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ZVOX 315 Sound Console
Posted by News-Bot on July 07th 2005

Speakers can run you all amounts of cash. From as little as $20,well into the thousands. The goal is to get the best sounding, hardesthitting system for the least amount of money possible. Isn't that truewith everything though? Anyways, ZVOX has created the 315 Sound Console; a2.1 box that aims to fill the room you're in with sound, creating theillusion of surround sound. It can also connect to any audio source with aheadphone jack or RCA plugs, promotes ease-of-use/setup, and while itmight be more expensive than most 2.1 systems if it can achieve surroundsound from our MP3 players and TV, as well as with the PC, this DVD-playerwidth box might have conventional pre-5.1 sets beat. See what the 315 hasin store for your ears in this review.

View article at moditory.com

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