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[News] Thermalright TRUE Copper Heatsink
Posted by newsbot on January 09th 2009

Well then, when it comes down to it, this TRUE is a bit of aparadox. It's a very heavy beast that performs to... some degree offantastic, though to be honest, it really could be better. There areabsolutely no qualms with aesthetics, design, or installation. Even thepackaging is up to the par set. But honestly? What it comes down to are thematerials themselves. Back when, the utilization of copper was in place dueto the inability of the heatsinks to dissipate the heat, due to a low amountof surface area. The other issue in the pipe, though, is the fact that thisheatpipe uses the same six heatpipes as every other TRUE; which means thatunless it can dissipate heat any faster, the additional heat capacity won'tdo much all of good. It's all a shame, but I do rather love this sink

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