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[Affiliates News] ATP ProMax II SDHC Class 6 2GB
Posted by newsbot on October 16th 2008

Here's some food for thought:Why bother with a 2GB SDHC cardand sacrifice compatibility advantages of a regular Secure Digital memorycard? If you already know the answer, carry on. If you don't, I won't keepyou waiting for all too long. Although Secure Digital High Capacity -- orotherwise SDHC -- cards have the same physical format as a standard SD card,they are not backwards compatible with drives that don't specifically supportSDHC. The reason behind this is different memory addressing methods. SD1.xcards uses byte addressing, while SD2.0 uses sector addressing whichtheoretically allows maximum capacity of up to two terabytes. Compatibilityand technical issues aside, SDHC cards may yield much better file performancecompared to SD cards; and SDHC cards are thus classified into Class 2, 4, or6 depending on their minimum write speed by the SD Association. Yes, it maybe weird that we have a 2GB sized ATP ProMax II Class 6 SDHC cards for ourtests today, as this product scales all the way up to 8GB according to ATP'sproduct page. That aside, let's take a close look at the ATP ProMax II SDHCClass 6 2GB, and then we'll put it to the tests.

View article at aphnetworks.com

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