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Tom Clancy's EndWar 'voice-on' p
Posted by newsbot on June 19th 2008

Besides, for every negative we can think of about Endwar wecan also think of one or two positives. The game is obviously a labourof love for many of the developers and it’s clear than an awful lot ofwork has gone into not just perfecting the admirable science behind thevocal recognition software, but also the balancing and technicalitiesof the game itself. There are still a few things which need to be cleared up to satisfy ourcuriosity – is the game part of an entirely new franchise Ubisoft arelaunching and will the game be staying as an Xbox 360 exclusive, forinstance. These are matters on which Ubisoft is keeping understandablya bit quiet on for the moment.Still, whether or not the franchise looks set to spore one thing iscertain for the moment and that’s that Real-time Strategy buffs are infor a definite treat when it comes to Tom Clancy’s Endwar.The game may still look a little bit rough and may be a bit on thesmall-scale side of things, but the game is very fast-paced and has adeceptive level of depth once you’ve got to grips with the voicecontrols and are able to order groups to take cover in buildings orunleash special abilities. Endwar is an interesting looking game and while it obviouslyisn’t going to be the definitive Tom Clancy experience by the look ofthings (that honour still lies with Rainbow Six), it couldcertainly be one of the most interesting console games of this yearregardless.

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