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Interview with Female Modder JessAlba452
Posted by Red Squirrel on February 24th 2005

Every now and then someone comes along into the modding community that really makes you do a double take. Someone that is a breath of fresh air in the dark, dank corners that we build our rigs in. Someone who is free of ego and is open to sit down and discuss their take on themselves, their mods, and the modding community. But best of all...this particular modder is a she, yep thats right a "Chick Modder". In what could be considered a male dominated hobby, along comes JessAlba452. And let me tell you she has made a big splash since the day she arrived. Coming from virtually out of nowhere and getting all of our male hormones revved up, she started on a project called VASH based on the Anime series Trigun. What was about to unfold was one of the best mods I have seen in a long time and the fact that it came from someone so new was astounding.

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