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AMD Brazos and Zacate Architecture P - Bobcat Explored
Posted by newsbot on November 11th 2010

Zacate is the full 18 watt TDP part, and it will run at 1.6GHz for the core CPU speed, and 500 MHz for the DX11 GPU portion.That graphics portion is made up of 2 x 80 unit SIMDs, so it has agrand total of 160 stream processors. If these follow the standardlayout, each SIMD unit will also have 4 x texture units attached, soessentially double the texturing power as a AMD 880G integratedchipset, and four times the stream count. It is quite anaccomplishment to have this much stuff, running at those clockspeeds,yet still only have an 18 watt TDP. Ontario has the same basicmakeup, but is rated at 9 watts.

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