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Alone in the Dark (PC)
Posted by newsbot on June 27th 2008

Alone in the Dark is a game we really loathe to not like, butatthe end of the day we do have to admit that we don’t like it and thatthe game isn’t really all that great. It’s a real shame because we cantell that Alone in the Dark is actually a real good gameunderneath. The story in compelling, the presentation is gripping andthe gameplay itself mixes a load of styles together to make a finalproduct that is unique and interesting. Unfortunately, all of that potential is lost underneath a sea ofproblems on the PC version. The controls are unwieldy and awful, thegraphics regularly freak out and break, the game can’t decide what itis or how it wants you to play it and the balancing has got more holesin than the Incredible Hulk’s underwear. Instant-deaths and poor control schemes are really only the tip of theiceberg, but they do reveal the real problem beneath the ocean of minorgripes. Fixed camera angles and checkpoint saves? This is a consolegame, ported poorly to the PC and left to fester. On a console, we can see this game making a lot more sense and having alot more accessibility. This game was built from the ground up to beplayed with analogue sticks and that’s clearly evidenced by the manymini-games and woeful handling. On the PC though, the game is part oil,part water – and that mix just doesn’t work. We want to like it, we really do – especially since we had to go outand buy it – but the reality is that although the game may be good on aconsole, on the PC the experience is more infuriating than fun and issuited only to the survival horror hardcore. You know who you are.

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