009 bythanking the volunteers, attendees, and sponsors of the event. Hollensteadbriefly discussed Activision's new Wolfenstein game that's due to arrive instores on Aug. 18. Another key issue he talked about was ZeniMax MediaInc., the parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, whorecently acquired id Software. He discussed how this partnership was goingto work as well as some of the benefits of being under the ZeniMax Mediaumbrella.

OCZ Vertex beta firmware with background 'Garbage Collection' @ pcper.com
[Aug-09-09] (0 Comments)

Perhaps the biggest take-home on all of this is the fact thatsequential performance was restored to like-new conditions, on its own, andcompletely independent of any partition being present on the drive. Othercontrollers, like those from Samsung, have resorted to a so called'auto-TRIM' feature, which is only compatible with NTFS partitions atpresent, and cannot work properly when those units are behind a RAID.

to; bh=BxWTpqinMUm8XYxwK13v6UeC43RD+8h58dilpwpFO0M=; b=CLsXSqvp3u5TWfkjq/T9xh3W7D/csP52Wa90yccQgzzFdo9AGi+9DKTY3Wwp3DpsEn9I1jdRppJ7Brx1SVvgZQ= @ reviews.digitaltrends.com
[Jul-21-09] (0 Comments)

You're flipping through the weekly flyersfrom your local electronics store and marvelat the new digital cameras on the market. Notonly are prices dropping all the time - forboth the compact point-and-shoot cameras aswell as the bulkier yet more powerful DSLRmodels - but new features are continuallyadded, offering even more bang for your buck.Oh sure, you already know about megapixels, aquality lens and fast processor being keyconsiderations, but there are many otherconvenient bells and whistles. It can bedifficult to keep up with all the lingo - beit image stabilization, facial detection orinterchangeable lenses - plus you might notbe aware which features are worth noting, andwhich ones are not.

Vantec ezSHARE Adapter @ techpowerup.com
[Jul-09-09] (0 Comments)

With more people having more than one computer the need to share and transfer files between them has grown. Vantec has come up with a product geared towards this market with the Vantec ezSHARE Adapter. It boasts an easy setup with no additional software to install and a setup time of only seconds. Let's see what the ezSHARE Adapter has in store.

OCZ Vertex EX SSD Update Guide To Firmware v1.20 @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-18-09] (0 Comments)

When we published our review of the OCZ Vertex EX SSD on Monday we used the latest firmware available from OCZ, which was v1.11. Go figure the day after our review was published describing this issue that OCZ released firmware v1.20. Sadly, this firmware update will totally clean the drive and reset it. This means that all data will be lost, so back up if you want to update to the firmware 1.20! Since we updated the Vertex EX to firmware 1.20 we'll walk you through the process and show you how it restores performance with wiper.exe 0525...

Day Two Coverage @ legitreviews.com
[Jun-04-09] (0 Comments)

We wanted to see the hottest hardware that this years E3 Expo had to offer. There was a huge buzz about the new Sony Playstation Portable introduced called the PSP Go. This is a streamlined handheld device that is 50% smaller and lighter than the original PSP. It features 16 GB (yeah, 16!) of built-in storage and is designed for the on the go digital consumer. Priced at $249, the PSP Go will arrive in stores on October 1st, 2009 along with a new PSP version of the very popular Gran Turismo. One of the bigger changes between the PSP Go and regular PSP-3000 is the deletion of Sonys UMD player from the Go device. Users will be encouraged download content from Sonys on-line store instead of paying for UMD disks...

AMD Demos DirectX 11 Capable ATI Graphics Card @ techfragments.com
[Jun-03-09] (0 Comments)

Today at a press conference in Taiwan, AMD demonstrated the world's first GPU capable of DirectX 11 technology. The demonstrations shows the major improvements DirectX 11 gives us over DirectX 10 and also shows us what AMD has in stored for an ATI Graphics Card coming out before the end of 2009 capable of DirectX 11. AMD shows three primary features of DirectX 11; one being tessellator which allows for less blocky and more fluid and realistic details, Compute Shaders which allows for less restricted programming, and finally they show us how DX11 is better designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.

LaCie 2big External Network Attached Storage Hard Drive @ rbmods.com
[May-28-09] (0 Comments)

Sharing files between computers can be a hassle, especially if youhave a lot of music/photos/videos that consume a lot of disk space. But withhard drive failures still a regular occurrence, being able to store filesoffline is essential. Many people turn to network attached storage (NAS)devices to provide external storage that can be connected to a network.Today we'll look at one such NAS device offered by Geeks.com:the LaCie 2bigNetwork 1TB External NAS hard drive. Will this product turn out to be asimple plug-and-play network device? Read on to find out.

10 Must-Have Gadgets @ reviews.digitaltrends.com
[Apr-09-09] (0 Comments)

As you may have noticed if you've leafedthrough a SkyMall catalog or walked into aBrookstone store lately, there are a lot ofstupid gadgets out there. If someone can makea buck off it, it will be built. (And as therecent bankruptcy of Sharper Image proves,sometimes even that isn't a prerequisite.)But before you write off the premise ofbetter life through gadgets entirely based onyour experiences with an ionic air purifierand a battery-powered margarita blender, takea look at the more practical side ofgadgetry. We've rounded up a few of the mostdownright useful technologies out there. Ifyou haven't already gotten on board with someof them, we'll try our best to make youreconsider.

Novatech Zu PC @ driverheaven.net
[Apr-08-09] (0 Comments)

LCD display.Read the review here: http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews.php?reviewid=749-- Allan =93Zardon=94 CampbellDriverheaven/GamingHeaven Editor In ChiefBA/BSc (Honours) Digital Art and TechnologyBA (Honours), Graphic and Media Design (Typo/Graphic Design)www.driverheaven.net | www.gamingheaven.net |This message is intended only for the use of the person(s) (=93The intended recipients)=94 to whom it is addressed). It may contain information which is privileged and confidential within the meaning of applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender as soon as possible. The views or offers expressed in this communication may not necessarily be those held by the company and must be clarified if in doubt.Company Registration Number:4019815VAT Number:GB879288744--Apple-Mail-76-972505695Content-Type:text/html; charset=WINDOWS-1252Content-Transfer-Encoding:quoted-printableNovatech are a well known and reputable supplier of computer hardware and accessories in the UK and they sell a range of gadgets and electronics. They have a large offering of prebuilt desktop and laptop machines in their online store and today we're going to look at the Novatech Zu, a desktop computer containing ATI's fastest single GPU available on the market today accompanied with a Hyundai W240D 24

[News] OCZ HydroFlow Waterblock @ virtual-hideout.net
[Feb-21-09] (0 Comments)

For better or for worse, OCZ has always been one of the moreadventurous companies to service the needs of the enthusiast. While othercompanies focused solely on producing memory, OCZ had already begun theirsimple forays into cooling, and power supplies. Today, their lines extendout to a few, slightly more exotic locations, namely pre-built phase changecooling, and even a neural interfacing device. Yet, as with any company thatdoes not specialize in these exploratory fields, OCZ's alternate productsremain a niche interest. In this spirit, we're looking at their HydroFlowwaterblock - the company's first step towards a performance liquid coolingsolution. If OCZ's reputation as a memory manufacturer has anything to dowith this little waterblock, then there's plenty in store for us. Let's getwet, intrepid readers.

Cryostasis PC Game TechDemo - Physics Benchmarking @ legitreviews.com
[Dec-17-08] (0 Comments)

It was obvious from the second we started benchmarking that the ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB graphics card that the CATALYST 8.12 drivers have not been optimized for Cryostasis. Cryostasis is part of NVIDIA's 'The Way Its Meant to be Played' program and the game isn't due out for a couple months, so the ATI results don't mean much right now. The NVIDIA performance numbers, on the other hand, should be pretty close to what you'll see when the game hits store shelves and the numbers are solid. Adding a dedicated PhysX card to the system did improve the average frame rate, which is interesting to see considering we were using a GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 graphics card...

Tagan A+ Curbic Mid Tower Case @ legitreviews.com
[Nov-24-08] (0 Comments)

Overall, the Tagan found a nice balance of budget building practice, style, and features. The Curbic looks very nice with the mesh front panel and blue LED fans. The case was surprisingly quiet for running two 180mm fans. On high they are very much in the range of what would be considered livable for a desktop; with the fans on low it was very quiet. The Tagan Aplus Curbic is not yet available in the US, and has an estimated MSRP of $59.99 and should be available in retail stores before the holiday. The Curbic would be a very good fit for the user who wants an inexpensive, yet a nice looking, case...

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2008 @ techpowerup.com
[Nov-15-08] (0 Comments)

Call it being secretive, selective, being optimistic, or simply realistic, the multi-layered facet of AMD management, presented the company to market analysts and the press. There's quite some matter to decipher from the presentations held at the main sessions of the AMD Analyst Day 2008 event. We attempt to explore what AMD could have in store for you as a consumer, investor, or simply a spectator to a company showing a fair bit of resilience as it battles hostile market conditions.

Apple October '08 Macbook Refresh Hands-On @ thetechlounge.com
[Nov-01-08] (0 Comments)

Even if the tired-but-true formula has started to gather some moss, this may have been Apple's most exciting product release of this year. The aluminum case design that replaced the TiBook in 2003 had undergone some small changes, but its age was starting to show. Folks had been calling for the reincarnation of the 12-inch Powerbook since it was discontinued. It was time. I slogged through the Stevenote live-blogs, gazing doe-eyed at the pretty pictures, and decided I would take off for my local Apple Store the next day to get my mitts on the new hotness that are the Macbook and Macbook Pro. Too bad they didn't come in until Thursday. Calling ahead is always a good idea.

HD 4550, HD 4350, Galaxy 9500 GT, S3 Chrome 440 GTX @ pcper.com
[Oct-18-08] (0 Comments)

The AMD Radeon HD 4350 was also a strong competitor and with itslower price tag might find its way into your heart if you are looking formultimedia performance more than gaming performance. S3's Chrome 440 GTXwas a disappointment in terms of gaming - there is really no other way tosay it. And at $60 on the S3graphics.com site store, it's actuallycompeting with the HD 4550 and 9500 GT - a battle it can't hope to win.

Sunnytek Mobile Mini Backplane @ legitreviews.com
[Oct-17-08] (0 Comments)

With the laptop market growing in leaps in bounds over the last few years, the call for mobile external storage is sure to grow with it. SunnyTek has attempted to bridge the gap with its Mini Mobile Back Plane. As SSDs become more commonplace in laptops, the call for larger external storage will grow even more. For those early adopters of the SSD technology, we are often pigeon-held with small hard drives, which for the most part can only store the operating system, so an external hard drive is a must if you want to store more than a few documents. SunnyTek has set the bar high with its mini mobile back plane external hard drive caddy, offering many useful feature and also carrying the title of the first mobile mini back plane currently on the market...

[Affiliates News] QNAP TS-409 Network Attached Storage System @ aphnetworks.com
[Oct-08-08] (0 Comments)

Ever since Junior High computer labs, all the documents we useare stored on network drives alone -- because the students will be using adifferent computer pretty much every time, and Deep Freeze are deployed onevery workstation so smart-arse 15 year olds won't be messing around thecomputers all that much. At home, however, all my documents are stored on mycomputer's local hard disks. I've never really given much thought into analways-on network drive because, well, this type of system never reallycaught my attention in the first place. As time progresses, my local areanetwork became more and more complicated and filled up with an ever expandingcount of computers. The need for a central data storage device due to thisphenomenon became more evident. Almost two years ago, I've reviewed theThermaltake Muse NAS RAID network attached storage device -- which broughtquite a revolutionary change of computer usage habits in my house, at leastfor me. From regular data transfers, data backups, local file hosting, tomedia streaming, I've always wondered how I ever lived without it for allthese years. There was one problem with the Muse NAS RAID though:Theperformance did not meet my expectations. Looking for a high performance,easy to use, loaded with features NAS device, it seems that I've finallyfound a solution -- the QNAP TS-409 Turbo NAS. My major concern:It better befast. So let's see how it goes.

OCZ Dominatrix Gaming Mouse @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-04-08] (0 Comments)

The Dominatrix is OCZ's newest dive into the gaming mice market. It offers features usually found on much more expensive mice at an entry level price point and comes in a stylish blue and black color. You can store your profiles in the mouse so they are available on any PC, even without the mouse software.

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition External 2TB HDD @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-29-08] (0 Comments)

The Western Digital My Book has been around for a few years and has several versions in its product line. Prices range from just under 100 Dollars for the My Book Essential 160 GB to just under 600 Dollars for the Studio Edition 2 TB and features eSATA, USB 2.0 and FireWire connections.Today we are going to take a look at the Mirror Edition, a dual drive external product that is available in 1 or 2 TB capacities. What makes the Mirror Edition unique in the over saturated external drive market is its ability to store data in RAID 1. The Mirror Edition in RAID 1 stores your data on two drives in full, giving you two copies of everything. Since hard drives can unexpectedly fail, rendering them and the data stored useless, it is important to keep a back up of the data you never want to lose.

Keynote on Visual Computing Perspectives @ legitreviews.com
[Aug-27-08] (0 Comments)

Bernard believes that 3D technology will change the way products are created and used a demo of shopping software that allows you to see products on the store shelves without being there. He actually went as far as saying that everything we do online should be in 3D! He spoke about doing online 3D searches, which is something very interesting...

What You Need to Know @ thetechlounge.com
[Aug-21-08] (0 Comments)

Walk into your local electronics emporium and look at the wall of screens. It's a beautiful sight. All of the displays look so wonderful, but where do you start? What do you need to know to find your perfect high-def match? Purchasing your first HDTV can be a daunting task if you aren't armed with the proper information when you enter the carnivorous den of your local electronics superstore. There are a couple of areas I'd like to focus on in this guide. The first thing to consider is the type of TV, and which is best suited to your viewing environment. This consists of the physical space the TV will occupy and any devices you plan to use with it will weigh heavily on your decision. Also important are the features and specifications that a new TV can offer. Buzzwords like 1080p, contrast ratio, HDMI, and 120Hz will be thrown at you as soon as you strike up a dialogue with a salesperson (or as they stalk you up and down the aisles). With a little preparation, you can be an informed consumer with the power to overcome jargon-filled sales pitches and, in the end, make the right decision for you.

TRENDnet 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N Gigabit Router @ tweaktown.com
[Aug-19-08] (0 Comments)

How do you decide which router to buy in this day and age? Is there one product that has it all? Youll be hard pressed to find a product with all the bells and whistles, but we may have one here today that comes close to the mark.Today we get up close and personal with TRENDnets very latest router, the 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N Gigabit Router sporting model number TEW-672GR. Specifically, we are looking at version 1.0R, which is the shipping version youll find in the stores when buying.

Intel Opens Up About Larrabee @ techgage.com
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Intel todaytakes a portion of the veil off their upcoming Larrabeearchitecture, so we can better understand its implementation, how itdiffers from a typical GPU, why it benefits from taking the 'manycores' route, its performance scaling and of course, what else it hasin store.

Apple iPhone 3G @ cooltechzone.com
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We?ll get right to the chase. Apple?s iPhone 3G is very similar to the original iPhone. In fact, first-generation iPhones can be updated to use the iPhone 2.0 software, which will give a lot of the software capabilities of iPhone 3G to its predecessor. However, that doesn?t mean that iPhone 3G isn?t worth the upgrade. If you were holding out on the original iPhone in hopes of iPhone 3G, this is your chance to grab one, assuming can get past the strict requirements of activating the phone in AT&T or Apple Stores. That?s of course to prevent a lot of folks from unlocking their iPhones.

QNAP TS-209 Pro II @ pcreview.co.uk
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Many small businesses and advanced home users will use some form of external storage device to backup data or store common files across a network. One of the most convenient methods of doing this is to use a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device, which allows you to access network shares from all other PCs connected to the same network. The QNAP TS-209 Pro II provides space for two SATA hard drives, providing ample storage capacity (for example, 2 x 1TB drives). However this NAS unit isn’t quite as simple as just providing access to storage space, it can do a whole lot more.

QNAP TS-409 PRO Four Bay NAS Network Attached Storage System @ tweaknews.net
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It carries a hefty $600 price tag, but the TS-409 Pro is a sound investment for a home or small business network. For those who need much more than just file storage and backup, this is the NAS to get. In addition to having a central location to store and back up files this product offers hard disk monitoring, FTP, Web, and SMTP server functions, user/group management, and one touch file copy from a USB disk and that's just scratching the surface! Everything is managed through a well organized web interface that can be accessed remotely via a secure SSL connection.

Red Alert 3 Hands-on P @ bit-tech.net
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*Unfortunately, the /C&C/ series has long been suffering, with hardcore fans lamenting some of the recent instalments after Westwood's acquisition by Electronic Arts and others citing the console ports as signs of an impending apocalypse. Can this latest instalment in the /Red Alert/ franchise restore the series to glory even in the eyes of the elitist hardcore?

QNAP TS-209 Pro Gigabit SATA NAS @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Shoppers today are faced with many options when choosing where to store their valuable data:from traditional optical media and hard

OCZ EliteXStream 800W Power Supply report @ aphnetworks.com
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Well guys, here we go again -- another close-look-at-power-supply-hardware report. Last week, we took apart the Seasonic M12II 500W power supply. As usual, because we don't have the necessary professional equipment to do the simulated load testing, measuring the quality of power delivery (Voltage, ripple, etc) in accordance to load, and that we don't want to use some fake hardware test reports, we are up for another power supply hardware examination report. This time, we are going to crack open the relatively recently released OCZ EliteXStream 800W power supply (A 1000W model is also available for those who really need it). This power supply has gained excellent reputation in regards to performance and efficiency from other excellent online publications that tested it with professional load testing equipment. When OCZ asked me a couple months back to see if I wanted to take a look at the EliteXStream, I was nothing but excited to see what OCZ has in store lately. The OCZ EliteXStream series power supplies combine a 120mm fan with an open rear exhaust design like the Seasonic M12II for a somewhat good reputation of 'quietness' in this regard, and high power output ratings. So today, let's see how extremely elite is the OCZ 1337-Extreme 800W -- I mean, OCZ EliteXStream 800W.

Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile Wireless Speaker System @ legitreviews.com
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The Logitech designers and engineers have delivered what is sure to be the blueprint for future peripherals in the wireless industry. The Pure-Fi Mobile wireless speaker system can connect to your mobile phone, the PC, and your favorite portable media player, it can easily be stored in your backpack or briefcase. More than anything, it produces excellent sound and play an entire day on a charge. Sign me up, right?!? Oh, wait, it costs how much?

ECS A770M-A AM2 Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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I have finally gotten my chance to review one of their products. Theproduct on the bench here today is the A770-M socket AM2+ motherboard.Before I even received the board I browsed a few online stores to get a goodideal on pricing. In the case of the A770M-A we were able to find it forroughly $65. This is in range of Asrock and some of the board theymanufacture. But is the ECS as stable as the competition? We will find out.

Raidsonic IB-390StUSD-B HDD Docking Station @ rbmods.com
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With the need of more harddrive space we need more space to storethem. The latest HDD docking station makes it easy for you to swap drivesand take them with you wherever you might need them. It also looks good andis made out of a high quality casing... the question is; how well does itperform with a USB interface?

Thermaltake @ thinkcomputers.org
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Although we were unable to make it out to Taipei for Computex thisyear our friends at Thermaltake were nice enough to give us all theinformation on their new cases, power supplies, and coolers. Although theydid not announce as many products as they did during CES they still had somereally cool new products. Let's take a look and see what Thermaltake has instore for us!

Cooler Master CSX Spring Contest @ bigbruin.com
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In case you haven't seen them yet, Cooler Master has launched a wild new assortment of custom painted cases available in their CSX line-up. To help spread the word, they are sponsoring a contest where ten winners will be chosen to receive gift certificates to the CSX Store, valid for purchases on anything they carry.

First Look:Acer Aspire Predator Gaming PCs @ bit-tech.net
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We certainly believe that Acer has a market in PC World styleretailstores for first time buyers and families wanting something special,but we aren’t sure if Acer will ever break into the market covered byboutique system builders like Vadim. What’s more, most serious gamersare often running on a shoe-string budget, so £1,500+ for a gamingmachine that will be out of date in a year is a lot of money to coughup.We’ll be having a much closer look at one of Acer’s Aspire Predatorgaming PCs in the near future to see if our concerns turn out to bereality once production grade hardware is available.

Booq Boa Laptop Case @ legitreviews.com
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Booq calls the Boa A travel bag designed especially for frequently-traveling professionals. This bag has about 2,000 pockets and zippers to store all your favorite gear and gadgets. Actually, we counted 9 zippered pockets, 3 magnetic pockets, with 4 large compartments for your precious cargo. The outer material is made of water-repelling nylon that will keep the moisture out. Inside the Booq Boa, the laptop is housed in its own separate compartment that is lined with protective foam covered in very soft upholstery...

Making Gaming Better @ bit-tech.net
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Eight:Try to buy directMost people know that buying direct from the developer earns the dev abigger share than buying from a store, but do you have any idea howmuch difference it can be? In some cases it's a tenfold difference!I've nothing against publishers and retailers, but the whole systemcollapses if the guys making the games don't do well. It makes a hugedifference if you can buy direct, and if your favourite developerdoesn't sell direct, email them and let them know you would buy directif you could. It takes five minutes.

Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB SATA Hard Drive @ legitreviews.com
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The Western Digital VelociRaptor was a blast to test since it's n ot every day something this new and innovative comes across the test benc h. The Western Digital VelociRaptor is hands down the fastest single hard drive we have ever tested and it is hard to believe that the firmware is still being improved. It will be exciting to see how much more performa nce Western Digital will be able to get out of the VelociRaptor before it hits retail stores in May. As it stands right now having a burst speed o f over 250 MB/s and a sustained read speed pushing over 100 MB/s is enoug h to put a smile on our face. Just imagine running RAID 0 with a pair of these!

XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 Quad SLI Video Card Testing @ legitreviews.com
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NVIDIA has done a great job with Quad-SLI and with some driver im provements it should only get better. The XFX GeForce 9800 GX2 graphics c ards running in a quad-SLI showed increased performance in every applicat ion we tested versus a single GeForce 9800 GX2, which is something that c an not be said about the ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 as they had some driver is sues on Tomb Raider:Anniversary. We almost didn't include Tomb Raider:A nniversary in our testing, but our two store-bought DVD versions of Biosh ock say they have been installed too many times, so this game was a last minute addition...

Crucial Ballistix Tracer Red PC-6400 4GB kit @ bit-tech.net
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In the past, weve found Crucial memory to be a bit moreexpensiveregardless of the type you buy, and even though you get free deliverywhen you buy from Crucial direct, its often difficult to find acomparison elsewhere because there are few other stores stocking it.You are paying for the

Backup-Pal Cell Phone Contacts Backup Device @ techwarelabs.com
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If your cell phone has ever been stolen, lost, or died then you u nderstand how frustrating the process of obtaining a replacement is and e ven more than that comes the restoration of data. Most cell phone users a re primarily concerned with their contacts, the process for restoring the se usually involves hours of keyboard and button entry and that is for th ose contacts you remember all of the information for. Inevitably loss of contacts and full information occurs during a cell phone move or during a loss. The folks at Advanced Wireless Solutions have created a device whi ch involves no software, drivers, or special cables to backup or restore the contacs of your phone. We test this device on one of the most commonl y used phones today to see how it works and if it's worth your money.

OCZ Technology ATV Turbo USB 2 flash drive @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today OCZ have given us the chance of taking a look at one of there latest Flash drives on the market and that is the ATV Turbo. Available in a number of sizes, ranging from 2GB to 8GB, right though to an amazing 16GB version an probably a 32gb version on the way. Thus giving the consumer more space then ever to store files. And thats all, the ATV Turbo flash drives main feature is there durable and rubber case housing which OCZ claim to be 100% waterproof and shock proof, so this should be interesting to see how it performs. Today I got my hands on the ATV Turbo 4GB version.

CES Unveiled 2008 @ thinkcomputers.org
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Well it is that time of year again, time for CES. With CES just afew days away they hold a press event called CES Unveiled that shows offsome of the latest products and gives you an idea of what to expect at theactual show. Although there was not a whole lot so see (it's the smallestpress event of the show), we were able to talk to companies like Logitech,Netgear, and Sandisk to see what they will have for us in 2008. Read on tosee what they have in store for us!

Vizo Milano Enclosure & Media Player @ techpowerup.com
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The Vizo Milano Multimedia enclosure plays back all your favorite multimedia files stored on the internal hard drive on your TV at up to 1080i resolution. The ease of use and complete cable set make it a very interesting choice for everyone wanting to not only store these files but also have them at their immediate disposal when needed.

Apacer Handy Steno AH421 4GB Flash Drive @ tweaktown.com
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With the world of storage continually getting bigger and bigger, it's not uncommon to find flash drives growing in capacity and speed. M edia files now make up quite a huge portion of the need for increasing sp ace. When flash drives first started to hit the shelves, 128MB was the la rgest you could get, and would cost you a fortune too.Apacer's new USB 2.0 flash drive not only combines 4GB of flash storage , but manages to incorporate a compression and security program in one. A ccording to Apacer this allows you to store more than 5x the actual 4GB l imit as well as being able to encrypt it all.

GlacialTech Altair A380 HTPC Enclosure @ hi-techreviews.com
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GlacialTech may not be a name that comes to your mind when you thinkof home theater PC enclosures, but perhaps after reading our review youmight change your mind. The Altair A380 offers you room for a singleoptical drive and a pair of hard drives, which should allow you to storemore than enough movies or songs to last through the winter nights. Link: http://www.hi-techreviews.com/Joomla/content/view/5387/27/------=_NextPart_000_003A_01C82BBF.17B9F570Content-Type:text/html; charset=

ASRock ALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard @ pro-clockers.com
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Micro ATX motherboards have come a long way from just giving usersbasic computer functionality in a small package. This motherboard type hasmade a name for itself as a critical component for Home Theater PCs andother multimedia intensive systems. Today, we have the ASRockALiveNF7G-HDready Micro ATX Motherboard on our test bench. With onboardsupport for dual monitors and 720p Blu-ray / HD-DVD playback, this budgetmotherboard is sure to make consumers take a double take when they see it onstore shelves.

Scythe Kamacross CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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Overclockers start your engines ! Today we're reviewing the ScytheKama Cross. From its appearance, the Kama Cross looks like it would be moreat home under the hood of a vintage muscle car than on top of a CPU. And,that may we ll be because enthusiasts pay as much attention to theappearance of the coolers as the performance these days. The days of thestandard block shaped cooler seems to be nearing it's zenith. Companies haveheeded the call and are starting to come out with products that not onlydeliver performance, but are also visually striking. There are many greatproducts already on store shelves. It appears as if Scythe were committed tomaking the Kama cross stand out visually, but let's see how it performs.

Asus P5K3-Deluxe/WiFi-AP P35 motherboard @ aphnetworks.com
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It's been quite a few months since we reviewed the Asus P5K-Deluxe; in which we wrote about in June of this year. Today, months after images of Asus' P35 chipset based boards were released on several enthusiast websites, we've finally got a chance to take a look at Asus' first generation DDR3 boards. Actually, we've had this board since mid-July -- unfortunately we did not have any DDR3 RAM at our disposal until good old FedEx dropped off some OCZ Platinum PC3-12800 Enhanced Bandwidth memory at our doorstop (Without our approval, by the way, but good thing no one took it!) a few days ago. Now that we got a chance, let's examine the P5K3-Deluxe and benchmark it against its DDR2 brother, the P5K-Deluxe. The answer we want to obtain today is, what kind of performance gain are you expecting from DDR3 over DDR2? While you may already know the results partially, it's always interesting to see what the future has in store for us, today.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Silverstone Kublai Series KL01B Mid-Tower ATX Case @ pro-clockers.com
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Mid-tower ATX cases have come a long way from their early beginningsas plain, beige boxes that collected dust under office desks. Mostenthusiasts want to show them off and some make them the centerpiece oftheir workstations. One casethat recently hit store shelves is the KL01 from Silverstone. The KL01 is ahybrid consisting of a steel chassis and aluminum panels, but it's design isvery unique and should appeal to classier and sophisticated users.

Geeks Lite-On DVD Recorder @ rbmods.com
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Looking to get rid of that old VCR but still can't find a convenientway to record directly from TV? Much like DVDs have replaced VHS in therental stores, DVDs can also replace them for home recording use as well.Geeks.com, popular online retailers and computer partsseller, sent us a sample of one of their DVD offerings, the Lite-On DVDRecorder. Will this standalone recorder prove to be a worthy replacement ofyour VCR? We will attempt to answer that question in this review.

2K Games BioShock PC Game @ pro-clockers.com
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The highly anticipated hybrid first-person shooter BioShock hit storeshelves August 21, and we had to get our hands on one of the first copies.After scratching and clawing my way through all the people and spectators, Iwas able to grab one of the last boxes available. After tending to my woundsand paying the store clerk, I eagerly rushed home to get this game installedand start my evaluation (whereas I prepared early and pre-ordered the gametwo months ago, and the most I received in the way of injuries was a nervoustwitch in my neck from the commute home - lovingly stroking the embossedmetal case the game came in - Ed)

Corsair 8GB Flash Survivor GT @ tcmagazine.com
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With the Flash Survivor, Corsair has yet again managed to make a product that captures the crowd=E2=80=99s attention instantly. Its unique design makes it stand out like no other flash drive before it and it gets one important point across =E2=80=93 that whatever it stores will remain safe no matter what happens.

HSDPA connection sharing from WM6 phones @ tweaktown.com
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In an ever connected digital world, users are doing all they can to stay connected to the Internet. Manufacturers realize this and that is why you are seeing many new types of portable devices hit the stores such as smaller notebook computers, Ultra Mobile computers (UMPC), internet tablets and a multitude of Pocket PC style smartphones.All of these devices include many data connection options such as regular gigabit or 10/100 local area networking, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi as well as many different mobile phone network connectivity types such as GPRS, EDGE (EGPRS), 3G (W-CDMA) and the newest kid on the block, 3.5G or HSDPA which is short for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.

HSDPA connection sharing from WM6 phones @ tweaktown.com
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In an ever connected digital world, users are doing all they can to stay connected to the Internet. Manufacturers realize this and that is why you are seeing many new types of portable devices hit the stores such as smaller notebook computers, Ultra Mobile computers (UMPC), internet tablets and a multitude of Pocket PC style smartphones.All of these devices include many data connection options such as regular gigabit or 10/100 local area networking, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi as well as many different mobile phone network connectivity types such as GPRS, EDGE (EGPRS), 3G (W-CDMA) and the newest kid on the block, 3.5G or HSDPA which is short for High-Speed Downlink Packet Access.

D-Link DIR-655 Xtreme N Gigabit Router @ benchmarkreviews.com
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Draft N is all the buzz around the WiFi circles, and manufacturers are pushing their early products onto store shelves dispite the constant technical changes to the new unapproved draft.

[News] ASUS P5N-E SLI Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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ASUS has had various P5N models spanning different chipset revisionsas improvements have been implemented. Since ASUS is a well knowninternational name, there P5N-E SLI Motherboard has one purpose:Provide asolid platform with balanced features and stability while keeping theaffordable. Given the chipset's track record, it's quite possible that themotherboard may prove to be another viable option the next time you place anorder or walk in the store. Let's take a look at the ASUS P5N-E SLIMotherboard that ASUS was very kind in sending.

Sunbeamtech Silent Whisper CPU cooler @ pro-clockers.com
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There is something good to be said for a near-silent pc, but I don'thave one. Even as I write this, the steady hum of my computer fans drone on.My friends can't stand my computer room for more than a half an hour. Thesound drives them crazy. It doesn't bother me personally. I used to workwith children for a living and I can ignore pretty much any sound. Not tomention, I've always set performance over comfort when it comes to cooling.However, for the sake of friendship, I decided to look into silent or nearsilent PC cooling. Coincidentally, Sunbeamtech have sent a Silent WhisperCPU cooler for review. The Silent Whisper is a supposedly near silent CPUcooler for the budget minded enthusiast. At $19.99 on some online stores,the Silent Whisper is very affordable, but how does it perform? Let's findout.

World-Exclusive:Winchip DDR3 1600 MHz 1 GB Kit @ techpowerup.com
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DDR3 P35 boards and the new memory standard were a big topic at CeBIT and all major memory manufacturers showed DDR3 up and running at Computex. One of these companies is Winchip with their DDR3 1600 MHz CL8-8-8-15 memory. We take a first look at the new memory to let you know, what it holds in store.

Apple iPhone (Full ) @ thetechlounge.com
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Looking back now, things seemed so different in my coverage of the iPhoneannouncement... I talked the most about the phones features, rather than theuser experience. And that's what the iPhone has come to symbolize. Itdoesn't have 3G speeds, GPS, Adobe Flash or stereo Bluetooth capabilities,but judging from the long lines and sold out stores this past weekend itdoesn't seem to matter that much. What does seem to matter is making theexperience easier and more convenient, and having it all in one device. Thecontent of the ads (unlike most other phone ads which tell you what theirproducts can do) showed you what the product does along with how it getsdone. People could see how easy getting around the phone was, and that'swhat they wanted. After all, what good is a phone if the features are toodifficult for most people to utilize? But would a huge bug with the data andphone service be enough to sour my experience?

[News] ECS NF650iSLIT-A Socket 775 Motherboard @ virtual-hideout.net
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For a budget targeted SLI platforms, the ECS NF650SLIT-A Motherboardis a good, stable bang-for-buck option. At around $115.00 USD, it issimilarly priced to other 650-SLI motherboards. Chances are if you see thisboard in a local store, the price will be lower than comparable boards.

Creative Sells ALchemy Audigy Edition @ ngohq.com
[Jul-04-07] (0 Comments)

It seems that Creative Labs is now selling ALchemy Audigy Edition for $9.99 (USD). Alchemy is a wrapper that converts DirectSound3D streams into OpenAL under Windows Vista. This project is available freely for Sound Blaster X-Fi owners. For unknown reasons Creative Labs has decided to sell this wrapper to Audigy owners. After some investigation, we have discovered that you do not actually need to buy ALchemy Audigy Edition to restore functions under Windows Vista and the Audigy/Live! Series. You can just download ALchemy for Sound Blaster X-Fi (it's available for free) and manually copy dsound.dll and dsound.ini to a supported title.

My First Day with Apple's iPhone @ thetechlounge.com
[Jul-02-07] (0 Comments)

I arrive at the mall here in Las Vegas where the Apple store is locatedaround 10:45 AM on Friday. An eight hour wait would lay ahead of me as Iwaited in line for that once in a lifetime product. A peanut butter andjelly sandwich and a big water bottle later, it was six o'clock and we werecheering (as well as being cheered on by Apple store employees) as the Applestore reopened and ushered in their first customer for the new phone.

Motorola S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones @ bluetomorrow.com
[Jun-08-07] (0 Comments)

The S9 Active Headphones, by their very name, suggest they are built for a person who is physically active and only wants to carry one device. They are made from a rigid plastic that makes them water and sweat resistant. Readers who have a mobile phone that can store music and supports the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) and Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) should consider the S9 headphones.

Ubidays 2007 coverage @ bit-tech.net
[May-24-07] (0 Comments)

We were lucky enough to get sneak peeks at the continuing developmenton games like Assassin’s Creed, Haze, Splinter Cell:Conviction and TomClancy’s Endwar, as well as a few other titles planned for later in theyear. Of course, as I found out myself when attending the event, there’s noreal way to gently introduce these games to you. We can only reallydive right in and have a look at Ubisoft has got in store for gamersthis year.

Seagate Barracuda 750 GB Hard Drive @ thetechlounge.com
[May-21-07] (0 Comments)

How much storage does one person need? 20GB, 40GB, 200Gb? Where does itend, or does it even end? Lucky for us, we never really have to answer thatquestion. Each passing day brings us greater capacities for less money. Justlast year, the 500GB hard drive was all the rage, now, in front of me is abrand new 750 GB drive. Yep, 3/4 of a terabyte! Honestly, how many wholesomefamily films can someone store on their computer?

Cooler Master XCraft 250 @ computingondemand.com
[Apr-30-07] (0 Comments)

It seems like the more technologically advanced and the moreconnected we become, the bigger the burden of storage becomes too. I, forone, am a victim of the corporate policies and tightening budgets. Mycompany issued laptop suffers from irritable storage syndrome! With thelackluster storage capacity and the incredible need for stored software in aposition such as mine, there is a great need for portable storage solutions.Even though storage comes in varying flavors, I simply look for the mostbang for my buck solutions, and Cooler Master claims that they can providethe ammunition. Enter the XCraft 250 2.5

Internal Card Reader with USB 2.0 from USBGeek @ dragonsteelmods.com
[Apr-25-07] (0 Comments)

 Quite a few types of devices out there today use some sort of memory card to store their data on, be it music, photos, games etc.  What I've always wondered is why don't computer manufacturers include card readers as a standard feature on their computers. Yes some do, but most don't, so what you need to do is go and buy a separate card reader for your system like the one I have today for review from USBGeek. The Internal Card Reader with USB 2.0 is just that, a card reader with a couple extra USB ports on it, no audio ports, no firewire, none of that stuff. How many people actually use all those ports anyway? I know I don't, but I do use a card reader all the time and my USB ports. So this product is simple but yet right on with what is needed by most people. 

Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500GB USB External Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
[Apr-25-07] (0 Comments)

I have always been a fan of external hard drives. Especially a fewyears ago when Windows XP first came out, because one day you would turnyour computer on and Windows would crash and you ended up having toreformat. So having all of my files on an external drive was very important.Fast forward to today and there really is not that problem, but externaldrives are more popular than ever. The main reason is because theavailability of media has grown. You can now download movies, TV shows, andmusic very easily and legally! So you need someplace to store all of themedia and what better place to do that than an external hard drive. Today wewill be taking a look at the Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 500GBUSB External Hard Drive

Solid State put to the test Team 16GB 2.5-inch IDE Solid State Drive @ tweaktown.com
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Several years ago companies started releasing USB pen drives which have reinvented the way stored data could be transported. USB pen drives (and other flash products, such as memory cards used in your digital camera) use NAND non-volatile flash memory, which is able to store and retain data even without power, making this type of memory very versatile. Pen drives were expensive at first release but now you can pick up a 1GB drive for just a few dollars, and flash memory prices are constantly decreasing. Not too long ago, some smart chap had the idea of replacing the aging hard disk drive bound with problems such as heat, size, weight, noise and mechanical failure with solid state technology. Instead of using a hard drive with moving parts, why not create a new type of drive, which is solid state and more reliable, using flash memory chips?It has been said that, within the next ten years, SSD (Solid State Drives) will replace the aging hard drive, and in the interim HDD / SSD hybrids are likely to increase in popularity as the storage technology of choice. Today we get our first look at SSD technology as we check out Team Group's 16GB 2.5-inch notebook solid state disk. At 16GB the drive is not a monster when it comes to total storage capacity, but as we take a look at this pre-production product it should give us a good introduction to the potential of SSD technology.

Verbatim Store 'n' Go 4GB USB Drive @ techpowerup.com
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The Verbatim Store 'n' Go memory sticks occupy the budget end of the entire Store 'n' Go series. They offer size and quality over performance and features, but have a smaller price tag than the other Store 'n' Go variants. 4GB at $30-35 may not sound bad, so we take a close look the USB stick and see if the savings are worth it.

Kensington SX 3000R Flat Panel iPod Speakers @ thetechlounge.com
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iPod here, iPod there, iPod iPod everywhere. Unless you live in a cave (how are you reading this?) or you've just come out of acoma (congratulations), you've certainly witnessed the veritable onslaught of iPod accessories at your favorite electro-geekerystore. Today I'll be looking at one such iPod accessory from Kensington:the SX 3000R flat panel iPod speakers with FM radio. The SX3000R is designed around NXT's patented Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML, commonly referred to as flat panel speakers), whichpromises to offer room-filling sound while requiring less space than traditional cone drivers. We'll see just how good NXT's DMLreally is and whether Kensington has done a good job of designing a viable product around it.

Lenovo Thinkpad Z61t Notebook @ xyzcomputing.com
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This notebook resembles the rest of the Thinkpad line in most respects, but differentiates itself in a few ways. The Z series is the most consumer-friendly Thinkpad and combines popular features, like an integrated camera and widescreen display, with a reasonable price- something that is sure to go over well with buyers. The Z61t is still not ever going to be as cheap at as entry-level Dell but it currently starts are just over $1100 and has the features to justify the extra money, as well as the distinction of being a Thinkpad. If those were all not enough then it has one more surprise in store- a titanium exterior.

GIG MP4 Watch @ xtremecomputing.co.uk
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Today we are going to take a look at the MP4 watch 1GB version whichis a novel and fashionable Portable Media Player (PMP) device. You canlisten to music, watch movies and record conversations wherever you go. Allstored in your wrist, you can enjoy high-tech the high life on the go so itis claimed, so let us move onto the review

Build your own vaccine @ nordichardware.com
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Electronic equipment will be disrupted by the magnetic radiation caused by the rain of atomic bombs and because of that scientists have been working on creating ways to store data in bacteria and also use them as batteries. Bacteria have a spooky ability to survive almost anything, making than excellent target for survival research.

Velocity Micro Gamers' Edge DualX Custom Gaming Computer @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you are looking for an ultimate gaming PC there are not a lot of choices. It's not like you can go down to your localBest Buy or Circuit City and get a great gaming PC. At those retail stores you will find basic consumer systems, no hardcore gamingsystems. So where do you turn if you want a top of the line gaming PC where you can choose the components inside and have itprofessionally built for you? Velocity Micro is one of the few companies out there that will do this for you. Today we will betaking a look at their Gamers' Edge DualX Custom Gaming PC. We will see how it performs against our test system and compare resultsto the price of each system.

Verbatim Store 'n' Go 4GB U3 Smart Drive @ techpowerup.com
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The Verbatim Store 'n' Go U3 is a Smart Drive with the U3 Launchpad included on the memory stick. The addition of the software and improved performance cost the end user around $10 USD more, when compared to the basic Store 'n' Go 4 GB variant available. We benchmark the Verbatim U3 Smart Drive and let you know if the performance and software are worth the small price premium.

Verbatim Store 'n' Go Pro 2 GB USB Drive @ techpowerup.com
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The Verbatim Store 'n' Go PRO series is geared toward business men and women who need fast and large storage devices with the security to safeguard confidential information. The blue 2 GB variant may not look very out of the ordinary, but the inside is what counts. It certainly sounds good, with read speeds of ~24MB/s and write speeds of ~13MB/s and an included security suite.

nMedia Wireless RF Keyboard with Trackball @ thinkcomputers.org
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I just built a brand new HTPC last week. I am using the SilverStone LC14MC HTPC case. The case came with a wireless remote,but I still need to have a keyboard and mouse connected when I want to transfer files via USB, or just sit in my bed and surf theweb. Now I really don't want to shell out a lot of money for both a wireless keyboard and mouse especially since I'm not going to beusing it either that much. When you go down to you local computer store the only wireless keyboards and mice are the high-endexpensive one. Well nMedia has a great solution that solves the keyboard and mouse problem, their wireless RF keyboard withtrackball!

Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Laser Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you are thinking about getting a new mouse there are really only 2 choices that you will see at your local computerstore, Logitech and Microsoft. While Microsoft mice are nice, Logitech's usually out do them in features and quality. Well today weare taking a look at what Logitech claims to be

ASUS @ thinkcomputers.org
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When you hear the name ASUS you mainly think motherboards, but they make a whole lot of other products too. At this year'sCES they showed us a lot of really cool products like laptops, cell phones, GPS units, routers, video cards, and of course newmotherboards. So let's see what ASUS has in store for us this year!

HighPoint RocketRAID 2340 Controller Supporting 12,000GB of storage @ tweaktown.com
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Today we are going to take a close look at one of HighPoints very latest controllers and its one of the most impressive ones weve looked at so far, the RocketRAID 2340. Coming in at a little under $500 USD, its certainly not a cheap product but its feature list is neither short. Using special Mini-SAS connectors, it allows you to add up to an extra 16 SATA or SATA II hard drives to your system and run in a range of different RAID modes including 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and JBOD. In fact, it has not just one but two controller chips on the card, which is powered by the PCI Express x8 slot for plenty of bandwidth throughput for extreme storage requirements.Clearly it is designed more for small to medium-sized businesses with quite serious storage requirements. If youve got some cash to spend and are looking for a high-end controller card, which currently gives you the ability to store at least a whooping 12,000 gigabytes of data, using a total of 16 x 750GB drives (I just hope you have a monster-sized case...), youve come to the right place! Lets get started and take a close look at the RocketRAID 2340 product from HPT and see if it is worth the asking price and just how it performs against other recent onboard motherboard controllers in RAID 0 and non-RAID environments.

Data Backup Guide Online and Hardware Solutions Examined @ tweaktown.com
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After reading a newspaper article recently, we discovered there are plenty of online backup sites which will store your data for you on their servers some free and some are paid services. There are also more expensive hardware backup solutions, such as the Freedom9 freeStor 4020, which we will be taking a closer look at today in this guide. These types of devices are designed more for SOHO and business users but if your data is important to you, it is money well spent no matter who you are. Well also look at some cheaper alternatives if you dont wish to spend as much money.Lets change those backup percentage figures today well give you a rundown of those online backup services, the hardware solutions and generally good practices in preventing data loss through measures such as using RAID arrays with redundancy, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software.

Intel QX6700 Quad-Core @ techpowerup.com
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When Intel Core Duo hit the stores, people went crazy. Many wanted to experience the amazing performance for themselves. Now, Intel brings us the QX6700 - a quad-core CPU. Is another revolution about to take place? Or are we going to find just a small increase compared to dual core? What about single threaded applications? Multi-core scaling?

header @ pcper.com
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While all of this might seem a bit confusing at first, NVIDIA'sPureVideo HD logo program is trying to make it easier for the end user. Allyou would have to do is go to your local PC store and look for the NVIDIAPureVideo HD logo on a HTPC system or on the components in order to buildyour own. Pop on over to your favorite e-tailer and look for a graphicscard, monitor, optical drive and software application that all sport thePureVideo HD logo and you'll be getting components that have been tested andbasically guaranteed by NVIDIA.

NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology - Is the PC ready for HD video? @ pcper.com
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While all of this might seem a bit confusing at first, NVIDIA'sPureVideo HD logo program is trying to make it easier for the end user. Allyou would have to do is go to your local PC store and look for the NVIDIAPureVideo HD logo on a HTPC system or on the components in order to buildyour own. Pop on over to your favorite e-tailer and look for a graphicscard, monitor, optical drive and software application that all sport thePureVideo HD logo and you'll be getting components that have been tested andbasically guaranteed by NVIDIA.

OCZ Technology Mega-Kart 8GB USB Flash Drive @ bigbruin.com
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The OCZ Mega-Kart features 8GB of storage, a high speed USB 2.0 connection, and a unique design giving it the shape and size comparable to a thin stack of credit cards. This flash drive isn't like the one that might be in your pocket or on your key chain right now. Although it may be wider and longer, its extremely thin profile makes it easy to store all your photos, music, and files right in your wallet.

Waiting In Line For a PS3 @ thinkgaming.org
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Well it's that time again, a new console has arrived and everyone wants to get their hands on it. This time it is Sony withthe Playstation 3. Sony's PS3 features a Blu-ray player, Bluetooth wireless controllers, built in WiFi, and a 40 or 60 GB harddrive. With all of the excitement and stores shipments getting cut, and cut again only a handful of people would be getting thesystem on launch day. For this reason the die-hard Sony fans and people looking to make money selling the system on e-bay headed totheir local stores to camp out and be the first in line to get the system.

Buffalo RUF2-S Series 4 GB USB Flash Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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The ability to store large amounts of data on an ultra portable device is something that anyone could find useful. Astechnology improves, memory becomes smaller and faster, providing the user access to quickly store large files. The Buffalo RUF2-SSeries 4 GB flash drive does just that. With 4 GB of storage space, the Buffalo flash drive can hold a plethora of data with someroom to spare. Also, this flash drive is among one of the fastest drives we have tested at ThinkComputers. So read on to find outhow well it performs.

Suncore MP3 FM Modulator @ atruereview.com
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It is simply amazing how USB flash drives have become such animportant part of our daily computing lives. While the actual devicesthemselves are a simple concept (a flash drive with a built in USB plug),there are so many things we can do with them. We of course use them tostore data that we then access on practically any computer. We can also usethem to revive the nostalgic practice of sneaker-net transferring databetween computers with the flash drive instead of over an actual network.Well, now there seems to be one more thing we can do with a USB flashdrive:store music on it so we can listen to it in our cars. In thisreview, I will be taking a look at a very simple device that will allow usto do just that. This device is the Suncore MP3 FM Modulator.

content-type; @ reviewdesk.com
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Dynex is a small company, owned by Best Buy, that makes products to sell inBest Buy stores. As far as I know, you can't get Dynex products anywhereelse (except maybe eBay) and they're usually entry-level in whatever theymake. I bought this Dynex All in 1 Memory Card Reader for one reason, andone reason only:because it's cheap.

Sapphire Radeon X1300 XT OC Edition @ techpowerup.com
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The new ATI Radeon X1300 XT is based on the RV530 GPU core which is used on the X1600 series. That alone should bring quite a nice performance boost. On top of that Sapphire has added GDDR3 memory and a healthy clock increase. There is no need to run an overclocking software on your system, the increased clocks are stored in the BIOS. In our testing we saw a huge performance difference to the X1300 and almost no difference to the X1600 series.

A-DATA FP1 Biometric Thumb Drive - Fingerprint Data Security @ tweaktown.com
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Thumb drives come and thumb drives go. They have become a part of our normal daily routine for many, so having one in a pocket, briefcase or purse is quite common. If you spend just a minute or two searching, you will also come up with almost as many manufacturers with their own thumb drive that they want to sell you. But what if the data you store on that drive is important; or special; or even, shall I say it, secret?

C.O.D. is giving away a bunch of free STUFF! @ forums.computingondemand.com
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It is that time again when we at C.O.D. will give some free stuff.What do we have in store this month? THIS IS AN NOW AN OFFICIAL PRIZEPOSTING. The drawing date IS NOW NOVEMBER 21, 2006

BUSlink 400GB External Firewire & USB 2.0 Hard Drive @ thinkcomputers.org
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External hard drives are always a good thing to have. If your main drive dies it is always good to have a backup or a placeto store your important files. Also external drives are good for transferring very large files from one computer to another. Todaywe are taking a look at the BUSlink 400GB External Hard Drive (CO-400-U2FE), which features both Firewire and USB 2.0 connections.You can pickup the BUSlink 400GB External Firewire & USB 2.0 drive from Geeks.com for $185, which ends up being around 46 cents perGB! Let's take a look and see if it holds up to our storage needs.

Royal 8.0" LCD Digital Picture Frame @ gideontech.com
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Digital pictures are just about everywhere. They are easier to manipulate and process than conventional film and at a much lower price. However, with so many options to take pictures and store them, displaying them may be the last thing on your mind. Let's try and solve that problem with a plug-n-play digital picture frame.

Tell your Boss where to Stick it with Verbatim's Store'n'Go 2GB USB U3 Drive @ ocmodshop.com
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If you're not concerned about your boss snooping on you, then you should

Internet Multimedia Super-Slim Keyboard @ thinkcomputers.org
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Having an extra keyboard is always a good thing to have, especially if you go to a lot of LAN parties. If your keyboardcraps out then you are out of luck if all the stores around are closed. Of course you do not want to lug a full size keyboard aroundjust

Nvidia to release an AGP version of GeForce 7300GT @ ngohq.com
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According to sources the GeForce 7300GT AGP will be using the HSI AGP Bridge like the 7600GS and 7800GS. However, Since Nvidia has already added support for this card in ForceWare 91.48, and there are already a few stores in Asia that are selling this card already; we can assume that the official release is very close.

Alienware Aurora 7500 System @ pcper.com
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We'll also look over the user experience of getting the system andactually USING it. This means that everything from the box to theaccessories included will be judged against competing offerings. Does themouse and keyboard included complement the system or stick out like a sorethumb? Does the restore software actually work and how easy is it to use?These are some questions that DIY builders don't ask but users looking topurchase a dream machine will definitely want to know.

Verbatim Store'n'Go 4GB USB HDD makes apps portable! @ ocmodshop.com
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It's hard to imaging a portable device today without some sort of flash

Enermax Glory External HD Enclosure @ gideontech.com
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We have a new external USB 2.0 hard disk drive enclosure from Enermax called the Glory. With prices on PATA hard drives dropping in price on a daily basis, there is no better time to set up an external drive. Whether it be to store backups of your important data or to just have extra room to store your MP3s, it's a very cost effective solution to gaining more storage.

Safe Data Storage @ hddsaver.com
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While redundant and secure storage are mainly the territories of IT departments and businesses, home and SOHO users are entitled to safe storage as well. There are a number of different ways that the home user or small business can safely store their information with having to hire a specialist or break the bank. This article is going to go over a few of those methods so as to help you choose which method is the right one for you. The first thing a users must do is to realize what information of theirs is important and needs to be backed up. While the average users and business both have lots of data, not all of it needs to be stored in duplicate.

Acronis True Image Backup Software @ atruereview.com
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I harp on having backups on this site and with good reason. I havehad my own system just recently go down do to a corrupted driver. I alsowatched a co-workers system go down this week and all her work that was notbacked up to a network drive. Computer failures are a way of life, whetherthey are hardware or software. That is why there are tons of backupsolutions in the market place. Most decent backup software allows for filesto be backed up and recovered. Recovery is the biggest key for the questionis if a backup solution allows all the files to be recovered, and what isthe process. This is why today I am reviewing a backup software packagefrom Acronis, Acronis True Image Home. Acronis is known for their baremetal restore backup software, let's see how well it performs.

Water block cleaning @ hardware.gamershell.com
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Ever needed to clean a used water block? If one wants to change their wa ter color, restore their water block, or clean their block up to sell it then this guide might be of some interest to you. There are a few methods , but the following is a cheap method that has worked for me.

OCZ Mini-Kart USB Flash Drive @ xyzcomputing.com
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Progress in today's storage industry is largely about three things:faster , cheaper, and smaller. In each new product generation people are lookin g for items which are either faster, cheaper, and/or smaller than the prod ucts which are currently available. This can clearly be seen in the push for smaller hard drives, higher rotational speeds, and the rapid drop in the price-per-gigabyte of drives. The progress of one of these three fac tors often overshadows the other two; after all, releasing a product which is faster, smaller, and cheaper would be no easy task. This review will be taking a look at OCZ's Mini-Kart USB 2.0 flash drive, a product whic h does not focus on speed or price, but is smaller than almost anything to come before it. This tiny USB flash drive is just a bit larger than a q uarter (43mm x 19mm x 2.8mm) but stores up to 2 GB of data.

1GB Verbatim Store'n'Go U3 Smart Drive @ hwzone.co.il
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There are many people that spend most of their days working in front ofseveral computers - at home, at work, at school, basically everywhere theygo. Without a laptop, these people are forced to migrate between each of thecomputers they work on during the day, and start wandering about in eachsystem, wasting time. Now, imagine if you will, a world where each and everycomputer that you work on, has your favorite software, your desktop, yourdocuments and even your web bookmarks will be already installed, justwaiting for you to use it. Sounds nice, doesn't it?This utopic vision is exactly what the U3 Smart Drive is trying to deliver.At the end of September 2005, a number of mobile flash memories (Disk-On-Keyas it's normally referred to) manufactures, lead by M-System (Israel) andSanDisk, have launched the U3 platform. The U3 devices appear exactly as anyother flash storage device, but besides their capacity to store files, theyare integrated by a mini OS which enables you to install specificapplications directly on your USB drive, thus turning it into sort of areplica of your familiar desktop computer.

Sennheiser HD435 Headphone @ reviews.digitaltrends.com
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When trying to pick a good set of headphones, the common response for anyone seeking advice is, =93It's all subjective. Listen before you buy!=94 That's fine if you live in the Gumdrop Kingdom, but back in reality, your options are to either audition a half-dozen overused, half-functional display units or play the =93satisfaction guaranteed=94 exchange game with the few remaining on-line stores that allow simple returns. In order to maximize the chance that you are getting a set of cans best suited to your listening patterns, you read reviews like this one. We will look at all the most important variables:comfort, build quality, price, general sound quality, unique sound features, and best performing music categories.

Connect3D Radeon X1800 GTO 256MB Video Card @ bonafidereviews.com
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Today we have Connect3D's new X1800GTO video card in the BFR labs. The X1800GTO, the latest addition to the X1800 family, was launched back in March but only became available to buy in stores just last month. The GTO label is used to identify a card as a budget graphic solution. In the case of this card the X1800GTO is quite similiar to the higher-end X1800XL with the only difference being the number of pixel pipelines. The X1800GTO features 12 pipes while the XL and XT versions have a full 16.

Linux File System Inodes @ osweekly.com
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Inode stores basic information about a regular file, directory,or other file system object. The inode number is a unique integerassigned to the device upon which it is stored. All files are hard linksto inodes. Whenever a program refers to a file by name, the systemconceptually uses the filename to search for the corresponding inode.Many computer programs often give i-node numbers to designate a file.

[Designtechnica News] PC Club Empower Media Center Xpress EN-MX1 PC @ reviews.designtechnica.com
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PC Club is known for their brick and mortar stores rather than having a large online presence, but that could be changing. With more than 40 stores in 5 Western States, you might have seen one while you were out and about. Their website has an extensive catalog list including complete desktop PC's. Their new Empower Xpress EN-MX1 Media Center PC has made its way into our labs and we get a chance to see what a $900 custom built PC gets you versus your typical large chain store system or online etailer like Dell.

Perpendicular Hard Disk Drives Article @ btxformfactor.com
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Hard Disk Drives store all our most valuable data, our contacts, email, family photos and the like, but increasingly space is getting cramped in drives... Perpendicular Hard Disk Drives aim to stem the theoretical limit of disk capacity, and this article aims to explain how and why.

How To Save Videotape Memories @ digitalgrabber.com
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The problem is consumer VHS tape isn't be best format to use for long-termstorage. Every time you play one of those tapes you wear away part of theimage, you scratch the video, you destroy small portions of the memories. Ifyou haven't played those family celebration tapes for years you may even bein for a rude awakening. The magnetic film may have aged and the images havedisappeared. The coating may mysteriously peel away or flake off when thetape is played. The memory images are suddenly.simply memories. Signs ofvideo quality degradation can become apparent after five years and evensooner if the tapes aren't stored properly.

Sierra Wireless Voq Professional Smartphone @ atruereview.com
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One gem I happened to come across on the Internet is the VoqProfessional Smartphone from Sierra Wireless. At its prime (late 2004), theVoq smartphone had a cost about the same as any other Windows poweredsmartphone (~$500). However, it never got picked up by a service carrierand eventually was discontinued by Sierra Wireless. Though there are a lotof cons about being discontinued (such as extremely limited support andavailability), one good piece of news is that the Voq smartphone isavailable for less than $150 from the few stores that still carry it. Thisheavy discount makes Voq one of the best values for a smartphone,especially without service plan. While the price may be right, just whatdoes Sierra Wireless' Voq Smartphone offer?

WD SecureConnect Serial ATA Cable @ legitreviews.com
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The Western Digital SecureConnect Serial ATA Cable strengthens the drive-to-cable connection preventing the connection to break off causing the inability to access the data stored on the hard drive. Legit Reviews tested the SecureConnect cable on the WD Raptor, RaptorX and the WD Caviar SE Serial ATA drives and found that the cable worked great on all of the series...

Thermaltake Tai-Chi M Laptop Cooler @ techniz.co.uk
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The Tai-Chi M laptop cooler from Thermaltake was great in looking andalso the cooling performance. The entire laptop cooler is fully made ofaluminum with the dual silent 70mm cooling fan, it was able to provide thebest cooling performance for the laptop. With the unique foldable design,it will easy to keep while not using it. It also builds in a retractablestationery tray to store the name cards and pen. As for the operationnoise, it was very silent as well....

Thermaltake Tai-Chi M Laptop Cooler @ techniz.co.uk
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The Tai-Chi M laptop cooler from Thermaltake was great in looking andalso the cooling performance. The entire laptop cooler is fully made ofaluminum with the dual silent 70mm cooling fan, it was able to provide thebest cooling performance for the laptop. With the unique foldable design,it will easy to keep while not using it. It also builds in a retractablestationery tray to store the name cards and pen. As for the operationnoise, it was very silent as well....

When and Why to Use an External Hard Drive @ hddsaver.com
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When you need to back up or store data there are many options on where to put it. The back up can be placed on your local system, on a network-att ached storage (NAS) device, on a remote system/file server on the network, a remote storage service, tape, optical disks, and or a number of other p laces. The method which has gained favor with consumers though, is the e xternal hard drive. While these work well, they are not the best solutio n under all circumstances...

XKROMA ATX Chrome Case @ thinkcomputers.org
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Geeks.com is always a good place to find things that you would not normally see on other online computer stores. They alwayshave cool products from little known companies. Today we will be looking at a case that I have never seen, or even heard of. It'scalled the XKROMA; it looks great, but can it stand up to all the other brand names out there? Let's find out.

How To Use MD5 @ hddsaver.com
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An important part of data recovery is knowing that the data which is store d is correct. This process is generally easier said than done, after all , how can you tell that data is complete and accurate=3F As important as t his is, this is not something you would think can be easily accomplished w ithout lots of time or some very fancy equipment. Using a MD5 checksum y ou can do exactly that- verify the integrity of your data.

Recovering Data from Flash Memory @ hddsaver.com
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The amount and importance of data which is stored on flash memory increase s every day. With the price-per-gigabyte dropping it USB flash drives as well as memory cards (CF, SD, xD, etc.) have become a great way to stor e and transport large amounts of data. With an increased reliance on fla sh storage, the recovery of data from flash drives has become an important topic as well.

SilverStone SG01 @ overclockersonline.com
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In our latest review, we get a chance to sample the only chassis inSilverStone's new SUGO series. This soon to be expanding family will carrythe small form factor enclosures without being bundled with a motherboard.This allows you to purchase the motherboard you want to put inside. So,let's see what the SUGO SG01 has in store for us!

Xitel HiFi-Link for iPod @ atruereview.com
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There is no denying the fact that the Apple iPod has become theiconic symbol for personal music and multi-media enjoyment. With massivestorage capacities, the iPod is literally able to store and playback all ofour music, pictures, and now video. As great as it is for personal use,with all the iPod can do, it could also work quite well as a componentmedia device (i.e. a device that hooks to your home stereo or theatersystem). The use of the iPod as such a device may not be as obvious to mostusers, given the exclusion of the necessary cables from the iPod's originalpackaging. Instead, Apple offers an AV cable for the new iPods as aseparate accessory.

Spire DigiPanel II @ overclockersonline.com
[Dec-15-05] (0 Comments)

Aesthetically, the panel is very pleasing to the eye and willcompliment the look of any case, regardless of color. The shiny aluminum andthe large knob, paired with a large blue-backlit LCD panel, are veryfuturistic. Some features I would have enjoyed if Spire had included themwith the DigiPanel II are the ability to store different configurations andthe ability to turn fans off completely.

Samsung SPP-2040 Photo Printer @ overclockersonline.com
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Printing at home does have its advantages over printing from a lab,but those advantages come with a cost, the SPP-2040 itself retails foraround 200 Canadian Dollars, while less than other printers on the marketit's not exactly budget friendly - and even more so when the consumables areadded. In comparison to lab prints, the SPP-2040 put up quite a fight;easily crushing Kinkos, but slightly behind Blacks. Ever since the existenceof photo printers, it was widely known that printing from home would costsignificantly more per print than printing from a store, but for some theconvenience is well worth the cost. Like the printer, the included softwarewas packed with features, had a clean layout, easy to install and was veryeasy to use.

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250 GB Hard Drive @ xyzcomputing.com
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Despite the fact that advances in storage techology are rarely as excitin g as those in other fields of electronics, hard drive manufacturers have b e able to produce steady and even impressive gains in recent months. The dominance of SATA, increasing cache sizes, increasing capacities, and dro pping prices have kept consumers watching the hard drive industry. The r esults of these changes have been very positive and have put the hard driv e market on a firm footing for future advancement... This review goi ng to be taking a look at the Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD2500KS 250 GB hard drive. The name is a mouthful and it does not reveal much at this d rive, but the product does have some great features in store for users. In addition to a 300 MB/sec transfer rate the drive has a 16 MB cache, bot h of which should make it one of the best performing 7200 RPM drives on th e market. WD categorizes this drive in the

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Toshiba have sent us their latest, and fastest DVD ±R/RW drive - the SD-R5472 6x burn speed dual layer drive. Supporting a whole range of DVD and CD types, it has the ability to store upto 8.5gb on a single disk, and it's very fast read and write speeds, at first glances this looks like the ultimate drive. But is it? We find out!

"Holiday Wishlist 2006" @ xyzcomputing.com
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Well, it is that time of the year again. With Halloween done and over w ith its time for Thanksgiving and, before you know it, the holiday season. Every company realizes this and has made sure the stores are packed with cool new gadgets, gifts, and gizmos. This guide is going to go over a fe w of the items which appear of the wishlists of a few of the XYZ Computing staff members. Nothing too formal, but you can get an idea of some of t he cool products to keep an eye out for this season.

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The 6800 GS while not quite as impressive a leap as we have seen past christmas seasons, is still an amazing product and should be a top contender for a spot in most users mainstream PC's. While the card is still a solid deal at $249, Nvidia would have been much wiser to release the card at a $199 MSRP. Already some places are selling the card for this cheap, and most stores have the lowest price versions running for $210. While being able to buy the card at that price has no reflection on the MSRP, having a price that's $50 less quoted across the web is only better press. While we can't now say that for the fourth year in a row Nvidia has brought the high end performance of a year before to the $199 price point, we can say they came close.The card is very powerful for the money involved, and is essentially giving buyers a behemoth of a card for a low price. It's overclocking ability is fantastic, and while the board isn't everything it could have been, for what it is, and how much it costs currently on the market, it is a truly stellar deal. Anyone who is moving to an inexpensive PCI-E based system, or needs an upgrade for last years 6600 GT, should not hesitate for a moment to buy this card, as it is nearly, just nearly a steal.

Titan TTC-K8ATB/825/SC Athlon64 Heatsink @ frostytech.com
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The Titan TTC-K8ATB/825/SC is a ultra-budget AMD Athlon64 K8 heatsink. It is most likely to find its way into unknowing PCs by way of thrifty stores, and really doesn't offer much to get excited about. The Titan TTC-K8ATB/825/SC comes with a fan speed controller used to wrangle in the 63 dBA, 3800RPM fan. The fan speed controller is not mandatory, which is a good thing considering how the Titan TTC-K8ATB/825/SC performs thermally even with its fan spinning at full tilt.

Vantec AVOX|Jukebox ed @ hi-techreviews.com
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Image a device that would allow you to watch original and ripped DVDs, playlong play lists of MP3 files, and store your family pictures on it and beable to view all of these things on a Television without the aid of acomputer. With Vantec's new AVOX|Jukebox you can do all of the things Ijust mentioned with a box that is smaller than a VCR tape and costs slightlymore than $100.00. All you need to do is add a notebook hard drive and youare in business and ready to use the slickest audiovisual device we haveever tested.

"The Convergence of Monitors and Televisions" @ xyzcomputing.com
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Now, more than a few months into the time of LCD dominance in the compute r market, flat panel televisions are becoming more accessible to consumers than ever before. Just as LCD computer monitors made rapid inroads into the market in the late 90s, the shift it starting to be made in televisio ns as well. This situation is no surprise though, for a few years now co nsumers have seen prohibitively expensive flat panel televisions in stores , bars, and in the homes celebrities and wanted to have their own. The p icture quality and dimensions of flat screen televisions have landed them on almost every consumer's wish list. With computers and televisions usi ng flat panel technology (normally LCD, but plasma as well), it is becomin g clear that the two products are on a collision course. The growing sim ilarities between LCD televisions and displays coupled with the increasing interactivity between computers and the home theater has made this practi cally an inevitability.

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Cameras @ hardwaresecrets.com
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Everything you need to know before buying a digital camera:what is megapixel, how many photos you can store in a memory card and what the most common terms mean.

X-Micro Mini DisGo 20GB HDD @ tech-mods.net
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.Now a days carrying around your wanted files has become easier and easier, with portable storage devices ranging in various sizes. Today we take a look at a portable hard drive that can store up to 20GB of your favorite files with the X-Micro Mini DisGo

Samsung SPP-2040 Photo Printer @ xyzcomputing.com
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Printing at home presents few problems though- there is the inevitable co mpromise between expensive equipment and poor print quality. Your standa rd department store inkjet printer will have no problem doing the job, but the image quality will just not be there, relative to professional printi ng. Plus images use a lot of ink and good paper is expensive, so at the end of the day not much money is actually saved by printing at home. Dig ital photography brought along with it a stream of small, cool-looking pho to printers. This review is going to be taking a look at one of the newe st offerings, the Samsung SPP-2040 Photo Printer. This tiny device is de sign to give users high-quality 4x6 prints directly from your memory card, camera, or computer. Its portability means pictures can be printed wher e ever you want, even right where the shots are taken.

Bigbruin.com :Razer Copperhead 2000 DPI Laser Mouse @ bigbruin.com
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Razer has packed a lot of features into a mouse with great looks. From the on the fly DPI switching, to the onboard memory that stores user' s profiles right in the mouse, to the drivers that allow for extreme fine t uning of the mouse for a user's personal preferences, you would be hard pre ssed to find a mouse that offers more to the hard core gamer.

s @ tech-mods.net
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Checking out my favorite computer store, the average price of a PSU is $107. And of those, many lack the features you'll find with the SuperFlower Plug-N-Power unit. With an expected price tag in the low mid-range, we'll see if this is indeed a wise choice.

RoadWired Podzilla SLR Camera Bag @ xyzcomputing.com
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Having recently become the proud owner of a digital SLR camera, I quickly realized firsthand why products like the Roadwired Podzilla exist. Digit al cameras are fragile things, and SLR types are even more sensitive to sh ock, vibration, dirt, dust, water, acid, radioactivity, and what have you. Now, I'm not quite sure that the Podzilla will protect your SLR from al l of the above, but it certainly seems to do the job for most. The bag i tself has a few basic functions. Most importantly, the large main compar tment is designed to secure and protect an SLR camera with a fairly large lens. While you can't store a tremendous zoom lens in here, the 8=94 o f headroom is plenty even for a larger lens such as my Canon EF-S 17-85mm.

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The SimpleTech Portable Drives will provide the needs for home and evenoffice users. It was specially design for portability, performance andreliability for storage and even backup purposes. The SimpleTech's highspeed and high capacity drives are ideal for any storage need, includingdigital music, movies and photographs. Every SimpleTech External HardDrive comes with StorageSync software that consists of a lot of functionssuch as automatic backup, restore, data synchronization and lots more.

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Toshiba have sent us their latest, and fastest DVD ±R/RW drive - the SD-R5472 6x burn speed dual layer drive. Supporting a whole range of DVD and CD types, it has the ability to store upto 8.5gb on a single disk, and it's very fast read and write speeds, at first glances this looks like the ultimate drive. But is it? We find out!

New content @ techneek.co.uk
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Toshiba have sent us their latest, and fastest DVD ±R/RW drive - the SD-R5472 6x burn speed dual layer drive. Supporting a whole range of DVD and CD types, it has the ability to store upto 8.5gb on a single disk, and it's very fast read and write speeds, at first glances this looks like the ultimate drive. But is it? We find out!

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With the growth of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus) devices available at an affordable price, it has become easy and economical to share, store, copy or transfer data. Today we are going to take a look at the Corsair Flash Voyager 1 GB 2.0 USB Flash Memory Drive.

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For those of you that like to sip down your favorite beverage whileat the computer, finding a place to set it down might be rough. If yourdesk is cluttered, you might put it in some awkward place. Next thing youknow, it has spilt all over your desk, and maybe onto your computer case.That is why Geeks sells a device for your computer that attempts to solvethis problem. The computer cup holder will store a beverage on your case.As an added bonus for you smokers out there, it comes with a cigarettelighter.

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ECS has a few things they can improve, but their product is nearlyperfect for the price. I think it's time for us to throw away our notion ofECS being a generic motherboard manufacturer and start treating them as anup-and-coming force in the enthusiast market. So if you're one of thosepeople who like waiting for cheaper products further down the line or justplain indecisive, you should take a look to see what ECS has in store. It'shard to be disappointed judging from what I've seen.

HEXUS.interview:Tony Riccardi, Mesh General Manager @ hexus.net
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What are your thoughts following the announced closure of all 78 Time stores and the laying off of staff at the company?

MSI Radeon RX850XT-TD256E Videocard @ pcstats.com
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PCSTATS is testing the MSI RX850XT-TD256E videocard, which does not feature CrossFire. Based on the Radeon X850 XT, this PCI Express card is backed by 256MB of GDDR3 memory and supports VIVO, TV/S-Video output and component output. The ATi X850 series of GPUs are the current 3D performance leaders and the XT is the second fastest available GPU in the line. As usual for MSI Computer, the software package is among the best on the market and includes full versions of XIII, Uru and Splinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow. Other software includes FarStone's VirtualDrive and RestoreIT! software as well as CyberLink's DVD Solution software.

ZVOX 315 Sound Console @ moditory.com
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Speakers can run you all amounts of cash. From as little as $20,well into the thousands. The goal is to get the best sounding, hardesthitting system for the least amount of money possible. Isn't that truewith everything though? Anyways, ZVOX has created the 315 Sound Console; a2.1 box that aims to fill the room you're in with sound, creating theillusion of surround sound. It can also connect to any audio source with aheadphone jack or RCA plugs, promotes ease-of-use/setup, and while itmight be more expensive than most 2.1 systems if it can achieve surroundsound from our MP3 players and TV, as well as with the PC, this DVD-playerwidth box might have conventional pre-5.1 sets beat. See what the 315 hasin store for your ears in this review.

Choosing a Keyboard @ xyzcomputing.com
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Too many computer users spend an insufficient amount of time picking their input devices. As opposed to treating this choice like that of any other computer component, which research and testing, many users decide to complacently type upon whatever they have lying around. Whether this means using the keyboard that came with your 486 or buying one at your local budget department store people need to reflect on the amount of influence that a keyboard or mouse has on your interaction with your computer relative to some of the items which they use much less frequently but are willing to spend more money on, like a sound card or DVD burner.

Logitech Z-3 Speakers Review @ techneek.co.uk
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So we come onto the Z-3s. Another speaker set from Logitechs Z- range of speakers that first came out not so long ago. The Z range of speakers were one of the few that started to help bring quality sound to computers. The Z range are still very popular with many, as you can tell by just looking at the Speaker department of any pc store. Logitech are still churning these out, and people are buying. Why? Because they have a good reputation of being good, but we must now start talking about the Z-3s and see if they keep in line with this reputation.

Obsolete Is A Dirty Word (Intel Pentium 64 Bit Microchip) @ bigbruin.com
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Get ready everyone, home computers are about to set new LAN speed records! The Intel 64-bit microchip will soon be powering the new line of Pentium 4 computers. This long awaited sizzling fast release will be heading to store shelves across America just in time for the new blazing fast Windows 64-bit operating system. Youll get the 64-bit Pentium microchip, the 64-bit operating system, and thats not all, if you spend all your money, youll also get all the new 64-bit stellar fast software programs that will leave current versions coughing in the rooster tail of their 64-bit micro-dust.

Sapphire Inteview @ tbreak.com
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We recently sat down with Daniel Foster, the PR & Marketing Manager for the EMEA region for Sapphire and had an interesting chat about their current lineup and whats in store.

The Inkjet Printer Shell Game @ The Tech Zone
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To find the answer to low printer prices, you only need to walk by the ink cartridge isle and look up how much it will cost you when it comes time to refill that ultra inexpensive inkjet printer. Have you ever wonder why consumer electronics stores don't keep the inkjet printer and the inkjet cartridge refills in the same isles? Because they don't want you to see that it's going to cost just as much (or maybe more) to refill the printer as it does to buy the inkjet printer itself!

Gizmondo Anyone? @ HEXUS.net
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A quick ping around the industry gives us a serious concern about the number of units which has actually hit the press - but more of a worry is the number of units which shipped to their flagship store on Regents Street, London. Time will tell.

Samsung SyncMaster 920T LCD @ ipKonfig.com
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Samsung's latest LCD monitor brings a bit more to the table with its thousand-to-one contrast ratio, and as always, its ease of use. Samsung's LCD monitors are seen more on the net and on shelves of our popular computer stores everywhere. They always sport quality and appearance like no other, and always have a beautiful picture.

The SynMaster 920T comes equipped with Samsung's famous MagicTune , and Magic Bright technology. This technology gives a higher edge to its monitors by providing ease of use with high accuracy color.

Preventing Laptop Computer Theft @ The Tech Zone
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While technology has made laptops smaller, easier to store and transport, it has also made them easier to conceal and steal. Its the convenience that has made the laptop computer so popular and the information vehicle of choice for business people throughout the world.

The computer itself is a valuable asset and one that should be protected, but it can be replaced, however, the information stored on it in many cases is not replaceable and of greater value to competitors if compromised. A thief can get a few thousand dollars for a top of the line laptop, but he can get a whole lot more for a companys marketing plans.

AMD Turion 64 notebook - 10 Designs Already! @ amdboard.com
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AMD Turion 64 is surely one of the hottest CeBIT 2005 product. Dubbed as the Centrino killer, the Turion 64 potential looks very good and AMD already announces more than 20 OEM and ODM willing to sport the firm latest mobile processor. Today, AMDboard.com is releasing its AMD Turion 64 notebook Special where all the known designs are now stored. Coming from ACER, ARIMA, ASUS, MITAC, MSI and UNIWILL, this special has already gathered 10 ODM designs ranging from 12.1 to 15.4 TFT, and sporting various chipsets like ATI RS480M, VIA K8N800, SIS756 and graphic chips like ATI X300 mobility, ATI X600 mobility, ATI X700 mobility or SIS760M (chipset with integrated graphics). This is undoubtedly the most extensive list of AMD Turion 64 notebooks available so far and its all at:

Mini Hard Drive Mini Roundup - Transcend StoreJet vs Kanguru Quicksilver @ bigbruin.com
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In this review, a few different portable hard drives were rounded up to be compared head to head... a Transcend StoreJet 1.8 (TS20GSJ18), a Kanguru Quicksilver (U2-HD2-20) and a ME-910 enclosure with a Fujitsu laptop drive. All three drives boast a 20GB capacity, and incorporate slightly different features and specifications into somewhat similar products.

Memorex TravelDrive USB Flash Drive @ atruereview.com
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Just about everyone has a flash drive, and why not. With something the size
of your thumb, you can store lots of data like mp3s, documents, pictures,
etc... What makes a good thumb drive these days? The first answer is
storage, but what about size and speed. Most flash drives these day are USB
2.0 compatible; therefore, they should be about the same speed. This sounds
sound, but is it true. Memorex advertises their flash drive as being fast,
but is it truly faster than other USB 2.0 flash drives. Thanks to Geeks,
formerly Computer Geeks, we will find out.

Soltek K8T890 Performance Preview @ t-break
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VIA had their K8T890 chipset announced for the Athlon64 platform quite some time
back. If we remember right, it was announced before nVidias nForce4 as the first
PCI Express solution for the AMD platform. However, boards based on this chipset are yet to make an appearance on store shelves. Today, we have recieved the first
motherboard based on the K8T890 chipset and its an Engineering sample from Soltek
modelled the K8T890.

X-Micro USB 2.0 Flash Stick @ Rbmods
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These memory sticks or flash sticks as they are also called have gotten very popular and slowly taken over the work floppy disks used to have. What is so good with these is that you can store up to a few gigabytes on them and just connect them to the computer and run them (drivers needed for win98) at USB2 speeds. They don't cost very much anymore and they don't take up any space. We received a sample of X-micros new USB stick so lets check this 512mb out.

Penetration Testing Using Social Engineering: Sorry We're Closed! @ Lineman.net
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About a month ago I had an idea for a new 'job' that I wanted to take for a test drive. I talked with my District Loss Prevention Supervisor and I told him that I wanted to do another penetration test on one of his stores. Being in a new district, I didn't realize that he wasn't over the type of store that I wanted to play with. So he put in a call to a DLPS friend of his and he gave me permission to have fun in his district. I told Bill which night I wanted to do this and he told "Hank" to meet us at that store the morning after I was going to visit...

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Aspire Chameleon 550w PSU Review @ overclockercafe.com
Enermax EG495AX-EV @ cluboc.net
BigBruin.Com Article: Power and Your PC
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Sunbeam Mini Baybus @ A True Review

Thermaltake Purepower 680 Watt ATX Computer Power Supply Review @ Tweaknews
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It's a rare product indeed that I can't find some fault with. The Thermaltake PurePower 680W is one of those products. Stability, power, features, finish and quality are all first rate. Hell, I'm even using the box it came in, with its nifty plastic carry handle, to store spares. I've always considered the PSU to be the most important part of a system, feeding and protecting all the other components. With a retail price of around $170 US, it's not the cheapest PSU out there, but it's not the most expensive either and factoring in what you get for your money, it's a good value.

Network Cable Tester with RJ-45 Crimping Tool Review @ Extension Tech
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Ever look at the price of network cables in your local retail store? What is that? A 6 foot cable for 10 bucks? And how many of you paid that? Ok, I'm not out to knock the person that needs one network cable, but what if you wanted to dabble in making cables for much cheaper than what you would pay retail? Well, you'll need a few things; cable, ends, a crimper, and possibly a tester. I'll be focusing on the crimper and tester of course. If that sounds remotely interesting, you can get the crimper and tester for really cheap. How about around $13 USD? Continue on please...

DIY Heatcore: Inexpensive & Great Performance @ ocmodshop.com
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One such viable alterative that is readily available and easily modified is a heatercore. While there are many different models that can be modified to work in a watercooling system, one that has gained quite a following is the Chevrolet Chevette heatercore. More specifically, the heatercore for the 1986 Chevette, Fedco part number 2-161 or GDI part number 399069, which is approximately 6-1/8" x 6-3/8" x 2". The factory tubes are 3/4" and 5/8" which require some modification to work with 1/2" ID tubing used in a watercooling system but this modification is not that complicated and well worth it considering that most auto parts stores have this heatercore for around $22. Additionally, the tools needed for the modifications are fairly expensive and they are likely ones that most already have on hand.

Skaterboy's Prize Giveaway!!! @ Aftermath
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Wacom Tablet & 50$ cash
* Think of an original company name for an online skatboard store or.....
* Design a logo for the company or.....
* Do Both!!!!!
The company logo shold be vector but if not no worries and if you cant
manage to make a logo but you can come up with a name then just do one and
if i choose 2 winners each will get a tablet.

Yamada Beatbox MP3 Player @ pcreview.co.uk
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The Yamada Beatbox is not along the same lines as the iPod MP3 players (and clones), as the capacity is a much smaller 512 Megs - which can store around 8 hours of music. Firstly, this unit is about 60% the size of a standard iPod and 75% than the iPod mini. Secondly, this unit features an inverted LCD colour backlight which can display many different colours of text during playback.

Uniquely, the Beatbox has two speakers build into the unit. Although the speakers are only around 12mm in diameter, they are surprising quality. Of course, with such small speakers the bass and sound fidelity will clearly lack - but it is on a par with a small FM radio. Sound quality distorts a little at high volumes, but is optimal at around 2/3 max volume - ideal sound levels to listen to without headphones at a desk.

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Sunbeam Chameleon Light Controller @ 3dvelocity.com
Vantec EZ Swap 2 Removable Hard Drive Rack @ hi-techreviews.com
DFI LAN Party Pro875B Motherboard Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
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EverCool Ice Man AMD & Intel air cooled heatsink review. @ a1-electronics.net
Foxconn 755FXK8AA-8EKRS Review @ cluboc.net
Samsung Syncmaster 172X Display review @ pyroport.com

MSI DR16-B Dual-Layer DVD Burner Review @ pcstats.com
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Conventional recordable DVD media stores data on a single 4.7GB plane (level) of the disc. On dual-layer DVD media, there are two recordable 'layers' which can both store up to 8.5GB of data. Today we're looking at MSI's new DR16-B dual-layer DVD burner. The DR16-B is capable of burning DVD+/-R media at a blistering 16x, DVD+/-RW at 4x and most importantly, dual-layer DVD media at 2.4x. Of course you can still burn conventional CD recordable media and the MSI DR16-B flies along at 40x for CD-R, and 24x for CD-RW.

Various News Items
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SilverStone Temjin SST-TJ06 Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
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Logisys SP6002CL - 2.1 + 1 Multimedia Speaker System @ Hi-Techreviews.com
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Multimedia speaker system are a dime a dozen these days, every electronic store you visit whether it be a brick and mortar store or a click and order store has a 2.1 multimedia speaker ranging in price from $15.00 all the way up $150.00 they will be happy to sell you. So when I was offered the chance to review Logisys SP6002CL - 2.1 + 1 Multimedia Speaker System I was not expecting a lot, I just thought this was another company getting into the speaker business, cluttering up the market making it harder for people to find a good set of speakers. Surprisingly after the review was over my opinion had completely changed about these speakers and they had become and item I would actually recommend.

Using Flash SSD In a Blade Server @ The Tech Zone
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Flash SSDs are high-performance, rugged plug-and-play storage devices that contain no moving parts. Using flash memory chips for storage, these devices are available in the same industry-standard form factors (2.5-inch, 3.5-inch and PMC) and interfaces (Fibre Channel, SCSI, ATA/IDE) as hard disk drives, but instead use flash memory chips in lieu of rotational magnetic disks to store data. This article seeks to explain and illustrate how flash SSDs stack up against other storage devices in blade server applications.

Altec Lansing AHS-602 Headset Review @ The Tech Zone
[Nov-11-04] (0 Comments)

SRS Headphone technology is an audio enhancement technology that provides a realistic and spacious listening experience through standard headphones. Based on the same psychoacoustic research as the patented, Sound Retrieval System (SRS) and further refined for use with headphones. This technology uses the spatial information from recordings to restore the original three-dimensional sound field. This process repositions the sound from inside the listeners head to outside the listeners ears, creating a more natural listening experience without relying on special recording techniques or manipulation of the audio signal.

How to Manage Your Username and Password The Easy and Secure Way @ The Tech Zone
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Having been an Internet user for more than 9 years, I have 100's of logins and passwords to keep. I'm paranoid. I'm now even more paranoid after I joined YMMSS because I use online payment systems on weekly basis if not daily.

I used to use Microsoft Excel to manage my usernames, passwords, and other registration information, both online and offline. Excel is not safe because there are programs to crack password protected Excel workbooks and I even cracked the spreadsheet and VBA source code password for one of my old Excel financial models I developed. Today I still use Excel to store some personal information but I only save the Excel file on my another PC that is not connected to Internet.

Dazzle Universal TV Photo Show @ A True Review
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Digital cameras have taken over the photography market. They create an
inexpensive way to take, store, develop and share images. Unfortunately, to
display pictures to your friends, everyone must gather around a computer
monitor. In many cases this is not very convenient. That is why Computer
Geeks sells a device for your TV that allows you to display pictures from a
memory card. This device is the Dazzle Universal TV Photo Show.

IANAG Security Tweaking App updated @ I Am Not A Geek
[Sep-28-04] (0 Comments)

I've modified the layout a bit and improved the documentation considerably. The
registry backup/restore tool has been greatly improved and a couple oddball settings
were added since the last version. Overall this build is quite a bit more "polished"
than previous builds. It's been nearly 2 months since my last release and I'm back
to workin on software. My Performance Tweaking application is back on track for a
first release in the not too distant future.

CaseArts 3D Artistic Thumb Screws @ Rbmods
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Every other person mods these days and you can go to any computer store and buy a pre-modded case from Thermaltake or Raidmax with windows, LED-fans, and fancontrollers. Some people take modding to the extreme, cutting up their entire case and creating a new, better case, some people even build their own. Anyway, it's the details that counts, and one detail that you may or may not think of is screws. Thumb screws not only makes your case more attractive to the eye, but also makes it easier to access which most computer enthusiasts will appreciate. CaseArts have sent us some thumb screws and I'm going to find out if they are bang for the buck or not.

last nights hack won't slow us down! @ I Am Not A Geek
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Yes we were hacked last night somewhere a bit after 11PM, but after a restore and a
system update we're back and STILL rolling as if nothing ever happened....

Making DVD Movies from Video Files @ pcstats.com
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Given the imminent death of the VCR (as soon as recordable DVD set-top boxes become an affordable item), we feel it's a good time to get a jump on converting your treasured home movies to recordable DVDs. In a recent PCstats.com Beginner's Guide, we explored the process of turning your videotaped home movies into compressed video files for storage and display on your computer. We'd now like to present the companion piece to that article. In this guide, we will explore and explain the process of authoring DVDs from video files you have stored on your computer, that will play on any home DVD player. We will also run through some basic editing techniques to help you get the best out of your home movies.

Beginners Guides: Making DVD Movies from Video Files @ pcstats
[Aug-27-04] (0 Comments)

In a recent PCstats.com Beginner's Guide, we explored the process of turning your videotaped home movies into compressed video files for storage and display on your computer. We'd now like to present the companion piece to that article. In this guide, we will explore and explain the process of authoring DVDs from video files you have stored on your computer, that will play on any home DVD player. We will also run through some basic editing techniques to help you get the best out of your home movies.

I-Rocks X-Slim 6110 and 6120 Keyboards @ Bigbruin
[Aug-17-04] (0 Comments)

Many people simply use the keyboard that came with their system, the
spare one they
have laying around, or they go to the nearest superstore and buy the cheapest one
they can find...
Having fallen prey to the above mentioned keyboard neglect in the past myself,
reviewing both the
I-Rocks X-Slim 6110 and the 6120 keyboards has opened my eyes to the quality and
variety of
keyboards that are on the market.

Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen Review @ The Tech Zone
[Aug-16-04] (0 Comments)

Today we take a look at a unique piece of hardware, Logitech's IO digital pen. The IO has the ability to record whatever you write when writing on the included special digital pen paper. The IO can store up to 40 pages of writing and has enough battery to last for around 25 pages of writing.

AOpen DRW8800 8X DVD Burner @ Viper Lair
[Aug-16-04] (0 Comments)

AOpen has delivered an adequate drive for those of us who require +/- support, and
at a very nice price point of $75 USD. Although the drive is not as fast as the
ASUS, it is a suitable drive for those of us who don't burn DVDs 24x7 as the MIAA
thinks we all do.

Zalman Reserator 1 Water Cooling System @ 3dvelocity.com
[Aug-11-04] (0 Comments)

The size of the Reserator is big, as you can see on the
dimensions. The Reserator is basically one huge hollow heatsink where the water is
stored inside, where the heatsink itself keeps the water cool - this is how it does
its magic, silently.

AOpen COM5232 CDRW/DVD @ Viper Lair
[Aug-11-04] (0 Comments)

Although Just Link wasn't present, the buffer under run protection worked well.
While burning files on to a CD at 52x, I defragged the folder it was copying from,
and ran a virus scan on that drive. The burn times increased by about 30 seconds
longer than when the PC was left alone. The burn worked just fine, save for the Teac
drive being unable to read the disc.

AOpen CRW5232 52X CDRW @ Viper Lair
[Jul-30-04] (0 Comments)

We have a spin with an AOpen CD burner that burns up to 52x for CDR and 32x for CDRW.

"Whether or not you still need a CDRW drive these days will depend a bit on how you use your computer. Personally, I don't find the current CD burning speeds of DVD writers to be fast enough, and considering how much those drives cost in comparison to a standalone CDRW drive, I would prefer to put them through less abuse and not rely on them for CD burning duties."

Tour of Disklabs @ pcreview
[Jul-28-04] (0 Comments)

Last week we took the opportunity to tour the Disklabs data recovery facilities, located just outside Birmingham (UK). Disklabs specialise in all sorts of data recovery services, including hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, flash media, sim cards and virtually any media that stores some sort of information.

Recovering data using the techniques in the hard drive data recovery guide are one thing, some of the procedures performed whilst touring the building seemed on a different level. Disk labs have some very advanced facilities, including forensic tools, a clean area and a massive fibredrive server

Kingston 1GB DataTraveler 2.0 Hi-Speed @ Viper Lair
[Jul-26-04] (0 Comments)

Flash drives are something that once you've used one, it's tough to imagine life without it. Extremely portable, they can contain a fair amount of data depending on the size of the drive you've purchased. Since they are USB based, they'll work in almost any PC with a USB connection, depending on the OS installed, and in most cases, no drivers are required.

Beginners Guides: Converting Videotape Into Video Files @ pcstats
[Jul-22-04] (0 Comments)

As you may have noticed, the VCR is a dying technology. DVD players are now equivalent in price, and their disks have practically crowded VHS tapes right off the shelves of your neighborhood video store. Give it another three years and you may be hard pressed to find a new release on tape. So what happens when your VCR finally breaks? In this PCstats Guide, we'll provide some simple guidelines to converting your old videotapes into video clips that you can store on your computer, or send around to friends and family. Once you have converted your old videotapes into the new digital format, you have several options open to choose from. You can store your flicks on the hard drive indefinitely, or place them on a recordable CD-R/RW for storage.

Vantec NexStar HDD Enclosure & 3D Fan Covers Review @ Club Overclocker
[Jul-21-04] (0 Comments)

Delivering anything and everything you can think of Vantec has been one of the most innovative companies for the past couple years now. Its simply amazing to see them come up with all kinds of solutions for your computing needs. Their new line of NexStar external solutions is geared towards those that know better than to walk into just about any store and grab an external storage unit that has some crummy hard drive with 2mb cache and of an unknown manufacturer. With the NST-350U2, you can use a 250gb 8mb cache internal drive, install it into the NexStar, and have access to 250gb of 7200rpm goodness. Of course you can do this same thing on just about any kind of USB external unit, but the NexStar delivers a few extras that need to be noted, so lets take a look at what Vantec's newest offering has to offer you...

Lite On SOHW-832S DVD+9 Writer @ A True Review
[Jul-21-04] (0 Comments)

Finally, what we have been waiting for has arrived. A few months ago the
first DVD+9 writers hit the market. What makes DVD+9 so special? DVD+9
allows for 8.5 GB of data to be stored on a single DVD as opposed to the
old standard of 4.7 GB. For the user, this means larger backups, better
quality movies, longer movies, and more portable storage. Thanks to Lite
On, a big producer of optical drives, we are able to take a look at one of
the first DVD+9 writers, model SOHW-832S.

Kingston HyperX PC4300 Memory @ Viper Lair
[Jul-19-04] (0 Comments)

If you're going to be running at PC3200 speeds, in which case we've always recommended lower latency modules, you CAN tweak the HyperX PC4300. At PC3200, I managed 2.5-3-3-5 timings, which isn't super, but it isn't too bad either.

Kingston 1GB CompactFlash Elite Pro @ Viper Lair
[Jul-14-04] (0 Comments)

If you're a digital photography enthusiast, the Elite Pro deserves a spot in your camera bag. There are different options available when it comes to capacity, but I would strongly recommend 512MB and up if you own anything higher than a 4MP camera.

COOLMAX 2.5" X-Treme FILES V1 Review @ Extension Tech
[Jul-11-04] (0 Comments)

While we all should back up our data regularly, do we really practice what we preach? I don't think so. How about if it were easy? Well, how about 3 buttons, like Selective Backup, Total Backup, and Restore? That about sums the COOLMAX 2.5" X-Treme Files up for you. While there can be improvements made, as with any product, this one stands on it's own pretty well for being a 1st revision. Continue on to take a closer look with me!

IANAG Reg Backup/Restore Tool @ I Am Not A Geek
[Jul-10-04] (0 Comments)

The most requested feature for our security tweaking app has been a registry backup and restore tool. I've decided to develop this feature as a seperate application for now. We will have quite a few different registry tweaking apps so I decided it would be a good idea to keep the code for doing this in it's own file. Not to mention all of the hardcore tweakers that will continue to tweak by hand will want to use JUST this feature.

How to backup and restore emails within Outlook/Outlook Express @ Overclocking HQ
[Jul-09-04] (0 Comments)

I never really thought this was possible. After plenty of instances
where I was forced to reinstall Windows and lose all my Outlook messages, or
forward them to my hotmail (now GMail) account, I have found a way to backup
your Outlook emails. The process is relatively simple.

Samsung Yepp YP-55i MP3 Player Review @ Pcstats.com
[Jun-25-04] (0 Comments)

As MP3 players continue to come down in price, manufacturers are segmenting them for every part of our daily lives. Smaller, fixed memory players like the Samsung YP-55i are just fine for the morning commute, a trip to the store, a jog around the block, or whatever. Able to store 192MB worth of music in MP3 or WMA format, the roll-of-quarters sized YP-55i also includes a digital FM tuner. It also offers the very neat capability of encoding FM-Radio to MP3 recordings on the fly; how cool is that!? The Samsung YP-55i is like the Swiss Army knife of portable music players; it functions as a USB hard drive, offers up the ability to record voice memos, and of course... approximately 15hrs music playback time with one AAA battery.

Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL Pro @ Viper Lair
[Jun-16-04] (0 Comments)

In our opinion, this is a required purchase if you're sitting on the 200MHz bus. Spending your money on faster ram is pointless if your setup can't handle the high clock speeds. Buying faster ram, while tweaking the timings is also pointless as well, as they still can't match what we've seen of the TWINX-3200XL Pro today.

ASUS DRW-0804P DVD Burner @ Viper Lair
[Jun-08-04] (0 Comments)

Performance is where ASUS has put a lot of effort into the drive, and it shows up in the results. The ASUS drive took the lead in most categories, from CD reading to DVD writing. In the CD arena it is moderately faster than most of the other drives with its biggest improvement being in the CD Writing and ReWriting performance.

Eksitdata HD Guard Review @ Controlled Insanity
[May-26-04] (0 Comments)

Data is becoming increasingly important in today's world now that almost everything is stored on your computer. While backing up to Floppy, CD, or DVD are options for those that don't have much data to back up, costly solutions like tape backup or mirrored raid arrays are the only solutions for those that have large amounts of data that need to be saved. The HD Guard Pro from eksitdata is an alternative solution to keeping your hard drive safe, and it won't break your wallet either. Instead of storing a complete backup of your data, the HD Guard Pro records only the small changes to your hard drive and claims it can record up to 12GB in only 1.33MB of data.

Oglebox ATX Display Case @ A True Review
[May-14-04] (0 Comments)

Are you an old school computer fan? Do you have a Pentium III, K7, or god
forbid a Pentium stored away somewhere? Well take them out, dust them off
and put them on display with an Oglebox ATX Display Case. Like the name
implies, Oglebox is a display case for your motherboard. Oglebox makes
three styles of display cases: Bronze, Clear and Emerald. Each style
provides its own specialty and a choice of two sizes: large and small. This
review will be covering the large Emerald display case.

Apacer Wireless-B and Storage Device @ Viper Lair
[May-12-04] (0 Comments)

I can certainly recommend the product as it stands now, but only if your needs dictate it. There are of course two obvious areas the Steno can improve, and that's moving to Wireless-G and USB 2.0. Improving the product in those areas would be a great move.

Hiding Drive Letters in My Computer @ IANAG
[May-11-04] (0 Comments)

We frequently store diagnostic tools and information that we'd like to hide on a separate partition. You can do this using TweakUI from Microsoft, but I prefer just doing it myself since its easy enough.

This can be done with a simple registry edit if you don't want to use the TweakUI program from Microsoft or any other third-party program.

Tweaking System Restore @ overclockinghq
[May-10-04] (0 Comments)

Today my aim is to help you cut down on the amount of disk space System Restore occupies. Why would you want to keep multiple copies of similar restore point, some of you may not install or tweak things enough to warrant having multiple recent Restore Points. The steps below outline how to correctly tweak System Restore so it only saves the most recent restore point.

Beginners Guides: RAM, Memory and Upgrading @ pcstats.com
[Apr-19-04] (0 Comments)

Modern computer processors can perform several billion operations per second, creating and changing incredible amounts of data in a short period of time. To perform at this level, they have to be able to juggle the information they process, to have someplace to store it until it is needed again for modification or reference. Random Access Memory (RAM) can be thought of as the short-term memory, in the sense that once the power is turned off, all information stored there is not saved. All modern computers have hard drives which store data permanently as magnetic information, but even with the improved speed of today's hard drive technology. Hard drives are still too slow to keep up with the needs of the processor since it can operate on considerably more information per second than can possibly be transferred to and from the hard drive."

USB Pen Drive Review @ The Tech Zone
[Apr-13-04] (0 Comments)

It's time to face the truth. The floppy disk is dead. In its place, the USB pen drive: many more times the capacity, much smaller, far stronger. A modern motherboard can even boot from it, so ALL of a techies DOS based diagnostics can finally fit onto one easy to modify data store.
Looking beyond the techie side, they are becoming an office craze. Walk around a computer room in my college and you will see half of the students sat there saving work to a USB pen drive. If one of their peers produces a floppy disk, they are laughed at, shamed and taunted for using such archaic technology!

Beginners Guides: Diagnosing Bad Memory @ pcstats.com
[Apr-03-04] (0 Comments)

Faulty memory, or RAM, is often the cause of the dreaded 'flaky PC' syndrome, those hard-to-replicate errors that get you nasty looks from the store technician because "nothing seems to be wrong with it. Sir." In this short but sweet guide, PCstats will discuss the common symptoms of faulty memory as well as looking at a handful of free memory testing software programs which can help you diagnose your troubles. Seeing as it consists only of a handful of Silicon memory chips (called DRAM) soldered to a small circuit board, computer memory is actually much more resistant to failure than most other computer parts. Having said that, it is also produced and distributed in more volume than any other computer part so it sort of evens out."

Best Store Portable 7 in 1 Memory Card Reader Review @ Tweak News
[Mar-29-04] (0 Comments)

This is one of those devices that does not need a lot of words to describe it, yet speaks volumes for itself. It is so absolutely effortless to use, and has the potential of saving you a lot of money which you would have otherwise spent on storage media.

I also love the fact that you can also use it as a portable storage device. How great is that. Now, if this were some big, honkin' device, I wouldn't be as impressed. However that is not the case. The device is small, and ultra-portable.

Verbatim Store 'n' Go 256MB USB Drive Review @ XtremeTek
[Mar-22-04] (0 Comments)

In a high tech world where everyone is always on the go, data mobility is a key issue. While there are several ways to tackle this problem, like remote server and disk storage, many people have opted for new USB drives (also called thumb drives among other things). The newest generation of USB storage devices are fast (USB 2.0), tiny, and getting cheaper. I have on hand a Verbatim Store 'n' Go 256MB USB Drive. I will attempt to discover if this thumb drive runs with the pack, falls behind, or raises the bar.

Enermax A8 5.25 Fan Controller Review @ Ascully.com
[Mar-15-04] (0 Comments)

The product comes in some awesome retail packaging. Fan controllers usually come in those nasty blister packs that take a bodybuilder to open, but things are different with the Enermax controller. The box is obviously aimed at retail stores. The box explains everything you need to know about the product and lets you actually see the product through the front window. Now this isn't the cheapest fan controller, selling for around $45 on Xoxide.com, but with the high price comes one awesome sturdy product.

Black Demon Case Review @ COC
[Mar-15-04] (0 Comments)

What do you do when you get tired of your old beige case? You have two options, you can modify your existing case or buy a pre-modded case. A few years ago, being able to go to your favorite computer store and pick up a cool looking modified case was unheard of. Computer companies never put much thought in the metal box that held your computer components. Thanks to readers like you, that is no longer a problem. CrazyPC has heard our call and has been carrying some of the best modified cases for years now. The latest addition to their collection is the Black Demon Case.

Plantronics Audio 90 Headset Review @ GruntvillE.com
[Mar-10-04] (0 Comments)

Often, people grab the cheapest set at the local retail store, overlooking
the most important aspects, sound and comfort. There are many options
available and there are also many different price ranges. Music lovers need
intense, high-quality sound. Gamers need good sound, comfortable fit and a
microphone. For $200 you can get headsets that sound like you are sitting
front row at a concert or make that rocket launcher blow your eardrums as
you run for your life. Wow, $200! That's the price of a good video card! Not
everyone has that kind of money to shell out, and price shouldn't stop the
gamers and music lovers from having a performance headset that's
comfortable. So that leaves many of us searching for the headset that falls
into this category.

Beginners Guides: Installing RAID on Desktop PCs @ PCstats
[Mar-09-04] (0 Comments)

Hard disks are mechanical devices with moving parts, and as such will break down eventually, compromising any data stored on them that is not backed up. One technology that was developed to deal with this pair of issues is RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). The idea is to use multiple hard disks in the same system to provide both increased performance (by dividing up data so multiple disks can process different parts of it at the same time) and increased reliability by writing the same information to multiple disks at once. This technology filtered down to the enthusiast level a while ago, and has become a common feature on many motherboards, as well as an integral part of newer operating systems such as Windows 2000 and XP professional. In this guide, we will explore how the different implementations of RAID technology function, and how you can make your own RAID setup using a hardware RAID controller, or the software RAID function built into Windows XP Profes!sional.

Tom Bihn Smart Alec and Monolith Computer Bags Review @ PCstats
[Feb-17-04] (0 Comments)

Let's face it, most of us are pretty cheap and tend to use whatever the store is 'giving away' at the time we bought our "precious...." (notebook that is). These default standard computer bags tend to be pleather, pretty utilitarian, and the equivalent of the 1980's brown Columbo trench coat. In other words, they get the job done but you end up looking like just another computer geek toting around a 20lb black rectangular bag make from plastic cows that don't mooo. People, there are better options out there; bags that will protect a notebook from bumps, hold more wires and cables, and frankly look a damn-sight cooler. The Tom Bihn Smart Alec and Monolith bags are just two such options. The "Smart Alec" is the knapsack, and the "Monolith" is the specially designed semi-soft shell case that snugly protects a notebook inside the cavernous bay of the former.

Sunbeam Acrylic UV case @ Rbmods
[Feb-14-04] (0 Comments)

The modding scene is growing. We can now even find acrylic cases in the stores, however there are different acrylic cases. Sunbeam has sent us their UV reactive acrylic case which we will have a closer look at tonite. You put the case together by yourself which was actually pretty odd :) First time Ive done it so now I might even have the guts to build a case from scratch. Well enough about that and lets get this review going.

MGE Liquid Lite RGB (Magic Lite) @ COC
[Jan-26-04] (0 Comments)

Does any reader out there watch the 70's show? Does anyone remember the 70's? I sure do, although I barely remember having bell-bottoms when I was like 6. I also remember seeing my first lava-lamp, hence the remembrance of the 70's. There is also quite a few of you out there that may remember the static light? Yeah, you can still get them at flea markets, and dollar stores around the country. Both of these ideas of lighting are to some considered cheesy, but then again so are some of us that have nothing better to spend our hard-earned money on the latest computer goodies. Well there is good news my friends, the LED's are out and the static RGB lava-lamp contraption that we have here at ClubOC is in! This thing is kewl...

Best Store Portable 7 in 1 Card Reader Review @ Extension Tech
[Jan-11-04] (0 Comments)

The most fabulous thing about this 7 in 1 card reader is that it needs a 2.5" Hard Drive. "What?" you ask. Well, with a hard drive in this card reader, you download your pictures to the Best Store. The number of pictures is only limited by the size of the hard drive you install. Imagine just using one or two media cards for your digital camera. For a modest amount of money to outfit this. You'd probably spend that already in two media cards. Instead, you can download all of your media cards, then hook it up via USB, and grab them all at once. Does it get any better than that?

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