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Intel's Larrabee Architecture Overview
Posted by newsbot on August 04th 2008

=93=A0=A0=A0 Several years back Intel let loose that it was developing a new andunique graphics architecture that is aimed at both the enthusiast 3D market,as well as stream computing.=A0 This announcement brought forth an abundanceof opinions which covered the emotional spectrum from great excitement togreat dread.=A0 The excitement was that a proven and innovative processinggiant was entering the graphics arena, and potentially bringing in acompetitive and potentially high performance part which will providecompetition for both AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA.=A0 The great dread was that aproven and innovative processing giant was entering the graphics arena, andpotentially bringing in a competitive and potentially high performance partwhich will provide competition for both AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA.=A0 All jokingaside, other fears are primarily based around Intel's previous graphicsofferings, namely their poorly supported and poorly performing integratedparts.=94

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