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Xigmatek Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jun-22-12] (0 Comments)

Let’s test the Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition CPU cooler from Xigmatek. It has a black ceramic-coated tower heatsink, three 8 mm heatpipes and one 120 mm fan.

Xigmatek Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler @ tweaktown.com
[May-25-12] (0 Comments)

Xigmatek brings new life into an old cooler design with the introduction of the Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition.

MSI Radeon HD 7870 HAWK 2GB Overclocked Video Card @ tweaktown.com
[May-04-12] (0 Comments)

MSI expand the popular HAWK series with the introduction of the popular AMD Radeon HD 7870 to the performance based series of video cards.

MSI Nighthawk Case @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Jan-26-12] (0 Comments)

The tier-one motherboard manufacturer decided to enter the PC case market. Let’s see if one of their first offerings, the Nighthawk, is a good option.

Rosewill Blackhawk-Ultra HPTX Computer Case @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Dec-15-11] (0 Comments)

Desktop comptuters are seen by some pundits as a dying breed, and perhaps they are. Laptop and even tablet computers are now capable of

Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Case @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Dec-06-11] (0 Comments)

The Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra is an enormous full-tower case with 10 expansion slots and supporting HPTX motherboards, two power supplies, and 11 3.5”/2.5” storage devices.

MSI N560GTX-Ti HAWK Graphic Card @ pcper.com
[Jun-09-11] (0 Comments)

MSI just keeps the hits coming on the video card front. WhileI was not overly impressed with their latest motherboard offeringsthis past month, they have kept their foot on the gas when it comes tographics. The best part about these cards is that generally they arenot that much more expensive than the reference versions. With theHAWK series this is especially true. In this case, it sits rightaround the upper-middle portion of current offerings using this GPU.MSI has created yet another outstanding video card for enthusiastseverywhere.

Dragon Age II Xbox 360 @ tweaktown.com
[Mar-27-11] (0 Comments)

To say that Dragon Age II has had an interesting development cycle would be the same as saying the sky is blue. Ever since the original game, it seemed like BioWare wanted to try something new with Dragon Age to reach a wider audience with it, and as such they have made major changes to what you saw in the original game. However, in many ways these changes make the game better. Dragon Age II feels a lot more structured and streamlined for the console and on this review platform (the Xbox 360) that is a welcome thing, but PC fans do have some reason to be angry as well.Dragon Age II takes place as expected after the Dragon Age Origins Expansion pack. You once again you play as the hero who removed the dark spawn, but instead of being able to customise your characters name, you are appointed Champion Hawke in either a female or male format depending on your preference. What this has allowed BioWare to do is have a more streamlined story, but in many ways they have not taken advantage of the changes as well as they could have.

MSI R6870 Hawk Graphics Card @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Mar-07-11] (0 Comments)

Graphics cards have been improving at breakneck speeds over the last little while. The Radeon HD 5000 series allowed AMD and ATI to beat

MSI N460GTX HAWK GeForce GTX 460 @ benchmarkreviews.com
[Sep-27-10] (0 Comments)

The slew of NVIDIA GTX 460 video cards that hit the market in the last month was impressive. Everybody wanted as much of the pie as they

MSI R5770 HAWK Radeon HD 5770 Video Card @ pcper.com
[Mar-06-10] (0 Comments)

It is a neat card, it is an excellent price, and it pushes thelimits of design for the highly competitive market that it resides in.While other manufacturers are introducing overclocked cards, many of theseare using the reference design and cooling systems. MSI has taken a bigstep above nearly everyone else and produced a unique and outstandingoffering for the $150 to $199 price range.

Enermax Tomahawk 500 W Power Supply @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Feb-16-10] (0 Comments)

Tomahawk is an entry-level power supply series from Enermax. Let’s see if the 500 W version is a good buy.

MSI X340 Slim Core 2 Solo Notebook @ legitreviews.com
[Sep-30-09] (0 Comments)

The MSI X340 Slim notebook surprised me a bit. It has an innovative design that makes it have a professional, sleek look and it does not lose functionality for the sake of style. The keyboard is large, and the keystrokes are soft and comfortable. The touchpad is in an awkward place, but I am glad that it can be turned off with a function key. From the student who likes to take notes on a laptop to those that like style along with an ultra-portable solution, the MSI X340 Slim notebook fits the bill...

TechwareLabs s the Eagle Arion ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speakers @ techwarelabs.com
[Jul-28-09] (0 Comments)

Known normally for their HDD enclosures and NAS boxes, Eagle Tech is spreading its wings into the computer audio market with a pair of speakers aimed at the budget-conscious music lover. Join will as we take a look at the ET-AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker system by Eagle to see if this speaker system can actually sing, or just give us an annoying squawk.

to; bh=1nJH9V+StIt0aAcBrERaLwHqbuaf5Yvxylnw0+Et5zQ=; b=PCKbrYloZVDOegXLJUOMgzzzlQW+GWt0kowJdpwpJCc6YTHIdGs3x2C05VF2h4wCxgdKi5wJWu9n2sAEJ6T11Q= @ reviews.digitaltrends.com
[Jul-24-09] (0 Comments)

You've read our squawks about the endlesssearch for the perfect two-in-one imagingdevice (good pictures and videos in a singlepackage). For the most part we'veconcentrated on camcorders since they startout with fine video. Unfortunately other thana few Canons we've been generallydisappointed with these supposed hybridssince they really can't grab quality stillimages. Panasonic is flipping this formula onits head, starting off with a solid cameraand adding high-quality movies to the mix. Inthis instance, the Lumix DMC-ZS3 is the firstdigicam with AVCHD Lite, a lesser qualitycodec compared to the AVCHD used in mosthigh-def camcorders. Rather than 1080I, Literecords 720P at 60 frames per second, whichin theory should be far better than 1280 x720 30 fps clips taken by many 2009 cameras.In fact we just reviewed the Canon PowerShotSD970 IS with this feature and weren't toothrilled with the video results. Now willAVCHD Lite be a heavyweight or a bust? Timeto check it out.

Hawking HomeRemote Pro Wireless Video Camera @ rbmods.com
[Mar-24-09] (0 Comments)

Recently we had the change to check out Hawking's HomeRemote Pro HomeAutomation Starter Kit and were impressed by the easy installation andintuitive user interface. As mentioned, there are a number of add-onaccessories to this system, and today we'll take a look one such item, theHawking HomeRemote Pro HRPC1 Wireless Video Camera. Will this camera takehome automation and monitoring to the next level? Read on to find out.

Hawking HomeRemote Starter Kit @ rbmods.com
[Feb-24-09] (0 Comments)

Home control and remote monitoring is a field that has yet to reallycatch on as a mainstream industry, perhaps because setting up the devicesand linking them over a network is complicated and not readily available.Hawking, makers of a wide range of networking products, might have solvedthat problem with their line of home automation products. Today we'll lookat the Hawking HomeRemote Pro Starter Kit, which promises out-of-the-boxhome automation. Will this product prove to make home control andmonitoring easy? Read on to find out.

Sapphire's ATI Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB graphics card @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-23-09] (0 Comments)

Despite these flaws, the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 doesdeliver a generally better gaming experience than Nvidia’s moreexpensive GeForce GTX 285. The cheapest we have been able to find the285 for is around £300, including VAT, which makes it £40 moreexpensive than the 4850 X2. That makes the decision difficult and whilewe’d typically recommend a single GPU solution almost every time(especially in light of what we’ve described above), the pricedifference makes it an awkward choice – the GTX 285 is 15 percent moreexpensive and it’s slower in four of the seven games we’ve tested here.

Hawking HWRN1A Hi-Gain Wireless-300N Router @ rbmods.com
[Jan-04-09] (0 Comments)

Still using one of those older 802.11G or even 802.11b routers? Asdemand for networking bandwidth increases, 802.11N is becoming more popular.Today we'll be looking at one such upgrade option offered by well-knownnetworking provider, Hawking Technology:the Hawking HWRN1A Hi-GainWireless-300N Router. Have they finally made wireless routers plug-in-play,or will you need to mess around a bunch of connection settings? We're hereto answer that question in this review.

Firehawk WebSuite 1.0 @ ngohq.com
[Nov-29-08] (0 Comments)

TheFirehawk WebSuite is an optimized stack of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Ourgoal is to provide a high performance, easy-to-deploy and stable webserver environment under the Microsoft Windows operation systems. Whilethe original developers are officially supporting Windows, webmastersand web developers have to deal with many problems such as installationissues, poor performance, compatibility and poor stability. FirehawkWebSuite is the solution! Webmasters and web developers can now runheavily loaded websites on Microsoft Windows-based servers.Installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on Windows can be a serious pain inthe ass. You have to edit many configuration files and find workaroundsto the known compatibility issues just to get it to work without ahitch or undocumented errors. With Firehawk WebSuite, you can get itall running in only a few seconds without the need of editingconfiguration files or looking for workarounds. In addition, TheFirehawk WebSuite includes Alternative PHP Cache and tweakedconfiguration files for maximum performance and stability.

Asus G70 @ bit-tech.net
[Aug-28-08] (0 Comments)

*In the end, the G70 isn't a bad laptop but it does suffer from being stuck in the middle a little bit. The hardware isn't really enough to blow your socks off and though the performance is adequate it does carry a few technical compromises. The design is effective, if a little polarising when it comes to eliciting a reaction from customers, but the cost balances this out easily and places the G70 awkwardly in the middle ground of the market where it can tread water in the sea of other gaming laptops

Samsung SyncMaster 2253LW @ bit-tech.net
[Jun-05-08] (0 Comments)

Awkwardly proportioned and packed with ostensibly clever butactuallyrather pointless image quality enhancements, what exactly do we make ofSamsung's new 21.6-inch display? In default mode—the mode we recommendyou leave this display set to—it's a solid but unspectacular performer.The real problem, therefore, is pricing. At over £200, it's not exactlycheap. Especially when you factor in the missing HDMI port and 0.4-inchshortfall in panel size. That may not sound like a lot. But in theabsence of any mitigating features, it's just noticeable enough to be asignificant niggle at this price point.

Early Look:Gigabyte P45-DS5 motherboard @ bit-tech.net
[Apr-14-08] (0 Comments)

Gigabyte has done a lot to improve the P45's layoutover itsprevious P35 board – while we loved the DS3R, other products like theEP35-DS4 (pictured right, on the left of the two) had compatibilityproblems with the SATA ports. The P45-DS5 fixes this by making all the SATA ports at 90 degree anglesto the edge of the board so they don't conflict with longer graphicscards. In addition to this there are now tenSATA ports – four of which are from a Silicon Image chipset. While theRAID can't be combined with the new ICH10R southbridge, they all offerNCQ, ACHI and eSATA support.The Gigabyte branded JMicron chipset provides the IDE port which isstill missing from ICH10, like it was from ICH9, and even though theIDE port is awkwardly placed right down the bottom of the board itshouldn't matter too much since there's oodles of SATA for opticaldrives.The DS5 shown here is DDR2 only and supports

bit-tech : @ bit-tech.net
[Apr-09-08] (0 Comments)

The Razer Lycosa is an excellent little gaming keyboard and is nicely put together despite a few tiny flaws. Really though, the only things that bother us are the grime-grabbing materials and the awkward backlighting that makes typing an occasional chore during the day.

The Club @ bit-tech.net
[Feb-06-08] (0 Comments)

Don’t be fooled by the guns and the explosion – it’s been madeclear to us over the course of this review that The Club isn’t actuallya third person shooter at all. Really, it’s a very cleverly disguisedbeat-em-up; Tekken with all the regular moves left out and justthe special combos remaining. The whole game feels like Soul Calibur in the twenty-firstcentury and the proof is in the short character biographies, thecombo-centric gameplay and the booming voice that yells “Finn!Fight!” at the start of every round.Unfortunately, like most beat-em-ups, The Club is also alove-it-or-hate-it affair and it doesn’t surprise me to hear that thedevelopers refer to it as ‘The Marmite Game’. The experience playershave with The Club depends more on the gamers themselves thanthe game and, just as some people love Virtua Fighter but hate Deador Alive, so too will players of The Club become divided. Personally, I can see the game isn’t for me – the forced practice andrepetition of levels in order to get high scores and an unequalledlevel of perfection just doesn’t interest me. I can still see theappeal and craftsmanship in the game though and the level of polish onsome of the levels is truly extraordinary.If practice makes perfect is your motto and you love honing your skillsto a razor edge then The Club could be the best investment you make all year. If you’rethe type of gamer to learn all the cool combos in Soul Caliburor you can manual forever in the latest Tony Hawk’sthen this is the game for you – it’s complex, but approachable and agreat proving ground for your skills and memory. On the other hand, ifyou prefer games that you only need play once or with stories thatoccupy more than the head of a matchstick, then you may want to give TheClub a miss. It’s not a bad game by any measure – but it isn’t foreveryone.

iSkin Revo & Revo Clip for Apple iPhone @ legitreviews.com
[Jan-25-08] (0 Comments)

The iSkin Revo is available in 6 different colors to match your m ood and your outfit. iSkin gives the colors some very hip names like:Rah , Zahra, Nighthawk, Mojave, and Diablo. The =93Bluish=94 colored Revo tha t we field tested was called Blade. Blade...Nice! Priced at $40, iSkin in cludes the silicon protector, a privacy film that is compatible with eith er the iPhone or iPod Touch, and a ViSOR =96 an ultra-clear polycarbonate scratch resistant screen guard. The Revo's silicon protector even has an anti-microbial agent (Microban) that protects the iPhone and its user from bacteria that can congregate. I can certainly appreciate this as it is really disgusting to use a phone after someone has been sweating and b reathing heavy on your device. Yuck...

Thermalright HR-05/IFX - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Jan-16-08] (0 Comments)

Recentlywe managed to get our reviewing mitts on the Thermalright HR-05 chipsetcooler, that managed to combine a low price with better-than-stockcooling, but had an awkward fan size (70mm) and fiddly mounting system.Today I have another HR-05, but this time it’s the IFX version, similarto the IFX-14 heatsink that we also reviewed recently. The IFX range isthe extreme cooling bracket, where size and weight are far fromlimited. Hopefully this cooler will build on the headway made by thestandard HR-05.

bit-tech :Mass Effect @ bit-tech.net
[Dec-01-07] (0 Comments)

It’s difficult not to use superlatives and become all effusivewhen writing about a game like Mass Effect, but in this case it’s welldeserved.I’m not saying that the game is perfect:it’s not, and there are stilla few little spanners in the works. The graphical glitches and awkwardload points aren’t major points, and it’s a testament to the quality ofthe game that I’m essentially forced to nitpick to find something wrongwith the game. Mass Effect is huge too, both in terms of the area the gamecovers and the amount of playing time. There are enough side quests andachievements to keep even the most obsessive gamer happy for a year andBioWare has said that once the main game is finished, it’s stillpossible to travel around the galaxy and visit other planets,completing side quests that you may have missed.Add on top of that the chance to replay the game with differentdialogue decisions and the additional episodic gaming that BioWare haspromised, and Mass Effectgoes from being a huge game to being a mind-cripplingly massive game.It’s the type of game which gives ‘100 percent Complete Perfectionists’nightmares.If BioWare manages to carry on the quality of the storytelling foranother two games, plus the interim episodes, it will have donesomething the likes of which hasn’t been seen in computer gamingbefore. If you are at all interested in video game storytelling orsimply want to play a Shooter/RPG which offers colossal replayabilitywithout becoming a grind-fest then buy Mass Effect. You won’t regret it.

Noctua NF-P12 - XSs @ xsreviews.co.uk
[Nov-27-07] (0 Comments)

The last time I was privileged enough to get my mitts onsome Noctua branded fans, I had to make up a new word to describe howquiet they were.Continuing this fashion of ultra quiet fans, Noctua have released theawkwardly named NF-P12 fan which builds on the success of the previousblade spinners we’ve seen, and adds some more fins and interestingnotches.Hopefully I’ll have to rack my brains for a new word for this brown andpeach number…

bit-tech :Kane and Lynch:Dead Men @ bit-tech.net
[Nov-24-07] (0 Comments)

Kane and Lynch is one of those odd games which manages to do somany things right, but so many things wrong too. It’s clear from theoffset that the unrelenting pace, complex backstory and coolly violentgameplay will make it an instant cult hit. However, the less than impressive graphics, awkward multiplayer andsamey nature of the gameplay at the most basic level will equally justput some people off. If I were a psychic forced to predict the future of Kane and Lynch,I’d say it’ll probably end up as one of those word-of-mouth games whichis constantly recommended by fans and critics. Somehow though it willnever really take off – like Psychonauts or Beyond Goodand Evil, both of which I heartily and ironically recommend. It’s not that Kane and Lynch is a bad game. Quite the opposite. Kane andLynchpromises an exciting ride filled with vendettas, vices and vengeance.Unfortunately, that isn’t a dish that everyone has a taste for andthose that are after something more basic and hi-res would be betteroff looking elsewhere. A good game on the whole, but one filled with minor flaws and issues, Kane and Lynchhas the potential to spawn a second, even more adult and undergroundfranchise for Eidos and IO. For the moment though, what we’re left withis a well-told tale which does its best to stand out but can neverquite manage to rise above the crowd of other higher-def shootersavailable this year. Worth picking up, but probably worth selling onagain a few weeks later too.

[News] Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare Overview @ virtual-hideout.net
[Nov-10-07] (0 Comments)

On November 6th, Call of Duty 4 hit the shelves and arrived by mailin droves. After reserving a copy at Best Buy (I thought it would be wisegiven the success of the Demo), I found that after picking up my copy thatthere were only 10 left reserved for others. That's all they had left by theend of the day out of several hundred copies for console and PC alike. COD 4naturally follows suit and takes place in Europe and the Middle East. Thistime around, all of the action is completely fictitious but follows alongthe lines of some popular movies such as Black Hawk Down.

Rosewill RCX-Z4 CPU Cooler @ tweaktown.com
[Oct-26-07] (0 Comments)

For those of us that gawk at computer hardware all day Rosewill is an aspiring company looking to make a name for themselves. Currently Rosewill sells over a hundred products through heavy hitter Newegg and Chiefvalue.com, and the list quickly keeps growing. Today we will be looking at the Rosewill RCX-Z4, the first in a series of CPU Coolers that will be tested in the T.E.C.C (Thermal Environment Control Chamber). If you missed the introduction article you should read it before moving forward.

VidaBox Premium Wireless Keyboard @ techpowerup.com
[Sep-10-07] (0 Comments)

When building an HTPC system, one of the main problems is finding a decent keyboard and mouse that won't take up too much room. Often a good keyboard is just a standard full sized desktop keyboard in a wireless version. Then there is the issue of cursor control. A mouse often gets misplaced, and remote control units are awkward at best. VidaBox's new Premium Wireless Keyboard features a built-in optical trackball, and the size is as compact as a laptop keyboard.

Archos 405 Portable Media Player @ cooltechzone.com
[Sep-04-07] (0 Comments)

Archos is the company to look out for. Their products have been generallyimpressive historically, and the 405 promises to be another star inArchos' sky of product line. The Archos 405 is a small, portable unitthat's designed to fit in your pocket. With the silver color scheme thatsets a classy, sleek tone of the product with a row of buttons on theright edge, it's a natural fit for most users. The controls are slightlyawkward with skip forward/backward functions located on the same key, butArchos has given the top and bottom functions their own keys.

Cooler Master Cosmos @ bit-tech.net
[Aug-28-07] (0 Comments)

All in all, the Cosmos is a solidly built and attractive casewhichperforms well enough in heat testing and runs near silently. This aloneputs it high in the upper echelons of PC cases, but it’s price point isa little awkward and shaving just a little off the cost would instantlymake it a much more attractive case. Pound signs aside though, theCosmos is a worthy addition to the Cooler Master range and a good buyfor anyone who can spare the dough.

Mario Party 8 @ bonafidereviews.com
[Aug-02-07] (0 Comments)

So you’re chilling at your place, just you and three of your friends, and one has just told an awkward joke that killed the conversation and has opened the gates for the terrible party killer “The Awkward Silence.” What do you do?

Wolf King Timberwolf Gaming Keyboard @ bit-tech.net
[Jul-01-07] (0 Comments)

On the plus side, for gaming it holds up very well and is bothcomfortable and responsive, placing a great number of keys at ourfingertips and thoughtfully leaving the lower end of the pad empty as awrist support. Lovely. On the downside, the rest of the keyboard feelsa little awkward to use and clustering the keys all together means it'sdefinitely unsuited for office gamers who will spend the majority oftime typing and game only for an hour or two a day.Then again, office gamers aren't really the market for the Timberwolf.It's more aimed at hardcore players who spend the majority of timegaming and who need a keyboard for their gaming machine outsideof the office. For that audience, the Timberwolf holds up very welldespite a few small design flaws.

Revoltec Fightmouse @ bit-tech.net
[May-27-07] (0 Comments)

There isn't a lot that's tremendously wrong with the RevoltecFightmouse – it does the job of pointing and clicking fine enough – butthe minor grievances do mount up. Sensitivity adjustment that is simplytoo slow to cycle through to be of any use, flimsy construction and asomewhat awkward shape kicked it back more than a single notch in ourbooks.The software that comes bundled with the mouse is comprehensive andeasy to use, but it's unfortunately let down by a product that tries tomake up for what it lacks in quality by having a large quantity offeatures.

ThermoHawk 200 Touchless Thermometer @ dvhardware.net
[Feb-12-07] (0 Comments)

The ThermoHAWK series are touchless infrared thermometers which allow you to check the temperature of almost any object. They are manufactured by Q3 Innovations, a company specialised in personal safety & monitoring devices. They seem to be pretty keen on the

Noctua NC-U6 @ overclockersonline.net
[Dec-29-06] (0 Comments)

I was impressed with the performance and despite a slightly awkward installation process, the Noctua NC-U6 is easily my favorite chipset cooler that I have looked at thus far. The Noctua NC-U6 cools incredibly well without the use of a fan, mounts extremely securely to the chipset, has a relatively small footprint for the its abilities, and is very well priced to boot. Anyone looking to improve cooling and/or eliminate noise from their system should keep the Noctua NC-U6 near the top of their shopping list.

ThermoHawk 200 @ computingondemand.com
[Nov-07-06] (0 Comments)

=93The ThermoHawk 200 measures the surface temperature of objects by

Pirate Bay, Intel Core 2 Duo, and Dell's New XPS Systems @ podcasts.digitaltrends.com
[Jun-05-06] (0 Comments)

The big news of the week centers around the raid on The Pirate Bay, where Swedish officials confiscated the servers and equipment of a bit torrent site. Will they be back? Well, looks promising, but you'll have to go here and refresh until TPB sees the light of day once again. While you're waiting, check out the updated Intel roadmap. Chicago. You can get some of the best pizza in the world there. You can also get pulled over by a Segway riding cop. I've seen =91em, and yes, it is as awkward as you might expect. But if that isn't disturbing enough, take your faulty hard drive to Best Buy, so they can pawn it off at a flea market. Just remember to use Eraser first. Vonage had their IPO this week. Whew! What a stinker!

ThermoHawk 400 Touchless Thermometer @ metku.net
[May-11-06] (0 Comments)

Sensor in ThermoHawks operates by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the object/surface being measured. This technique brings a lot of benefits. Being touchless is one of the most crucial. This allows you to take measurements from very hot, sterile or hazardous material that would be impossible with many thermometers that are operated via a physical contact.

Alienware Sentia m3400 Notebook Computer @ xyzcomputing.com
[Mar-08-06] (0 Comments)

One problem area for the build-your-own-PC crowd has always been notebook computers. When your hobby or job involves building your own computers i t is very easy to disparage system builders for their high prices, lacklus ter machines, and limited options, but when a notebook computer is needed these people find themselves in an awkward position. Because there is no good way to building a notebook computer the way you would a normal PC, w e find ourselves buying systems from the very companies which we have trie d so hard to avoid. One partial solution to this problem is to get a not ebook computer from a company which is a bit cooler than the normal manufa cturer, one which understands the needs of the enthusiast. Whether you a re a fan of Alienware or not, it can't be denied they have designed their computers to be more appealing to the gamer and hobbyist than the average Dell or HP.

ThermoHawk 200 Infrared Thermometer @ thinkcomputers.org
[Feb-11-06] (0 Comments)

Today I have for review something that every reviewer should have in their 'kit', but not just us reviewers, a lot of peoplecan benefit from this tool. I saw these being debuted at CES and I just had to stop by and check them out, well we got to talkingand they agreed to a review of one. It is the ThermoHawk infrared thermometer from Q3I. One of the things that intrigued me was theuse of new patent-pending technology that is the base of the ThermoHawk. Is it any good? Let's find out...

Titan Eagle Universal VGA Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
[Dec-30-05] (0 Comments)

Titan is a relative newcomer to the cooling business, but from what I have seen they are a rising star. They produce qualityproducts that not only look good but perform good as well. It seems everyone is coming up with aftermarket cooling solutions fortoday's high end video cards, and everyone is trying to lure customers with some sort of attractive packaging. Recently I reviewedthe Evercool Nighthawk VGA cooler, its cover was in the shape of a Stealth Airplane. Today for review I have the Titan EagleUniversal VGA cooler, as the name suggests it has an eagle theme to it. It might look good but does it perform? Let's find out.

Evercool Nighthawk Universal VGA Cooler @ thinkcomputers.org
[Dec-11-05] (0 Comments)

Evercool, great name for a company that makes cooling products huh? Most likely you have heard of them, and there is achance that you own something of theirs or someone who does. Evercool is sort of known for making interesting looking products. Alot of their products are made to resemble something other than what it actually is intended for, like their Neon Crab memory coolerfor instance. Well today I have another of Evercool's themed products, The VC-F117 Nighthawk Universal VGA Cooler.

ViewSonic VX924 3ms LCD Monitor @ xyzcomputing.com
[Oct-31-05] (0 Comments)

Over the past year or two computer users have been witnessing something v ery interesting- the maturation of the LCD monitor. In a short amount of time these products went from being overpriced and awkwardly designed to being the mainstay of the display industry and the forefront of technology . This review will be taking a look at ViewSonic's VX924 display. This display has been making headlines for a number of reasons, the foremost b eing its impressive 3ms response time. When it comes to LCD displays Vie wSonic has been doing well, but much of the focus has been on their compet itors, like Samsung. The VX924 marks a major step in the right direction and one of the more interesting displays to come along in some time.

Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse @ thinkcomputers.org
[Oct-22-05] (0 Comments)

The overall feel of the mouse does take some getting used to, the rubber grips on the side protrude out a bit too far in myopinion. The mouse itself is very lightweight, and moves with little resistance across my mousepad, which is an Xray Thunder9, roughsurface pad. The buttons on the left side of the mouse were easily accessible, but the buttons on the right were a bit difficult toreach, especially the second one located farther back on the mouse. I found myself actually moving my whole hand over to find thebuttons, the reason for this was, again, the rubber grip protrudes a bit to far, the buttons are located under the grip itself, andyou have to essentially maneuver your finger around and under the grip to reach the buttons, I found this very awkward and difficultto get used to.

Evercool Nighthawk and Neon Crab @ insanetek.com
[Sep-18-05] (0 Comments)

Evercool continues to release many various cooling products for our system needs. The Nighthawk looks similar to the Jetart VGAcooler. The Neon Crab might come in handy for those toasty hot memory sticks.

Computer Lighter & Cup Holder @ atruereview.com
[Sep-04-05] (0 Comments)

For those of you that like to sip down your favorite beverage whileat the computer, finding a place to set it down might be rough. If yourdesk is cluttered, you might put it in some awkward place. Next thing youknow, it has spilt all over your desk, and maybe onto your computer case.That is why Geeks sells a device for your computer that attempts to solvethis problem. The computer cup holder will store a beverage on your case.As an added bonus for you smokers out there, it comes with a cigarettelighter.

Bigbruin.com :Evercool F117 Nighthawk VGA Cooler @ bigbruin.com
[Aug-08-05] (0 Comments)

In its latest venture into cooling Evercool has created the F117 Nighthawk Universal VGA Cooler. With a crafty, sharp looking design that resembles the state of the art fighter jet, the F117 should prove to be a pretty solid product. Evercool has provided me with one for review, so let's take a look at how it performs.

Project Nighthawk @ thebestcasescenario.com
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Cableorganizer.com, the leader in cable management solutions, recently announced the unveiling of its Project Nighthawk, the latest custom computer masterpiece created by renowned modder Paul Capello. Perfect for flight simulators and any other demanding role-playing games, Project Nighthawk gives players a new dimension of excitement.

Hawking Hi-Gain 2.4 GHz Antenna @ xyzcomputing.com
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Wireless networking is not always easy=2E Things like routers and access points are expensive and their range is limited=2E So if you are trying to set up your entire home on a wireless network, you don't only need the know-how and the hardware but a few little tricks will certainly help out=2E This review will be taking a look at the Hawking Hi-Gain Antenna which is compatible with 2=2E4 GHz 802=2E11 b/g wireless standards=2E This item is supposed to boost your wireless signal for a fraction of the cost of a the rest of your networking hardware=2E

Thermaltake CircleFire Review @ GruntVillE
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"Now it's time for the bad news… The 2W speaker is very low quality and has a squawking, somewhat ‘tinny' sound. I honestly believe my Nintendo GameBoy from 10+ years ago had better sound. To make things worse, the volume button on the unit has three states; Loud, Louder, and Louder+1. The only way I could tolerate the sound was to have the Circlefire set on the lowest setting, and drop my PC volume to less than 25%. And I use “tolerate” in the least enthusiastic way possible."

SkyHawk IceQ IMC6375 Mini BareBone Review Part 2 @ GruntVillE
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"The memory timings are up to snuff and should provide enough leeway to get what you want out of the installed ram. Nothing too special here but you may notice the extra menu at the bottom relating to “on chip vga settings”. These allow you to choose whether or not you want to use the provided etbios option that is one of this boards main selling points. If you choose to use your own card and disable the onboard video, you’re effectively telling the bios that you’d rather not deal with the ET option and rely on your OS to play your DVD’s instead. Once a video card is installed the options available on the Integrated Peripherals screen will disappear to avoid any confusion about what you can and can’t do."

SkyHawk IceQ IMC6375 Mini BareBone Review Part 1 @ GruntvillE.com
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A dual Xeon system does me no good if it takes over half my living room to use it. Here we can see the side and back shots of the IMC6375. With its brushed aluminum outer casing and well vented sides you can already tell that if set up properly internally, you should have no problem with heat buildup. From the back view you can plainly see the 80mm PSU exhaust fan and the ovular (it’s a word, look it up) shaped exhaust port for the Spire cooler. This is where all of the hot air from the systems CPU is ducted directly out the back to avoid hot spots and dead zones.

Icemat Siberia Headset @ xyzcomputing.com
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...connected to an Ipod, my listening enjoyment reached new heights of style. Built for gaming, a boom microphone might have seemed natural, but it would have made portable listening awkward. The clip on microphone left the consumer with the choice of where and how to use their beautiful Siberia headphones. What good would its beauty be if no one saw it?

How to use an Xbox Controller as a USB PC Gamepad @ ocmodshop.com
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When I bought Tony Hawk Underground 2 the game simply wasn’t playable with a mouse and keyboard so I needed a gamepad. I had a lot of consoles but I like the Xbox controller the most of all, however that is a personal preference. The big plus of an Xbox is that it is in fact an extremely modded pc, well in my eye’s it is. So if you know how to strip and solder a few wires you can get your Xbox controller to work on your pc, here’s how we do it.

Various News Items
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Cooler Master Cavalier 1 CAV-T01 @ overclockersonline.com
Review of PLEXTOR External 12x4x16 PX-712UF DVD Writer @ bonafidereviews.com
ATI Radeon Xpress 200 @ t-break
Traxdata Media full Presentation @ CDRinfo.com
HEXUS.net Review: Akasa's Eclipse 62
Waffer PC AirCon PAC 400 System Cooler @ OCTools.com
ECS 755-A2 Socket 754 Motherobard @ pcperspective.com
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9 nForce4 Ultra Motherboard Review @ pcstats.com
NFSU 2 Review with 8 in-game movies and updated benchmark results! @ gameconnect.info
Sky Hawk IMC-6371 Mini Barebone System Video Review #503: @ 3dgameman

Various News Items
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DangerDen TDX @ overclockersonline.com
Jetart JAP416A CPU Cooler @ 3dvelocity.com
Wireless A/V Spycam Review @ OCIA.net
Asetek WaterChill Power Kit Water Cooling Review @ BigBruin.Com
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude PC Review @ My Guy Games
Topram 1GB SD Card Review @ hardextreme.org
MSI K8T Neo2 FIR AMD Athlon 63 939 motherboard review. @ a1-electronics.net
Apple iPod Mini Review @ The Tech Zone
Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Review @ gameconnect.info
HEXUS.net Review: BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra Overclocked
Albatron PCX5750 review @ ocmodshop.com

SuperTalent Active Memory Cooler Review @ GruntVillE
[Jul-12-04] (0 Comments)

I find it funny then that for the most part our memory has been left to the feeble protection of thin heat spreaders. I spent some serious cash on my memory and I imagine you did to. I want a product that helps protects my investment so that I can safely squeeze out every last MHz from my system. And call me vain but I expect it to look good as well. I haven't spent hours upon hours improving my rigs appearance to tape a big awkward fan on my memory sticks… Well this review of the Super Talent LED Memory Cooler looks like a promising solution to my needs. It has two fans set into a rather sharp looking clear housing that slips on to the RAM. The looks are pretty snappy, but read on and we will take a closer look to see if it actually makes a cooling difference.

GeForce 6800 Launch @ Bit Tech
[Apr-15-04] (0 Comments)

What is extremely interesting is that NV's developer relations team have clearly been working overtime - unlike previous generations of cards, there will actually be titles that support the new features within the 6-month llifecycle of the card! Significantly, there will be patches for both PainKiller and FarCry that will enable them to use Shader Model 3.0 to improve the look of the game.

Perhaps even more significantly, check out the game at the bottom - Vampire: Bloodlines. If you have been following the development of this game, you will know that it is based on the Source engine - the same engine that powers Half Life 2, developed by Valve Software. With Valve Software signing a co-marketing agreement with ATI (and, we presume, not including Shader 3 support to avoid any awkward ATI-support questions) seeing a licensee embrace Nvidia's leadership must be painful for both Valve and ATI.

Eagle Touch Wireless Power Office Keyboard XP Review @ OCIA.net
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As you can see it comes with the keyboard and the wrist rest, which is seperate from the keyboard. If you're like me you probably won't find much use for it. I found the wrist rest to be a little bit too big. It put my wrists at an awkward angle. Also pictured is the nice mouse, receiver, installation CD, and the batteries for the mouse and keyboard. There was an instruction manual included, but I didn't photograph it. Why you ask? I'll get to that.

MSI FX5900XT-VTD128 Videocard Review @ Pcstats
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The GeForceFX 5900XT GPU has basically been equipped with some slower memory, and priced it at about half of what a regular GeForceFX 5900 goes for. Naturally, being a top of the line card, the MSI GeForceFX 5900XT easily outperforms the GeForceFX 5700 Ultra, and handily trounces ATi's Radeon 9600XT to boot. In fact nVIDIA may have even put themselves in the awkward position where one product could potentially steal sales away from the other. It's like the GeForce4 Ti4200 situation all over again, but this time more is on the line.

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