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Kingston PC-4000 Hyper-X
Posted by Red Squirrel on January 16th 2004

Overclockers Only! Stock System Builders Need Not Apply! PC4000 is to the computer industry as the "Performance Chip" is to the auto industry. Every salesman and mechanic knows they exist, but when you mention it and ask what it will do for you, you'll get dirty looks and maybe even asked to leave. PC4000 is a not yet accepted standard that caters to the Overclocker. At 250MHZ, this RAM is already running 50MHz over specification. The difference between a good overclock, and a great overclock usually comes down to the system RAM and how high you can push a synchronous Overclock. With the bar being set at 250MHZ, anything above and beyond is The Golden Egg of Overclocking.

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