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Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures
Posted by newsbot on June 09th 2008

It’s always a painful and futile experience to try reviewing anMMO.For instance, there are problems with credit cards and the inevitablefact that we forget to cancel the subscriptions after the review isdone, therefore inadvertently charging a couple of hundred pounds tocompany credit card. Most of all though, the review very quickly runs out of date as thegame is constantly updating and how much anyone enjoys the game ismassively dependent on the calibre of gamers they end up gamingalongside. That means you’re going to have to take any conclusions weoffer with a pinch of salt – ok? Just so we’re clear.That said, Age of Conan is a lot of fun once you get intoit – the proviso mainly being that you do have to make an effort to getinto and jump over the initial few hours of boredom. Game designers seem to be labouring under the impression at the momentthat MMO games as a genre have only one aim; to topple World ofWarcraftas Lord of the Pings. To do this, they seem to think that you need acertain gimmick or hook – PvR gameplay or genre blending MMOFPS actionfor instance. So far, that tactic doesn’t seem to be doing to well – soit’s refreshing to see that Age of Conan bucks the trend andinstead focuses on creating just a solid and persistent world to playin. Age of Conan:Hyborian Adventures doesn’t bring anything hugelynew to the table and the only real gimmicks it has going for it are thefranchise behind it all and the fact that you can’t take two stepswithout faceplanting into the second biggest pair of boobs you’re everlikely to see. It’s a fun and accessible RPG though, and on that frontit can’t be faulted.

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