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AMD's Phenom X4 9350e
Posted by newsbot on July 24th 2008

There doesn't seem to be too much special with this particularsilicon.For the same price there are too many other processor choices thatoffer better performance in every other area - an Intel Core 2 QuadQ6600 is virtually the same price (and probably less following therecent price cuts) and offers oodles more performance, and many of ourreaders can testify to building a very quiet PCs based on this CPU.We're struggling to think of situations where you'd absolutely needthis CPU - the only one we can come up with is if you wanted aquad-core mini-ITX boardthat's limited to 65W. This would be the only option that would fit, soit wins by default. But then again we fail to understand why you'd buythis over a Phenom X4 9550Essentially, unless it fills a specific application you require, thenthis CPU is not for you. Even if you which is cheaper and you can simply underclock and undervolt it atouch. do decide you need it, you'll need to find a PhenomX4 9350e (it's been a month since launch and they're still notavailable anywhere UK or State-side).

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