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Lego Indiana Jones:The Original Adventures
Posted by newsbot on June 13th 2008

Lego Indy is very much a game in the same mould as LegoStar Wars– a fact which is simultaneously both exactly what we wanted and hugelydisappointing. It’s big and it’s funny and it’s going last any playerworth their salt a long, long time.It’s Indy and it’s Lego – both are equal parts awesome, so the endresult of the mix is pretty awesome too. The problem is though that we’re talking in generalities there, becauseonce you get down the specifics of the PC version the game is a bit ofa letdown. The keyboard just isn’t hugely fun to play with and the gamesuffers from fairly basic design flaws that really hammer this home. It’s a shame. The game could be exactly the type of game to pass thetime this summer while the football is on and we geeks have tootherwise occupy ourselves. In fact, it isthat game as far as console gamers are concerned, only on the PC doesit fall down out of a generally lessened accessibility and ease of use.Besides, trying to get two people to share a computer monitor – and akeyboard two unless you have a gamepad going spare - is never as muchfun or as easy to do as it is with a console.

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