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GeForce 6800 Launch
Posted by Red Squirrel on April 15th 2004

What is extremely interesting is that NV's developer relations team have clearly been working overtime - unlike previous generations of cards, there will actually be titles that support the new features within the 6-month llifecycle of the card! Significantly, there will be patches for both PainKiller and FarCry that will enable them to use Shader Model 3.0 to improve the look of the game.

Perhaps even more significantly, check out the game at the bottom - Vampire: Bloodlines. If you have been following the development of this game, you will know that it is based on the Source engine - the same engine that powers Half Life 2, developed by Valve Software. With Valve Software signing a co-marketing agreement with ATI (and, we presume, not including Shader 3 support to avoid any awkward ATI-support questions) seeing a licensee embrace Nvidia's leadership must be painful for both Valve and ATI.

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