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New at Moditory.com:Dustproof AcoustiFan
Posted by News-Bot on August 07th 2005

When it comes to cooling solutions, most people still use airfor their PC's. Air is cheap (free most places), you can buy silent fansto avoid any overly noisy fans, and you won't spend a ton of money. You'llstill have to deal with dust though. Filters can only help so much. We'veall opened up a case an seen the results of what could've been a nucleardust bunny. After some cleaning, it looks good as new and will stay thatway, at least for a little while. But when looking closely at your fans,the innards are usually exposed by a small space around the core of thefan, allowing for dust and other airborne hoodlums to penetrate into yourfan and accumulate somewhere that you can't clean off. This ingestion ofdust can also shorten the life of the fan as it may interfere withinternal components. This is why Acousti Products created their newDustproof fan. It's even quieter than their normal batch of silent fansand will keep dust from penetrating into the fan, extending it's lifetimeand prolonging replacement. Sound intriguing? Investigate further withus.

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