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The Mini-ITX Project Part II
Posted by News-Bot on October 24th 2005

Once my original Mini-ITX project was completed I finally had a chance to sit back and use the computer. After a couple weeks of general internet browsing, emailing, and so forth, I was able to get a better understandin g of the system and a feel for its design. Knowing how simple my needs w ere, the Mini-ITX project computer was orginally designed to be as basic a nd quiet as possible. This meant no hard drive, no extra accessories- ju st a stripped down system. While this suited my needs well at the time, its lack of versatility soon became an issue. This meant it was back to the drawing board for a retooling of the Mini-ITX project computer. The changes include a new case, operating system and boot device, along with i mproved cooilng.

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