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Sunbeamtech Quarterback Mid Tower
Posted by newsbot on August 08th 2008

I do a lot of case reviews as the junior reviewer at Pro-Clockers. Itdoesn't bother me, because I've got a case fetish of sorts. In its owntwisted way it works out fine for everyone involved. Over the years, I'veowned big cases, small cases, weird cases and modded cases. To be honest, Ichange cases more than some men change shirts. The last few years, I settledin with the Antec Sonata II. It's a great case and did what I needed it todo. However, I changed it for the Aerocool AE Plus last month. Always asucker for big fans, the Aerocool drew me in. After trying out theSunbeamtech Quarterback, I switched again. My main rig is now happily housedin the slightly odd, yet highly functional Quarterback. Read on to see why Ichanged cases.

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