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Kingston HyperX LoVo 1866MHz DDR3 4GB Memory Kit
Posted by newsbot on May 06th 2010

The Kingston HyperX LoVo memory kit was great to review as we learned a number of things during testing the memory kit. The first is that not all motherboards have DDR3 (vDIMM) voltage settings that go low enough to support memory kits like this. This is an easy fix by motherboard manufactures, but it will require a BIOS update in order to support super low voltages like 1.25V. The second thing that we learned is that memory voltages and memory clock frequencies play a serious role in power consumption! To be honest we never looked that close at power consumption at various clock frequencies when keeping the vDIMM and memory timings constant. It was an eye opener to how big of a power consumption difference we were seeing at the wall when going from just 1333MHz with 1.24V to 1600MHz with 1.24V...

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