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CoolIt Domino ALC CPU Cooler
Posted by newsbot on August 09th 2009

When it comes to water cooling a PC, there is still a number ofusers out there that cringe at the thought of having water in their chassis.Although they are focusing on the negative side of the combination, the useof water cooling in a PC has come a long way over the last few years. Withthe increase in popularity of water cooling, manufactures are creating moreuser friendly water cooling options for those that don't want to dive inhead first. The CoolIT Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) system is justone of the examples available to the public wanting to get their feet wetwith water cooling. The Domino ALC allows a user to cool his/her CPU withwater while taking a lot of the hassles that come with water cooling out ofthe picture. Is the Domino ALC what you're looking for? Read on to find out.

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