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HEXUS.gaming Inteview::Marko Hein, Nintendo
Posted by News-Bot on September 03rd 2005

What is revolutionary about Nintendogs is the controlinterface=85 It really is hands-free, using real voice recognition.When you first choose a dog from all the breeds available, you usethe touch screen to pet it and stroke it, and while you're doingthis, the game prompts you to give your dog a name. You can call itanything and the game will ask you a few times to repeat the name, soit records your voice and the sound to then associate that sound withthe dog's name=85 After while you'll be able to open up the DS, turnthe game on and call your dog, who'll then come over. You caninteract with your dog purely by using your voice without even havingto have the DS in your hands=85

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