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Roogoo (PC)
Posted by newsbot on June 23rd 2008

Just because the game is tough though, isn’t to say that RooGooisn’t fun. It is fun to play, kind of. Fun in the same kind of way as Peggleor Drug Warsor any other casual game. You don’t actually massively enjoy playingthe game, you just crave the sense of accomplishment and completion andyou get sucked into this trap early on thanks to the pick-up-and-playdesign. There are only two real things that prevent RooGoo frombeing a good game and neither of these are really going to be a hugeproblem to any initiated puzzle fans. The first is that there reallyisn’t much to be had beyond the single game mode and once you’ve playedone level you’ve played them all. The other problem is the way the game presents itself. We’ve jokedabout the bright colours, MeeMoos, King Goos, and Roos of RooGoo, but the reality is that they really are a problem. RooGoois too fast and frantic to be a kids game, so we have to judge it asmore than that and while the game would still have problems if it waspresented as a less immature puzzler, it would be a bit better off.

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