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Far Cry 2 hands-on p
Posted by newsbot on June 04th 2008

Now admittedly we were a little disappointed that our plan toincinerate the ramshackle huts had failed so early on and that we hadhad to fall back and rely on Warren’s help, but the process actuallyhelped to prove how great Far Cry 2 is when it comes to providing anemergent experience and an arena for players to experiment in andcreate their own stories.This, if anything, would seem to be Far Cry 2's speciality –it just refuses to be consistent in any aspect of the game design.There are a few hard and fast rules which make the game worldconsistent with how we think the world should be – wind that blows,fire that spreads, wood that splinters – but that’s about it. The restof the game is different every time you play it because the details arealways changing. Put simply, when it’s the case that the direction that the wind isblowing in can change your entire approach to a mission then you knowyou’re in for a hugely open and vastly replayable gaming experience. Far Cry 2 may yet have problems we haven’t uncovered and grantedthat a single mission is no basis on which to judge an entireunreleased game – but if we were so foolish as to do judge in that waythen Far Cry 2 is one game that we’d definitely get veryexcited about.

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