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Neoseeker s the MSI R4830
Posted by newsbot on December 12th 2008

This is pretty astounding, really. At these clock speeds, using RivaTunerwe were able to get more performance out of our R4830 than a stock HD 4850!To put things into further perspective, the R4830 stock speed is 585 / 900,so the stable 734 / 1121 overclock we obtained is a 28% / 25% increase.Generally, video cards average about a 5% - 8% overclocking average, and 10%- 15% can be considered a nice overclock for a video card. The only othercard in the last one and half years of my tenure here at Neoseeker thatoverclocked nearly as good was the HD 2900 Pro.If you are into overclocking at all, this is the card to get. HD 4850+performance for a damn cheap price. Most impressive.

View article at neoseeker.com

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