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C&C Kane's Wrath Producer Interview
Posted by newsbot on June 23rd 2008

BT:Did you get anyfeedback from the fans on any specific things they wanted to seeimproved from Command and Conquer 3?JV:Yeah, absolutely. What we did find immediately was thatpeople didn’t think that the D-Pad was fast or comfortable enough toreally utilise in an RTS game. That was kind of the first thing wewanted to do – to try and find a new and natural evolution to theradial interface. And that’s kind of what the new interface does. Also, just in terms of the gameplay, a lot of people found TiberiumWarswas pretty tough and was very difficult on Xbox 360. With the newinterface though and with the game in general we think we’ve made iteasier by tuning the campaign a bit more and made it a better balanceof difficulty. Plus, a lot of the new units and the whole idea of just going back intime and looking at Kane and so on – all that was based on playerresponses.

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