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Mini-ITX Project Part III - Linux PVR
Posted by News-Bot on March 24th 2006

For the past few months I have been spending a lot of time using my Mini- ITX computer. This was originally a project system which I put together so that I would have something small and silent for my living room, on whi ch I could do a few very basic tasks, like check my email and get on the i nternet. The first part of the project featured a system which booted Pu ppy Linux off of a flash USB drive, a solution which was simple and quiet, but not very powerful. In the second part of the project the system was given a new case, improved cooling, and it booted off of a LiveCD and cou ld save to a CF card. As I used the system more I decided the best cours e of action would be to make a few more changes and increase the system's functionality, despite the impact that this could have on its silent opera tion.

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