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Code of Honor 2:Conspiracy Island
Posted by newsbot on August 14th 2008

The real problem with Code of Honor 2 isn’t the bad graphics,though those are the first thing anyone will notice. Poor graphics wecan cope with. Not every game has to have huge polygon counts and ProcedurallyGenerated Dynamic Mega-texture-awesomeness – but good games do have tohave something. They have to have a hook that can draw people in and makethem want to play more. Code of Honor 2 doesn’t have that.Utterly boring and bland and far too easy in the singleplayer game, aquarter-baked and shallow experience on the multiplayer side, Code of Honor doesn’t really do anything right and is doomed to soonreside in the bargain bin. There are two type of games to find in bargain bins though. There areold or unappreciated games that are still very much worth playing andthen there’s stuff that just couldn’t survive in a capitalist marketdue to a stunning lack of worth. If you’ve read the review this far andstill can't figure out which one we think Code of Honor 2 is then this is probably the game for you.

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