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Identity Theft at Work
Posted by News-Bot on June 27th 2006

I believe lack of understanding is the main security issue withidentity theft; therefore, I gave a presentation to my company recently. Init I mentioned how easy it is to steal someone's identity at work. My hopewas that employees would fear for their own identity and have a betterunderstanding of why they need to support our security policies. If anemployee understands how to protect their identity at work, odds are theywill protect a customer's identity from theft. This article highlights someof the points from my presentation and follows up with the actions we aretaking to prevent identity theft and breeches of security at work. My goalis that viewers who read this article can learn how to protect theirinformation from identity theft at work and at home. If anyone in the ITfield reads this article and doesn't have a security policy in place todeal with identity theft at work, I would hope this article convinces theminto protecting their fellow employees identity. As an added bonus, doingthese things will increase security at work and eliminate some headachesdown the road.

View article at atruereview.com

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