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SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Apr-23-13] (0 Comments)

SteelSeries has released a basic version of its Apex gaming-grade peripheral. The illuminated rubber switch keyboard features advanced macro programming in an elegant body. Let’s test it.

CableCARD Tuner Essentials Guide @ missingremote.com
[Sep-09-11] (0 Comments)

* At a higher level, the technology was developed to protectconsumers from being forced into having to rent set top boxes (STB) atincreasing fees from cable companies (or MSOs) without an alternative. Froma home theater PC (HTPC) perspective, it meant the ability to natively tunehigh definition programming from a cable provider (previously the optionswere only analog cable, or digital over the air broadcasts).

OCZ Technology Agility 3 240GB @ tweaktown.com
[Jun-08-11] (0 Comments)

I started testing the OCZ Technology Agility 3 a couple of weeks ago, but before writing it up took a few weeks to reflect on my findings. While away, I saw one of the greatest finishes ever at the Indy 500 unfold right in front of me and my wife and I welcomed a new addition in our hearts. Even with all of these events going on around me, the Agility 3 was on the back of my mind.On the surface the OCZ Agility 3 looks like a great bargain, just like the Agility 2. You get a SandForce SF-2281 controller, the same used in the award winning Vertex 3 and the same great 3 year warranty. When the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 were launched over a year ago, the differences were in the programming and the Agility 2 was great value given that you got the same level of performance once the high IOPS burst of the Vertex 2 passed.

AMD Mecha HK-2207 Demo 1.2 @ ngohq.com
[Apr-01-11] (0 Comments)

The Mecha HK-2207 real-time demo features a number of post processing effects (depth-of-field, lens flare, ghosting, aerial perspective/atmospheric, LUT, emissive and reflection) provided as an easy approach for developers and artists to adopt Microsoft DirectX 11 programming. This demo also uses a current trend in game engines utilizing deferred lighting and deferred shading allowing many more lights and rapid prototyping. A newly developed GPU accelerated physics particle system is introduced utilizing DirectX 11 DirectCompute. Bullet Physics is used with a new fracture/destruction approach that also features procedurally generated unique debris leveraging DirectX 11 tessellation.

DirectCompute Benchmark 0.25 @ ngohq.com
[Nov-07-09] (0 Comments)

Pat has released a new version of DirectComputeBenchmark. This tool allows you to benchmark DirectX 11 latestgeneral-purpose computing feature by calculating tons of FFT-like dataand some memory transfers. DirectCompute is an application programminginterface (API) that takes advantage of the massively parallelprocessing power of a modern graphics processing unit (GPU) toaccelerate PC application performance. Be advised that DirectX 11 andthe latest display drivers are required to run this benchmark.

First DirectCompute Benchmark Released @ ngohq.com
[Nov-04-09] (0 Comments)

A forum member by the name of Pat has recently releaseda new benchmark tool for DirectCompute. This tool allows you tobenchmark DirectX 11 latest general-purpose computing feature bycalculating tons of FFT-like data and some memory transfers.DirectCompute is an application programming interface (API) that takesadvantage of the massively parallel processing power of a moderngraphics processing unit (GPU) to accelerate PC applicationperformance. Be advised that DirectX 11 and the latest display driversare required to run this benchmark.

AMD Demos DirectX 11 Capable ATI Graphics Card @ techfragments.com
[Jun-03-09] (0 Comments)

Today at a press conference in Taiwan, AMD demonstrated the world's first GPU capable of DirectX 11 technology. The demonstrations shows the major improvements DirectX 11 gives us over DirectX 10 and also shows us what AMD has in stored for an ATI Graphics Card coming out before the end of 2009 capable of DirectX 11. AMD shows three primary features of DirectX 11; one being tessellator which allows for less blocky and more fluid and realistic details, Compute Shaders which allows for less restricted programming, and finally they show us how DX11 is better designed to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.

TechwareLabs Unveils The Truth Behind The Conficker Virus @ techwarelabs.com
[Apr-02-09] (0 Comments)

With all of the talk lately about the April Fool's Day Virus, what does it do really? Today, Programming Specialist Dan Shannon takes a look at the code behind the Conficker virus, and tells us what it REALLY does...

Intel believes that video encoding belongs on the @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-10-08] (0 Comments)

“When you’re encoding on the CPU, the quality will behigher becausewe’re determining which parts of the scene need higher bit-ratesapplying to them,” said François Piednoel, senior performance analystat Intel.Piednoel claimed that the CUDA video encoder will likely deliver poorquality video encodes because it uses a brute force method of splittingthe scene up and treating each pixel the same. It’s interesting thatIntel is taking this route, because one thing Nvidia hasn’treally talked about so far is video quality.“The science of video encoding is about making smarter use of thebits and not brute force,” added Piednoel.I asked Piednoel what will happen when Larrabee turns up because thatis, after all, a massively parallel processor. I thought it’d beinteresting to see if Intel would change its tune in the future once ithad something that had the raw processing power to deliver similarapplication performance to what is being claimed with CUDA. Intel saidthat comparing this to a GPU is impossible, because the GPU doesn’thave full x86 cores. With CUDA, you can only code programs in C andC++, while x86 allows the developer to choose whatever programminglanguage they prefer – that’s obviously a massive boon to anyone thatdoesn’t code in C.

John Carmack on id Tech 6, Ray Tracing, Consoles, Physics and more @ pcper.com
[Mar-13-08] (0 Comments)

The first point to analyze is on the discussion about ray tracing;John obviously feels that Intel's current stance on using the traditionalray tracing algorithms for gaming isn't likely to win out for thenext-generation rendering technology. This obviously isn't great news forIntel since even though John isn't the only game programming genius around,his opinions seem to have more weight than just about anyone else in theindustry. John more or less backs Dr. Kirk's view that rasterization hastoo many innate performance benefits to be taken over by ray tracing UNLESSIntel is successful in stretching the Larrabee architecture to incredibleperformance levels.

Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite @ techpowerup.com
[May-29-07] (0 Comments)

The Good Work Systems Fragpedal Elite gives your feet control during your favorite game. Our feet are the only part which we still do not use when sitting in front of the computer. The Fragpedal Elite give you four fully customizable buttons to use in any fashĂ­on you would like. The included software with its own programming environment makes this possible. We give the pedals and the software a try, to see if it makes a good addition to your keyboard and mouse.

Linux gaming feature @ bit-tech.net
[Apr-10-07] (0 Comments)

While Wine does a great job at running most Windowsapplications underLinux, certain games sometimes just won't work. Call it badprogramming, call it faith, but the fact is that some applicationsrefuse to accept Wine. The guys over at Transgaming noticed this andused a hole in the X11 licensing to create a proprietary fork of Wine.But the developers didn't claim they invented the warm water, andinitially called their 'version' WineX.

Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote @ pcper.com
[Jan-05-07] (0 Comments)

After spending a few weeks with the Harmony 880 I have to say thatit is a potent device that accomplishes what it says:control all yourdevices. I wouldn't say it's the easiest device to set up and use, butLogitech has done a very fine job of simplifying the whole process whilegiving easy access to powerful troubleshooting and programming features. Theweb based software is an ingenious way of saving Harmony configurations forcustomers, while allowing Logitech to bolster their growing database of IRdevices and improve their software interface.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA II hard drive . @ a1-electronics.net
[Jul-18-06] (0 Comments)

Are you deciding whether to move to the faster SATA II drives at 3Gb/s transfer data rate that are now readily available from either your SATA I (1.5Gb/s) or even a slower IDE drive. Well today we review the Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA II hard drive and see what it has to offer and if it is worth moving to as it will entail re-programming your computer.

What is Aspect Oriented Programming? @ osweekly.com
[Apr-10-06] (0 Comments)

Most people have heard of object oriented and structuralparadigms of programming. These two are generally widely used. But thereare many programming problems which cannot be solved using theaforementioned structures. This results in implementation of theseproblems outside the main module which finally results into confusionamong developers and tangled code.

How System Calls Work in Linux? @ osweekly.com
[Apr-08-06] (0 Comments)

Every GNU/Linux programmer here reading this article must haveused system calls to code their programs. GNU/Linux programming isincomplete without system calls. System calls are initiated by softwareinterrupts. Before we delve into that, however, let’s define systemcalls. A system call is the mechanism used by an application program torequest service from the operating system, or more specifically, theoperating system kernel.

Secure Programming in GPU/Linux Systems:Part II @ osweekly.com
[Apr-05-06] (0 Comments)

In our last article, we saw objectives of computer security and hada brief introduction on secure programming. We also delved deeply into theneed of secure programming, what type of programs need secure programmingand why programmers write insecure code.

Abstraction Layers And Their Importance @ aselabs.com
[Jan-30-06] (0 Comments)

Abstraction layers are one of the most important concepts in computing and programming today. The idea of an abstraction layer is to provide a standard interface to lower level functions to the higher level function. Examples of this are present in nearly every single computer you use today.

Command Line - Episode 4 @ LineInterference.com
[Mar-04-05] (0 Comments)

Lineman and Telemachus cover C programming with Internet sockets and simple batch coding and HowDoIHack.com answers some programming questions.

Go here to listen.

How To Create Your Own Computer Games @ thetechzone.com
[Dec-30-04] (0 Comments)

I’ve always loved video games, ever since I first played them on a friend’s computer in the afternoon after elementary school. There’s something almost magical about the fact that we can move images around and interact with virtual worlds, a living fantasy presented for us to interact with however we please. I’ve also always wanted to make games myself but, until recently, didn’t have the technical knowledge to do so. Now, I’m a second year software engineering student, so if I weren’t able to code a game without too many dramas there’d be something drastically wrong. But what about the common person: the person for whom the term ‘memory leak’ conjures up images of their grandfather, ‘pipeline’ is where the water flows, and ‘blitting’ is unheard of? Well, everyone can get in on the game creation process, and you don’t even need to learn ‘real’ programming to do so

Lineman.net Programming Month @ Lineman.net
[Dec-23-04] (0 Comments)

The Lineman.net guys have declared December 2004 to be programming month. For the occasion, we've written a series of articles introducing the reader to several programming languages including C, C++, Objective-C, Perl, Python, Java, BASIC, Io, and BASH scripting.

Line Interference @ Lineman.net
[Sep-16-04] (0 Comments)

Finally, there is a source of intelligent tech for your ears!

Are you tired of those flashy "tech" shows that are heavy on fluff and light on legitimate tech content? We want to offer you something unique.

Building on his passion for technology and love of the talk radio medium, Lineman dared to try something that almost everyone told him couldn't be done: talk radio for the computer geek. While he hasn't landed a spot on traditional radio yet, Lineman and few other inspired contributors are daring to tackle topics that nobody previously thought could be covered in an audio format.

These shows feature a rich blend of technology, programming, and security-related topics. No punches are pulled in these shows, as they are aimed at listeners of all skill levels and will be enjoyed by anyone with a logical mind and a sense of humor.

Linspire 4.5, new kid on the block? @ 3DV
[Jul-21-04] (0 Comments)

The sole focus of this distribution is the desktop market for business and private consumers. This means that Linspire is very slimmed down in terms of compilers and programming software and such.
Its strength comes from providing an all-in-one solution, offering things such as office, USB support and internet support built-in, to name a few.

WinDriver Supports Driver Development for Linux on PowerPC Platforms @ Jungo.com
[Jun-09-04] (1 Comments)

WinDriver™ PCI / USB driver development tool now enables PowerPC based driver development for the Linux operating system. The PowerPC support is an enhancement of WinDriver for Linux, which already supports Intel's x86 line of microprocessors.

WinDriver enables development of high performance drivers for USB and PCI peripheral devices that run Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Windows CE .NET, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks, providing cross platform capabilities that enable porting of code across all supported operating systems. WinDriver provides graphical development environments, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), hardware diagnostic utilities and samples to accelerate driver development.

Free full featured, 30 day evaluation versions of Jungo's driver development tools are available for download from the Jungo web site at: http://www.jungo.com/dnload.html. Jungo's products may be purchased from Jungo directly, or via one of Jungo's worldwide resellers.

Thermaltake Hardcano 12 Fan Controller Review @ Extension Tech
[Apr-29-04] (0 Comments)

The Hardcano 12 has a combination of fan controllers and temperature sensors, along with a backlit LCD screen and programming that automatically controls your fans from four different sensors throughout your case. Will this combination of technology mesh together to form the 'perfect' fan controller, or will the Hardcano 12 be remembered as just 'another overpriced gadget'? Read on to find out.

Matrix Orbital MX212 LCD @ Bit Tech
[Apr-07-04] (0 Comments)

I remember when fitting an LCD to your case involved soldering wires to PCBs, programming display software and oodles of spare time. The Canadian company Matrix Orbital has done it’s best, over time, to eliminate those obstacles and increase LCD/VFD accessibility to the masses. In this review I will be looking at a sample of the MX series; the MX212. Matrix Orbital claim that this is not just a simple LCD but a control centre for many of the other features that live in most of our home PCs...

http://onlyscripts.com/nephp/?m=show&id=4 @ OnlyScripts.com
[Apr-07-04] (0 Comments)

Some of the newest buzzwords in the web industry today are SOAP, (Simple Object Access Protocol) and Web Services. There is much mystery and confusion around these two technologies. Many web developers do not know what they do, the point of having them, how to build them and use them once built. “Programming .NET Web Services” by Alex Ferrara and Matthew MacDonald, answers all of these questions and more.

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