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Benchmarking Intel Conroe Core 2 X6800, E6700 and E6600
Posted by News-Bot on June 10th 2006

We've seen benchmarks this week from other websites but none have been able to provide a complete set like we have nor have they been able to produce actual photos of the new CPU or any form of screenshots - we aren't holding back, we are going to show you everything which we saw. Some websites posted benchmark results from a pre-built test system by Intel in Europe, which they really didn't have much control over. On the other hand, we tested using a retail Intel 965P motherboard from Gigabyte, the 965P-DQ6 to be exact, without any interference from either Intel or Gigabyte. We were left on our own to build the system from scratch, install all of our own software, use our own benchmarking demos - just as we would in our own labs - it's a truly independent set of benchmark numbers on a system you will be able to buy once Intel release their processors to the market.

View article at tweaktown.com

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