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Top Spin 3
Posted by newsbot on July 01st 2008

It's important to realise that Top Spin 3 is more of a tennissimulator than a tennis game. There are no tennis-themed minigames inthe career mode and no unlockable naked tennis modes either. TopSpin 3 is all about the game, pure and simple.With that in mind, it's also important to realise that it isn't reallypossible to just pick up the game and start playing. It does take timeand perseverance before you'll be winning games consistently. If you'rewilling to put in the time and effort, and play through hours oftournaments, you'll be rewarded with a very in-depth and involving game.Online play is the icing on the cake and its polish and relativelyglitch-free operation could show some other developers how it's doneproperly. The inclusion of seasons in the online leaderboards meansthat there'll still be an incentive to play online tournaments, even inmonths to come.For me, I'm glad to say that my badminton wrists were up to the job,and I have just one final thing to add:move over Federer, there's anew boy on the tennis court.

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