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SteelSeries RIVAL Optical Gaming Mouse
Posted by newsbot on June 07th 2014

If you happen to be a space sim fan like myself you should bewell aware that just a couple of weeks ago David Braben announced the launchof the Elite:Dangerous Premium Beta open only to backers and just yesterdayChris Roberts announced the pre-alpha availability of Squadron 42 (ArenaCommander V0.8) again for backers of the game. Thanks to both Chris Robertsand David Braben these two space sim titles alone may be more than enough tocause a serious ripple effect in the gaming industry not only because bothare solely funded via crowd funding and thus many more will most likelyfollow in the near future but also because fans of both legends will bewilling to spend quite a bit in order to play these games at maximumgraphics (trust me when i say they are more than just worth the investment).Of course joysticks, gaming keyboards and mice will be the primaryperipherals people will look to get and so today we are taking a look at onesuch peripheral the latest RIVAL Optical Gaming Mouse by SteelSeries.

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