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Auras Shagon ARC-118 Heatsink @ frostytech.com
[Jun-08-11] (0 Comments)

The Auras Shagon ARC-118 heatsink is built around four 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and a 50x100mm aluminum fin stack. The heatsink features an exposed heatpipe base and utilizes a single 2400-1000RPM 92mm PWM fan for all its cooling needs. Since this heatsink is equipped with a 92mm fan, noise levels tend to be moderate at stock speeds and whisper quiet at minimum RPM. Total heatsink foot print is 101x88mm, its weight is 460 grams.

Jays c-Jays Headphones @ techpowerup.com
[Jan-30-09] (0 Comments)

Swedish headphone manufacturer Jays recently released the much anticipated c-Jays supra-aural headphones. Their slim design together with a customizable sound signature has made quite a stir amongst the headphone crowd.

Raidmax Aura Case at Modders-Inc @ modders-inc.com
[Oct-22-08] (0 Comments)

Raidmax has introduced a new member to its Performance SeriesGaming Cases, the Raidmax AURA. A mid-tower computer case.

Technic3D/Auras Fridge VGA Cooler @ technic3d.com
[Aug-26-08] (0 Comments)

The Auras Fridge VGA Heatsink arrived Technic3D. Auras Fridge supports also VGA cards from NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT and 9600GT series. The VGA coolers comes with place for two 120mm Fans. See you in the fo llowing Review the Fridge on a 9600 GT compared with Arctic Cooling, X igmatek Battle-Axe Cooler, Thermalright, GFXChilla and the Zerotherm H urricane HC92 Cu.

Raidmax Aura Case @ hardwaresecrets.com
[Aug-05-08] (0 Comments)

Raidmax has just launched a series of mini-tower cases targeted to the female audience, Aura, available in four unique colors:seashell pink, emerald green, polar blue and “really black”.

Staying Independent @ bit-tech.net
[Jan-28-08] (0 Comments)

There are a lot of crushed souls in the games industry. A lotof peoplewho set out with the hope of creating fantastic new games that allowthem to express their creativity, whilst simultaneously providing agreat experience for the players. These are the people who were cutdeepest when publisher’s pull the budget on the “risky” titles infavour of the “safe bets”. These are the people who lost a little morehope each time the producer told them that their idea was way too ‘outthere’ for a modern audience. We knew people like this when we set up Introversion and we run intothem now and then in the bars and restaurants surrounding the gamesconferences. When we first set out to write video games we knew the damage thatpublishers could do both to games themselves, and the people writingthem, and we were not willing to let that happen to us. In order toensure our creative freedom, we had to be independent from publishersand license holders, and that independence has become a guiding mantrafor us.Independence from publishers has allowed us ultimate freedom andenabled us to create without compromise, explore without boundaries andlive by a work ethos that isn’t about setting limitations. After sixyears with the sole aim of keeping the company financially afloat, wedid a spot of team building or as industry bods call it, ‘visionalignment’. We wanted to establish in what direction we might all beheading. Despite the fact that we’re a fairly disparate bunch of peoplewith very different motivations, the exercise really proved thatremaining independent was the key shared aspiration at Introversion.

Unleash the Fury @ techdomain.com.au
[Jan-08-08] (0 Comments)

There has been a lot of bad press about the Australian developed online PvP game, Fury, by Auran studios. The unfortunate thing is that most of these reviewers appeared to miss the point of what the game is all about. A brief look on the offical Fury forums is all it takes to realise that the Fury community at large is clearly unhappy with this situation. So, what can we, at TechDomain, do to help? The answer was to write a fair review that accurately reflects the state of the game. We'll be taking a interesting approach to our analysis of this unique title. We thought we would try something different - we invited the Fury community at large to contribute to our latest review, a game which I've come to love as a challenging competitive PvP game in a genre of its own. Ultimately, we asked them to Unleash the Fury.

XClio 188 Super Tower @ overclockersonline.net
[Apr-28-07] (0 Comments)

The 188 case is very top notch. It is very well built and has solid construction with no creaks or rattles. The minimalistic design gives the case a very attractive aura, and it's cooling performance is excellent. The theme of being simple has been shown throughout this review, with screws being needed everywhere. This does not exactly mean it is going to be harder to install your system, tool-less designs can be sometimes flimsy and can even bring up compatibility problems. This is the first case in a while that has not been provided with thumbscrews (which appears to be a must in almost all cases), but that doesn't put this case off one bit.

Lunch @ thinkcomputers.org
[Jan-19-07] (0 Comments)

Lunch@Piero's is another great press event that takes place during CES. It actually gives us members of the press time torelax and get a free meal too! Piero's restaurant is located right across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center so it isreally convenient for Press to walk right over. It is a really cool environment with half of the restaurant reserved for eating andthe other half is setup with small booth's showing some great new technology from many different companies. So let's see what all wesaw at Luch@Piero's!

SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB MP3 Player @ xyzcomputing.com
[Jun-23-06] (0 Comments)

Often what happens when MP3 players are reviewed is that they are compared profusely with the market leader, Apple. The end result is usually some thing along the lines of =93well, it's not as good as an iPod, but=85. =94 In this case, however, the SanDisk Sansa e260 has enough features and panache to stand on its own against any player on the market. To begin w ith, let's talk about what everyone seems to really care about most:sty le. The e260 happens to be a pretty little thing, without having the typ ical Apple =93too nice to touch=94 aura. It's pretty, yes, but walking around with it in your pocket doesn't feel like redoing your high schoo l =93baby egg=94 project.

Nvidia to invade Processor market? @ ngohq.com
[Jun-08-06] (0 Comments)

Here at Computex we have the privilege of meeting a lot of companies’ employees ranging from CEO`s all the way down to Customer Service. We were very fortunate to speak with someone from Nvidia at a restaurant. We can not say who this person is, or what position this person holds. According to Him/Her, Nvidia will invade the processor market in the long future, telling us that it could take years but eventually - it will happen.

Techconnect's Behringer TRUTH B2029A @ tcmagazine.info
[Nov-02-05] (0 Comments)

Do you feel the noise? DO YOU? Well, you will, once you hook the B2092A to your setup:this massive and powerful entry-level subwoofer has all the plugs and dials it takes to enjoy powerful, quality bass, without the insane price tag that some aural experiences come with.

Imation Disk Stakka @ xyzcomputing.com
[Oct-07-05] (0 Comments)

Enter Imation. Their shockingly lightweight Disc Stakka, which stylisti cally resembles something like a restaurant booster chair for toddlers, is designed to rid me and the rest of the world of our optical backup woes. Despite Playskool styling, the Disc Stakka seems to bring a lot to the ta ble. In brief, the Disc Stakka is a combination jukebox, Lazy Susan, and databased storage-solution. Its internal (and inaccessible) carousel ho lds 100 five-inch optical discs (sorry, no mini-CDs for you). The slot-l oading mechanism up front is merely a loading bay; there is no drive or op tics present in this device whatsoever.

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