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AMA Aragon 900 - XSs
Posted by newsbot on June 04th 2009

Theintroduction of the latest Intel i7 processorshave certainly caused something of a shock with a TDP of a whopping130W. Air cooling solutions have been adapted with dual fans, biggerheatsinks, and more heatpipes in order to try and keep the allimportant CPU cool. With Intel now revealing two new additions to thei7 range – the 975 and 950 – which run at 3.33GHz and 3.06GHzrespectively even more emphasis has been placed on cooling.Traditionally, air cooling is the lowest form of cooling followed bywater, then phase changing and all the way up to liquid nitrogen andhelium for extreme overclockers; without a doubt all of this and morewill be put into practise at the Gigabyte Open OverclockingChampionships (GOOC 2009) at Computex to see who can overclock the P45the furthest, 8GHz is the current world record. Anywayfor the majority of users all of these extreme cooling solutions areeither too complicated or too expensive and just not practical.However, water cooling has become more available and easier to use withkits like the one we will be looking at today - the AMA Aragon 900.However, kits like this have a seemingly bad reputation for comprisingof a bunch of lower end components unlike custom builds. So let’s seeif the Aragon 900 can buck the trend...

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