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bit-tech :Overlord:Raising Hell
Posted by newsbot on July 05th 2008

*/Overlord:Raising Hell/ is a surprising game on so many > levels. It's surprising that it hasn't been a bigger hit, given its > simple yet involving gameplay. The basic premise of the game is simple > and yet the difficulty curve is deceptive:at the beginning, throwing > hordes of minions at enemies will get you by, but as the game > progresses strategy becomes more important, and throwing hordes of > minions into a battle will do little other than get those minions killed.>> It's surprising that you get so attached to your minions too. Perhaps > it's just that it's a shame to waste all that armour they've > collected, or perhaps naming them all was a mistake. Of course, you > can create new minions as needed, but it's not quite the same. You'll > never be able to replace young Minion #7.>> It's also surprising that you'll want to keep coming back to play > more. There's at least fifteen or twenty hours of gameplay here, and > once you've done that, there's the option to do it all again on > legendary difficulty. Since you'll often be exploring several > different realms in parallel, if you get stuck there's always another > realm to explore in the meantime.> * */> / *>> *Cheers guys!>> Tim Smalley> www.bit-tech.net

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