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Crucial 2gig 3200 Value kit
Posted by News-Bot on December 04th 2005

Now I don't know about you but I personally think 2 gig kits arepretty expensive and I believe around 50-60 percent of gamers won't beplanning this sort of upgrade due to the cost involved. So step forwardCrucial's 3200 value 2 gig kit. Priced at $321 dollars (or $289 if youvisit Crucial before Christmas) and 219 respectively would it be goodenough to make the gamer used to performance ram with low timings makethe switch to a value 2 gig kit as the price is too high and out ofthere reach for a low latency performance 2 gig set? Well that's what weare here to find outLink:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/review.php?id=220 60x60 thumb:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview220.jpg Larger thumb:http://www.xtremecomputing.co.uk/images/review/preview220a.jpg As always a news post is appreciated and thanks in Advance Regards,Richard

View article at xtremecomputing.co.uk

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