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Asus EAH 4890 - XSs
Posted by newsbot on November 04th 2009

Withthe recent arrival of the new ATI Radeon HD 5 series graphicscards causing a great deal of interest, the previous best performingsingle GPU from ATI – the 4890 – has been left by the way side alittle. Although, on the whole, the ATI DX11 GPU launches have been agreat success for ATI, many users will still be sticking to the 4series, if not older, cards and as ATI seeks to monopolise theDirectX11 Market with nVidia’s Fermi Technology lagging far behind,it’s definitely a good time to be investing in a 4890 or other 4 seriesGPU. To further the lure of the 4890, ASUS have been quick to beef up thecard with a unique cooler allowing for increases to both the memory andcore frequencies. Being part of the “Formula” series is essentiallyequivalent to Sapphire’s Vapor-X or XFX’s XXX Edition cards whereby thestock 4890 is overclocked and tweaked to ultimately create a better,more unique card. Let’s take a look.

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