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Neoseeker 3 way HD Cooler/Silencer shootout
Posted by News-Bot on June 15th 2005

When it comes to the three products' silencing abilities, not much can besaid for the Xilencer. Rather than silencing the drive, it actuallyamplified its vibrational and operating noise, just as I had suspected. Thetwo large metal covers, making direct contact with the drive, act asamplifiers. Padding is a must if there is to be a reduction in noise forsuch a small enclosure. The SilenX Luxurae and Cooler Master CoolDrive, onthe other hand, do what they are intended to do. When placed in eitherenclosure, the WD Raptor was noticeably less audible. Any audible noise Imay have heard was during hardcore thrashing, and even then it was verymuffled. On the other hand, when placed in the A.C. Ryan Xilencer, the WDRaptor's thrashing sounded more metallic than usual, undoubtedly due to thelack of padding as previously discussed.

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