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[News] ASRock X58 SuperComputer Motherboard
Posted by newsbot on April 17th 2009

In the world of computers, value priced hardware has had quite a bitof a bad rap for quite a while. In the early dawn of the industry, cuttingcosts meant cutting corners. In these later days, the procedure of cuttingcosts has come through efficiency, simple manufacturing, and limitedbundles. Now, while ASRock has spent much of it's time in the former ofthese worlds, I happen to be able to confidently say that this board - thex58 SuperComputer is going to be a positive change on the pattern - a boardwith a good layout, plenty of features, and a nice low cost. The onlypotential catching point? We'll need to see how it performs. After all, ifthat ticket is in the bag, we may simply have a contender for the top slot!

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