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"The Convergence of Monitors and Televisions"
Posted by News-Bot on November 09th 2005

Now, more than a few months into the time of LCD dominance in the compute r market, flat panel televisions are becoming more accessible to consumers than ever before. Just as LCD computer monitors made rapid inroads into the market in the late 90s, the shift it starting to be made in televisio ns as well. This situation is no surprise though, for a few years now co nsumers have seen prohibitively expensive flat panel televisions in stores , bars, and in the homes celebrities and wanted to have their own. The p icture quality and dimensions of flat screen televisions have landed them on almost every consumer's wish list. With computers and televisions usi ng flat panel technology (normally LCD, but plasma as well), it is becomin g clear that the two products are on a collision course. The growing sim ilarities between LCD televisions and displays coupled with the increasing interactivity between computers and the home theater has made this practi cally an inevitability.

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