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Watercooling Radiator shootout
Posted by newsbot on May 23rd 2008

Both the Black Ice GTX and the TFC X-Changer series ofradiators arewell designed, but it's clear that there's definitely a difference inperformance for the price increase. Feser's performance starts off witha nice and cool two degree difference at idle on the 120mm radiator,and though the idle difference shrinks as the sizes increase as we'dexpect, the temperature differences at load continues to increase. Looking at either extreme, we have cost vs. performance issues. The TFCX-Changer is almost 50 percent more expensive than the Black Ice at the120mm level, but we start out two degrees cooler at idle. Granted, most people shouldnot attempt to cool an 8800GTX anda Q66600 CPU on just a 120mm radiator, but it quickly sorts the wheatfrom the chaff - the TFC X-Changer wins hands down. At the moment itlooks like you'll be paying quite heavily for that privilege - however,if you're looking at cooling a lot in a small space and you've alreadybought into watercooling, it'll be worth the investment withoutquestion. The 360mm group shows much less differentiation for the same nearly 50percent price increase, and my best guess for the performance is abovein the results section. In order to get the most out of this type ofsetup with either instance, you're really going to need to look at why you need it - If you're not looking at 8800GTX SLI setups witha fairly well overclocked processor all in the same loop (in which caseI ask,

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