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Griffin radioSHARK USB AM/FM Desktop Radio
Posted by News-Bot on June 27th 2006

Every so often I get a product for review that is really cool and I find very useful. Lots of days and nights I spendsitting in front of the computer working on my sites and doing reviews etc. This is something that can become very tedious and it'snice to be able to play music, but after listening to the same old CDs over and over it does get old. I personally like to listen totalk radio, especially in the mornings but most computers can't do that out of the box, so we need to get an add-on for it. Todayfor review I have a product that I found very cool and very useful; it's the Radio Shark from Griffin. The Radio Shark not onlyallows you to listen to AM and FM radio, but you can do time shifting like pause the live broadcast, it also allows you to schedulerecording as well, sort of like TiVO for radio.

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