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Mass Effect (PC)
Posted by newsbot on May 27th 2008

Mass Effect was already an awesome game, that much we knew. Itwas so good in fact that it managed to sneak its way in to our Top 10Games of 2007. The question is though, has it got any better since then?The answer to that isn’t easy, but mainly that’s because there aren’tthat many differences between the two versions. There are some positiveenhancements to consider like the new hotkey features and a smootherinterface, but on the other hand these are balanced out by an awfulminigame and the fact that all these changes feel insubstantial andtacked on – where are the new quests and weapons?The deciding factor then, due to a lack of extra content, should bewhether or not the game can win through on the merit of being on the PC– does the actual input of mouse and keyboard make the game better onPC? The answer is yes, but not enough for it to make a big difference.Mass Effect is an utterly absorbing, massive and enthralling game. Assoon as this review is done we’re going to go play it some more and ifyou’re a PC RPG fan who hasn’t got the Xbox 360 version then this isdefinitely a game you’ll want to pick up, but the PC version doesn’t doenough to push ahead of the Xbox 360 original and in the end the twowill have to settle for being equals.

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