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bit-tech :Battlefield:Bad Company
Posted by newsbot on July 05th 2008

*/Battlefield:Bad Company/ is a good game, but like all games > it does have some definite flaws that can hold it back.>> Focusing just on the good stuff, the singleplayer campaign is plenty > long enough and has got a decent, good natured and funny story behind > it which helps keep the plot ticking over nicely and holds the action > together.>> The characters of Sarge, Sweetwater and Haggard arenít universally > likeable, but they arenít horribly offensive either and there are > plenty of nice touches which help make them memorable and distinct in > a world full of samey stereotypes.>> The gameplay itself is arguably a little unbalanced, but thatís been > well hidden beneath the near-instant respawns and semi-regular > checkpoints. The multiplayer is a little bland and uninspired, but at > least thereís the promise that the DLC will fix this at some point.> * */> / *>> *Cheers guys!>> Tim Smalley> www.bit-tech.net

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