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Overclocking the Athlon AMD XP-M chip
Posted by News-Bot on July 08th 2006

Since its origins, overclocking has come a very long way - with vast amounts of time, energy, and money paid into the lofty ideal of pushing a processor to previously unheard of speeds. Todayís enthusiasts use all forms of cooling, from simple heatsink and fan setups to water and even phase-change systems, to combat the age-old enemy of heat. Along with employing better cooling tactics, enthusiasts also spend a lot of time researching their parts (including the batch numbers) and trying all manner of little tricks to get the most out of their system and processor. This article covers my personal experiences of overclocking the AMD Athlon XP-M chip and all of the barriers encountered. While it isnít a comprehensive guide for beginners, it does cover many important aspects of overclocking.

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