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MGE XG Ice Age Socket 478 Cooler
Posted by Red Squirrel on October 24th 2004

What we have today is MGE's first attempt at a CPU cooler, given the name "Ice Age". The version we have is for Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 CPUs. As many of you know, Intel's latest CPUs, both Northwood and Prescott, are well known for the extreme amount of heat they generate. Keeping these processors cool would require a large heatsink with a high CFM fan. Trying to cool these scorchers under silent operation in an overclocked environment is no easy task. The recent implementation of heatpipe technology on CPU heatsinks allowed for much better cooling, as it pulled heat away from the center of the CPU and distributed it evenly across the heatsink fins. This made cooling an overclocked Pentium 4 in silence an easily achievable possibility. MGE thus comes with their first heatpipe CPU cooler.

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