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[Affiliates News] QNAP TS-409 Network Attached Storage System
Posted by newsbot on October 08th 2008

Ever since Junior High computer labs, all the documents we useare stored on network drives alone -- because the students will be using adifferent computer pretty much every time, and Deep Freeze are deployed onevery workstation so smart-arse 15 year olds won't be messing around thecomputers all that much. At home, however, all my documents are stored on mycomputer's local hard disks. I've never really given much thought into analways-on network drive because, well, this type of system never reallycaught my attention in the first place. As time progresses, my local areanetwork became more and more complicated and filled up with an ever expandingcount of computers. The need for a central data storage device due to thisphenomenon became more evident. Almost two years ago, I've reviewed theThermaltake Muse NAS RAID network attached storage device -- which broughtquite a revolutionary change of computer usage habits in my house, at leastfor me. From regular data transfers, data backups, local file hosting, tomedia streaming, I've always wondered how I ever lived without it for allthese years. There was one problem with the Muse NAS RAID though:Theperformance did not meet my expectations. Looking for a high performance,easy to use, loaded with features NAS device, it seems that I've finallyfound a solution -- the QNAP TS-409 Turbo NAS. My major concern:It better befast. So let's see how it goes.

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