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Halo 2 (XBox) Review
Posted by Red Squirrel on November 08th 2004

When I bought my Xbox a couple of years ago, my first game was Halo. I didnít know much about it but it had some good reviews. On the first level (Pillar of Autumn), I had to get used to the controller and it didnít go very well, and I didnít like the game very much at all, so I went back to my PC. The day after I thought: ĎI paid for this game. I have to play ití. I put in the game disk again, and got started on the ĎHaloí level. I got out of the escape pod, and was actually amazed by the enviroment. It wasnít some dull spaceship but a big open enviroment with little streams and big waterfalls, though I didnít have much time to take a good look, as covenant forces were on their way. I ran ahead shooting at some covenant troops, and suddenly I heard human weapons gunfire. Around the corner there was a squad of marines fighting off the alien bad guys.

I helped them out and they started to explain that there were more escape pods crashed in the region. Before I knew it a plane flew by and dropped a warthog (an all terrain futuristic jeep). I climbed in the driverís seat, and a marine came to sit next to me, and another climbed behind the gun emplacement in the back. Then I drove off and ended up participating in a huge adventure.

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