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NVIDIA Responds To GPU PhysX Cheating Allegations
Posted by newsbot on June 26th 2008

During the benchmark install, a runtime library is updated to allow thetest to run on the GPU and then during the test, it addresses the benchmarkDLLs to the GPU instead of the PPU or CPU. Nothing within the benchmark ischanged at all. No software libraries or even a line of code changes in thebenchmark whatsoever. The only thing that changes is that installer, nothingelse. It has been said that the tests results look different on the screenwhen running with PhysX enabled on the GPU. And of course this is true,just as the screen results look different when you test on a dual-core CPUversus a quad-core. This isn't a graphics test; it's a physics test.3DMark Vantage specifically scales more complexity into a scene to takeadvantage of additional physics compute resources, which of course is why itlooks so different/better on a test run with PhysX processing on our GPUs.This is by design in the benchmark and if the folks accusing us took thetime to run it, they would know that.

View article at hothardware.com

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