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1GB Verbatim Store'n'Go U3 Smart Drive
Posted by News-Bot on May 29th 2006

There are many people that spend most of their days working in front ofseveral computers - at home, at work, at school, basically everywhere theygo. Without a laptop, these people are forced to migrate between each of thecomputers they work on during the day, and start wandering about in eachsystem, wasting time. Now, imagine if you will, a world where each and everycomputer that you work on, has your favorite software, your desktop, yourdocuments and even your web bookmarks will be already installed, justwaiting for you to use it. Sounds nice, doesn't it?This utopic vision is exactly what the U3 Smart Drive is trying to deliver.At the end of September 2005, a number of mobile flash memories (Disk-On-Keyas it's normally referred to) manufactures, lead by M-System (Israel) andSanDisk, have launched the U3 platform. The U3 devices appear exactly as anyother flash storage device, but besides their capacity to store files, theyare integrated by a mini OS which enables you to install specificapplications directly on your USB drive, thus turning it into sort of areplica of your familiar desktop computer.

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